Ghost Stories

Grandma's Love

These stories are from my relatives. They said that my mom's mom is still with them. She passed away more than 20 years ago. She was only at her 40s when she died from heart attack.

My youngest uncle (Uncle Ben) owns the old house of my mom's family. They said ever since the house was renovated and since he and my aunt Marie had a feud, grandma's always showing herself to my lil' cousins. When Jeret (1st born of my uncle Ben) was only 3-5 yrs old, he often point his finger to the stairs and saying that there's a lady in a white dress, long curly hair, crying. When Joram (2nd born) was of the same age, he did the same. The kids said it was my grandma since they know how she looks like from the picture of her younger age. But when the feud was over and the house was blessed, the presence was lessen. But until today, they said they can still feel her. Even people from outside sometimes see her looking at the widow.

My aunt Emily (mom's 3rd sister) and her family, who lives in the city, maybe 4 hours drive away from our province, can always feel her presence. They said that every time there is an occasion, like my grandma's bday or death anniv, they can smell burning candles or scent of flowers inside the whole house. The whole house is often eerie for reasons which they couldn't explain. They said they know it was her, and she's always with them. Some of their neighbors often see a lady in white dress with curly hair, same as what my lil' cousins are seeing, also looking at the window from inside.

My aunt Marie, who fought with their younger sibling back then, also had numerous encounter with her mom. She lived with her family in front of our house, just across the street. My cousins from her also feel something different since the sibling rivalry incident. They said grandma walked on the stairs every night, back and fort. They can smell candles and flowers too, and some things in the kitchen are moving even when all of them are in the living room. Also people from the neighborhood saw my grandma peeping on the window from my aunt's room on the second floor.

Even my dad can feel her. Every birthday of my dad, she's making sure that she'll be remembered. My dad was an ex-soldier and he's not a believer of supernatural things until one day he was awaken from a nice sleep by a cold, soft touch on his feet and a whisper on his ear saying "Happy birthday, son-inlaw". And that became a yearly custom.

My big sister was her favorite since she was her first grand kid. My sister used to spend time with her when she was alive and they have lots of memories together. My sister's husband, high school and college friends saw my grandma sitting next to her while she's asleep. It's all the same, lady in white dress with long curly hair. My sister knows that until now, my grandma is still watching her on her sleep.

I had 2 encounters that i believed was her. I also saw her sitting on my sister's bed. I know it was her even if it was just more like a shadow. The second one was when me and my best friend Anna visited my uncle Ben and the kids. It was all good, nice and calm afternoon. Not until i went to the bathroom and i heard some one called my name, i couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, just a loud voice saying "Ayis". So i went out quickly to check if something came up urgently or what. But there's no one there. The living room is far from the bathroom. Then when i realized that maybe it was my grandma who called me, hairs on the back of my neck stood up and as if something cold is touching both of my ears. And when i asked them, they said no ones calling me. We all knew it was her. Maybe she's glad that i visited the old house.

Since then my mom's siblings reunite every year, my cousins and i always talk about my grandma and they said that up to date, there are still several presence of her. We also did mass prayers for her and had house blessings.

We really don't know why and what does she wants. We all know that she was a good person and she was loved by all. So at this point, we just all accepted that maybe she just couldn't let go. And we thank her for showing us that even death wouldn't stop her for loving us and taking care of the family.