Ghost Stories


If you have read "Haunted Work Place" you will know of my friend Ernie from that story. He is also the cause and reason for the following story......

As I found out very early in my short time of having Ernie as a room mate not much really seemed to spook him. After having experienced the hauntings at the house we went to fix up, I mentioned to Ernie that working in that house was kinda cool ghosts and all. It was then that he said " Would you like to check out something really creepy and nerve racking?" Well of course I said you bet! He proceeded to tell me about a cemetary west of Cheyenne, that at night on any given night strange things can be heard as well as seen."Like what?" I asked. Well how about tomarrow night we head out there with some of my friends? Ernie replied. So that following night we picked up his friends and made our way to the cemetary. The night sky was clear no chance of any storms popping up, no rain, no wind just a quiet night to walk through an old very old cemetary. It was a short drive from town. I say town because it is spread out not really clumped together like most cities which is nice.As we pulled off the main road and turned down this dirt road I got goosebumps. I can't say why or the cause because we hadn't made it to the cemetary just yet. But after 5 minutes we were there. Just out side of what once looked like a gate. There wasn't much of a fence around this place. But ther were trees and from the looks of this place you could just feel like this was not a place you were welcomed. Ernie turned of the engine. The silence was uncanny, just weird, and hard to really explain. As we all got out of the car and slammed the doors shut, the noise of the car doors shuting almost made us all jump. Ernie pointed out a section of the graveyard that he thought we should go look around at. When looking in that area of the graveyard it looked some how darked than the rest. Could of been the tree that was spead out over that section of the graveyard or could have been something else. You guessed it it was something else! The closer we walked to the area the heavier the air got and the darker the sky seemed to be getting. I remember it almost like being slowly draged into another world. That is the only way I can discribe it. We've all heard about cold spots in houses and such. Nothing I had or even to this day experienced can compare to this. You could acually see your breath in the air it was that cold. Creepy thing is this was late june the temp before we left the town was 80 degree's out. What was once a nice clear night was clouding up I looked at the moon and the clouds were drifting acroos it. It was at this precise moment in time I heard this screetching loud piercing nose from further back in the graveyard It wasn't a bird because it was more guteral and than any bird.And when we all looked in the direction of that noise we saw what looked like something moving amongest the head stones. It was a misty whiteish type of thing. It would move from one headstone than the next, as if it was searching for something or somebody. Ernie was the first to speak. What is that? It looks like it is slowly heading this way." And he was right. It was heading this way and moving faster as if it had just seen us. We backed up and than another shadow appeared just off to the side of us in the other direction. This figure was dark and the eyes were not red but a milky yellow. It did not float but was walking with what seemed to be a purpose and right at us. The white misty figure was gone. It was than that we turned our attention to the dark figure and by it's side now stood some kind of animal with redish eyes growling at us. This is the first time I had ever seen Ernie run as did we all! Half way out of the grave yard Ernie tripped over a headstone, and hit hard. I could hear the wind get knocked out of him. Everyone kept on running to the car. I stopped and saw3 this thing really make quick time and gaining on us but more so on Ernie. I went to help Ernie to his feet and that was when this thing was just 5 ft from us. The smell was like when you have raw hamburger left around for to long. The stench was unreal. I was truely exspecting this thing to scream, but it hissed at us in a low voice "Leave this PPPlllaaaaaaaaacccccceeeeee! Ernie and myself were frozen in time it was like ice had engulfed us. What had seemed like minutes to us were only seconds. I could hear the others already by the car and yelling for Ernie to unlock the car. The dark figure that had appeared , had now dissapeared! We could finally break free of what ever it was that had held us and both ran to the car. When we were all safly in the car and heading down the road the others asked "What did that thing say to you guy's?" "It told us to leave this place. And that is what we are doing!"Ernie said. He also said that this was the first time he had encountered anything this scary. Most of the times it's just strange noises nothing this tangable. Yeh graveyards around Cheyenne I stay out of them just ask Ernie whenever he comes back from Alaska! I am working on getting those pic's put up on my sight here. A friend of a friend is working on it. So soon very soon they will be up on my profile. I keep check everyday!!!