Ghost Stories

Grandma's house...true story

Hi all...since I trust the opinions of all of you here, most specifically the 'sensitives', I told a friend I would post her story here for you all to check out and evaluate. Lemme know what you think~~~Remember, this is not my story....

Now...let me expand on that a bit. I mentioned that there are things in the house that I don't know how to explain, but I'm going to give it a try. Quite frankly, I'm about at my wits end. I was told that in the 1970's a family member put in place a "protector" of the house and certain inhabitants. Whether this is true or not, I'm not sure. But there is definately "something" highly intelligent there that is capable of leaving the house. While I don't claim to be psychic, at times I can "sense" things. A few weeks ago, while we were dealing with some legal issues surrounding the house, I sensed something there and knew that it a personification of the house. (Does that statement make me sound completely off my rocker?)

One of the issues that we've dealing with is that the house is no longer in Grandma's was signed over to her daughter in return for the house being renovated and Grandma being taken care of. The daughter and husband seperated, and now there is a big fight over the land and house. Daughter decided to take off to another state, and that the house would be sold. Now, here is a point where I really start to sound crazy as a loon. The house has been sold ONE time since being built. And that was when grandma and grandpa bought it. Prior to that it had been in the same family as long as anyone knows. It has, however, been put up for sale 3 different times. Each and every time the proceeding have started, the person instigating the proceedings has died. One I'm not sure about, I'm thinking farming accident. Two were suicides. Aunt has admitted that if she weren't moving to be with this man, the house wouldn't be sold. Saturday, the man she was moving down to be with died of a heart attack. My first thought on hearing that was "well, that's four now...."

Since her seperation and decision to sell, the aunt has admitted to me that she has slept a total of 4 nights without being woken up by something in the house. Generally, footsteps going up and down the hallway and stairs. (I've heard these same footsteps and they are LOUD....they sound not just like footsteps, but like loud heel taps, such as men used to wear to keep the heels of their shoes from running down.) She's seen the same presence I felt, within a few days of my encounter. He was standing at the end of the hallway, at the foot of the stairs, near the front door.

Hubby, who has never had an experience in the house, has become obsessed with the newel post that goes at the end of the staircase. He is insistant that it be put back into place.

The odd think here is that I don't believe the house is evil. I think it's just protecting itself. I also think that whatever is there predates not only the house, but the supposed "binding" in the 70's.

The scary thing is that when my daughter is in the house, it's as calm as can be. Relaxing even. MIL has stated that she has a calming effect on the house. She also carries the bloodlines of both families that have ever owned the house. The original owners were relatives of mine, then of course my husband's family. It concerns me that several people have told me (and I've felt myself) that the house WANTS my daughter there. For whatever reason.

I've created a protective amulet of sorts for her to wear when in the house, but have begun to make her wear it at all times. The same with myself. Just in case.

So, now that I've hopefully half coherently given details, what is everyone's input? Ideas? Impressions?