Ghost Stories

Grandma's Canary... Is it a Ghost Now?

My Grandmother (Step Grandmother to be precise) Rhonda was a small and quiet woman. Still is .I dont get to see her often , But she rings me about twice a month to check up on how I am.. And to ask me when my next race is. So she can watch it on Cable (My gift for her last birthday... Now she watches it nearly all the time). This Ghost haunting was brought up to me during our last conversation we had recently... And I was wondering... Ive read about Dogs ,Cats and Horses having Ghosts... But what about a Pet Canary?

My Step-Grandma Rhonda was given a Pet Canary for her 80th Birthday by my Step-Aunt Laurella . And because she loved animals and had at least one around most of her life .. She took the young canary in. Rhonda had a good nearly 12yrs with "BIRDIE" as she called him. The Bright Yellow and little Orange tipped Bird would spend most of its day singing and twittering away as any canary owner will tell you that they do when not sleep or eating. For the most part "BIRDIE" was a ordinary canary... Except for one thing when Rhonda would stop to talk to him his twittering would stop and his singing and he would put his head on the side like a dog listening for its master and stay like that until she'd finnsihed whatever it was she was telling him.. Then in a diferent sounding Twitter he would twitter back at her...Like the two were comminicating. "BIRDIE" Lived a long happy life.. Chattering away to Rhonda... And getting many treats including Fresh Grass Seeds from the Lawn and Peices of Fruit which he loved.And 12yrs is a long life for a Canary considering most lonly live 5-6yrs at the longest. Maybe "BIRDIE" decided to stay around longer after all he was threatd like a King. "BIRDIE" was a Bright canary too... Once or twice a week Rhona would close up all the doors and windows in the house and let "BIRDIE" out of his cage for a fly. Now most birds would try taking off.... But not "BIRDIE" sure he'd do a lap or two of trhe Lounge room then he'd come back and land on Rhonda's shoulder or head and stay there until she carefully lifted him up and put him back in his cage.
Anyway last Winter at age 12yrs "BIRDIE" got what his vet thought was a cold... Turned out to be a bad flu (Not bird flu) .. And so he was put on Bird antibiotics {In his drinking water} and for a while "BIRDIE" looked like he was getting better. Until one morning as Rhonda uncovered his cage for the day. She found him dead on the bottom of his cage. Her little pal of 12yrs had died in the night. So she did what all pet owners do when thier best pet friend dies ... She took him out and buried him in the garden. And Put a little cross down. And she went about morning him like any pet owner would.

It was a month or two after "BIRDIE'S" Death that Rhonda was teliing me she could have sworn at several times "BIRDIE" had come back to visit her. She is a sensitive like myself... ANd we know her old dog "MAZIE" still visits her... Even ive seen "MAZIE" at Rhonda's and "MAZIE" died before I was born.

At first it was little things.. Like the suttle fluttering or feathers sound next to her ear like he'd do as he was landing on her shoulder after a flight. Later to she would feel a little Canary sized weight on her shoulder too. This did nt spook her at all... She just thought that "BIRDIE" had been visiting her.

But things took a turn for the odd.... On the day Rhonda decided to move "BIRDIE" s cage into her garden shed now at 92yrs old .. She thought she was a bit old for anymore pets. "BIRDIE" apparently didnt like the idea. And for the first time since he's death she saw him... Like a shadow at first .. Just moving about near where his cage had been.. Then she saw glimpses of him Flying around the louge like he used too.... And finally more often on a couple of days a week regulary she would here him Twitter and Sing like he used to... At first she thought a wild canary was in her yard and went out to see it.. But there was nothing there. And as it happened more often... She grew to accept "BIRDIE" had come back... Maybe to say goodbye... Or to make sure she really isnt alone now she is getting so old.

She still lives in her own home Rhonda at 92yrs. And my Sister who is sensitive too has since been to Rhonda's home since "BIRDIE" Died and she swears that the little bird is still around.