Ghost Stories

Grandmother May Have Never Left Us...

I haven't shared a story in a long time so I thought that I just had to tell all of you readers about my latest experience. My Grandmother Julie passed away on June 17, 2010; coincidentally she passed away on the exact date her husband died 20 years before.

My Grandmother died in a hospital after a botched operation and lingered there for over 7 weeks suffering deeply. After her passing I was grief stricken, so stricken I did not even attend her funeral. This is something that I now regret in some ways.

I want to remember my Grandmother alive but when I saw her in the hospital the last few weeks, she was just a shell who could barely open her eyes, she was 81 but all together in her mind and senses.
One morning about 3 weeks after her death, I had an extremely unexplainable experience with her.

I do not work so I only set my alarm when I have appointments. On this day I had an appointment at 11:00 a.m and I had set my alarm for 7:00 a.m. When the alarm went off; I could not get up and I said to myself; just move the alarm up another 90 minutes you will have time to get to where you need to be by 11:00, so I did just that.

I then turned my head toward the night stand where the phone was and this is when my experience began. All of a sudden I felt as If I were in another realm of sorts. I was looking at my telephone and it was no longer my telephone; it was a phone that was like all of the phones in patient hospital rooms; the oblong ones that come in all sorts of colors; it was white.

Something told me to pick up the phone, I just instinctively knew to do this. On the other end of the line was my Grandmother's voice. She told me that she was lonely and I went hysterical to be honest. I was crying to her just repeating her name. I don't think my mind could fully comprehend what was happening to me. She used the name she always called me as well; Mejia. It's a Spanish term of endearment; like son or daughter or dear.

I must mention this to you; my Grandmother had told me about a phone call that she had received from the dead about 25 years ago from my Aunt's boyfriend Mother; she died in the hospital too. She told me that the first thing this woman had told my Grandma was: "Julie, I'm so lonely", and that she just heard static and crackling and the phone went dead.

The fact that my Grandmother said the same exact thing proved to me without any doubt it was her. After I hung the phone up I laid there and the bed began to move quite violently while I was on it and the phone cord began to wrap around my torso.

I didn't even have a phone that did that, I have cordless phones. The cord was wrapping around me so fast I could hear it whipping but I could not feel any pain. My hands were free and I picked up the phone

My Grandmother was indeed on the line again; she told me that I was not to be frightened and that "I miss all of you guys", meaning she missed all of us. I was again hysterical and just repeating her name out loud over and over.

When it was all said and done only 8 minutes had lapsed on the clock but it felt like an eternity. I immediately called my Mother and told her what happened; I could barely speak and she thought I was very ill but I was just in shock.

Since then there has been much activity in my Grandmother's adult children's homes; her bedroom door opening, her bathroom faucet turning on and then when they get to the bathroom it's shut off. Pans going wild in the kitchen on an evening where no one was in the area but in the living room.

My uncle snapped a few photos and she seems to be in it with other passed away family members. He was closest to her as my Father was. He claims to have heard her voice and had smoke fill a room and it not be fire.

It's all too much too handle when you think of it but at this point we are very used to it. It's just that after every experience it just affirms that there is more after we die.

Thank you for taking the time to read my experience; it's very personal but I feel it's important that we share what is happening to us and those around us where the Paranormal is concerned.

I know my Grandmother has not left us and we will celebrate her on October 31st; The Day of The Dead. I know my experience is very hard to believe but It did indeed occur.