Ghost Stories

Happily Ever After (Madrid NY)

There's an old house in Madrid on a road less traveled that looks like a calssic haunted house. We all know looks can be decieving, but according to a family who lived there years ago, what you see with this place is what you get. And they got more than just an eyeful!

Everything started out fine, like the calm before the storm. Joyce, her husband, and their seven children moved into the place and immediately set to work adding personal touches to make it feel more like home. They were all content in their house in the country, and before long they'd gotten into an evening routine that included popcorn and a movie before bed-simple pleasures of life in these parts.

One evening Joyce was sitting in the living room with her children when she noticed what looked like car lights coming down the road toward their house. It was odd, because they rarely had visitors on thiere remote stretch of road, especially at that time of night. She stared at the lights curiously but was taken aback when she saw that they were approaching her yard at lightning speed and were heading straight toward their house-and they weren't slowing down! Before she could gather her wits, the light, (it now looked like a huge, single ball of light suspended in mid-air) was upon her. It hovered in front of the bay window of the living room, shining with such intensity that it filled the entire room with blinding light. Joyce and the children stared in disbelief, and then, in a split second, the ball of light vanished before their eyes. The stunned family quickly dispersed around the house, turning on every light, to alleviate their fear. It was a strange, sleepless night.

Eventually, the living room incident was pushed back to the back of their minds, and life went on, but the old house never again felt as comfortable as it did when they first moved in. In fact, the longer they stayed, the less hospitable it became. It's not that it felt overtly hostile to any of them, it's just that they felt almost as if they were sharing the propeerty with someone else-someone who seemed annoyed at their presence.

Joyce's daughter, Nat, shared a "dark and gloomy" room with one of her sisters. She always reahced around the corner of the doorway to turn on the light before daring to step in, because she couldn't shake the feeling that someone or something was lurking just inside the door. Her sixth sense was well-tuned, it turned out. Not long after the family was accosted by the ball of light in the living room, Nat woke one night to the sight of a woman standing in her bedroom. She was enveloped in a golden glow and wore a gown that seemed to be flowing in the wind. Nat assumed the woman was a ghost and yanked the covers up over her head, telling herself to count to three-one, two, two and a half, three.... When she peeked back out from under the blankets, the mysterious "golden woman" had disappeared. Today, Nat believes the woman may have been an angel, rather than a ghost.

A week or so later, Nat was awakened by a hand touching her face. She refused to open her eyes, because she realized she hadn't heard anyone come into the room-no footsteps across the squeaky floorboards-which meant that it couldn't have been her parents or siblings. And nobody she knew cold float sitlently through the air. Believing that the golden woman ahd returned, and still assuming she was a ghost, she was "frozen with fear." After what seemdd like an eternity, the hand finally lifted from her face. Her sister, asleep in the bed besode her, later admitted that she too, occasionally felt someone sit on her bed in the middle of the night, even though she never saw anyone actually there. And her brother admitted that he once saw a man wearing a top hat in his room.

One of the other children had a bedroom adjacent to the attic. The attic door was accessible from her bedroom, so she could open the door and walk right in. She told her family that there was always noise coming from the attic, like someone was moving stuff around. Built in the mid eighteen hundreds, the hoiuse had an attic full of antiques, but there was never anyone in the attic when the noises were heard. And nobody ever asnswered when teh girl asked who was there. Every so often, the metal hinge that held the attic door on, shook and jiggled, like someone was trying to get out-or [i]in[/i]!

Eventually, the entire family had reached the same conclusion....theyw ere not alone, and they were not welcomed in their own home. But this story has a happy ending. You see, the family was eager to move out, and the ghosts were glad to see them go. And they all lived (or haunted)happily ever after.

Taken from: Still More Haunted Northern New York
Author: Cheri L. Revai