Ghost Stories

growling in my throat and bouncing in my bed

This happened to me and my sister doris. I was 14 and she was 15.

We hadn't lived our house very long. we had just recently moved from a farm where we had lived for 8 years. during this whole time there , no one, not even my mother who has in her life had so much happen to her it is just unbelievable. And she never saw or heard anything in this farm house. It was truly a quiet place. after we moved to a small house in town right across the bridge by the river. things started happening the very same night we moved in. the radio in the bathroom turned on all by itself.

The hair dryer would come on. My dad never believed in ghosts and still says that we're all crazy, but we know that he has seen things,

He just won't admit it. He had slept in an upstairs bedroom just a few times, We don't know what he saw or what may have happened to him in there. He never said. But We all know that something happened because he would never sleep in that room again. When a grown man refuses to sleep in a certain room even for just one night, there's something wrong. anyway.... this story involves my sister doris and me. there were two bedrooms upstairs. One at the very top of the stairs and after you walked straight through that room there was a door that led directly into the second bedroom (the room my dad wouldn't sleep in). the second room upstairs was always colder than the other room. I know all houses usually have rooms like that. But this room just gave you the willies when you walked in.

You couldn't wait to get back out. It was one of those rooms that when you were walking out of the doorway you would have to arch your back so you could get out faster. and then stop and get the chill thing going where you felt like you just had to shake yourself to get the creepy feeling off of you. And you know... i really don't remember why doris and i were sleeping in there that night . I don't know if someone was spending the night and was sleeping in the other room or what. but anyway... we had to sleep in there. I was sound asleep...and all of the sudden i woke up . but i couldn't move. I could feel what seemed to be me lightly bouncing on the bed flat on my back. just felt like i was barely going up and down I really felt a little numb. And there was this moaning coming from my throat. It wasn't coming from my voice box but it was just coming up through the skin on my throat. like where that dip is under your adams apple. then I heard my sister doing the exact same thing i was and i could feel her moving up and down too. Well evidently we were making enough noise for my mother to open the stairway door and yell up at us"what in the world are you doing up there?" when she yelled , whatever it was dropped us. during this event i couldn't see because my eyes wouldn't open but doris hadn't been to sleep yet and she coud see everything although she couldn't move either.She said that what had started the whole thing was that she was just laying there you know thinking ,not quite ready to fall asleep yet. when she heard something knock on the table by the by the bed.she said she looked and didn't see anything but when she looked back to the wall that she had been facing, there was something sticking out from between the wall and the bed. She said that it was an arm with a hand on it. But the hand was really white and looked like it had an extra thumb or an extra piece of skin on it. She really wasn't quite sure . It must have put her in a state of a trance for a moment because she said that for just a few seconds she thought that it was my mothers hand and she loved it so much and wanted to hold it. When she started reaching for it , she came to her senses and realized that it wasn't moms hand and she pulled her hand away and started to scream. But when she opened her mouth to scream, something slammed her jaws shut and she fell back onto the bed and she couldn't move.

I think that is what kind of woke me up because the next thing I knew I was bouncing and moaning and I could hear her bouncing and moaning too. but she said that what she saw was us actually levitating up off of the bed and falling back down . Thank God mom opened that door and yelled up at us. The whole time we lived in that house we had so many experiences. I know that my dad even had things happen to him but he denies it to this day.