Ghost Stories

Haunted apartment from the 1880's

This actually did not happen to me. It actually happened to my cousin about a week or two ago. I'm so excited I have such a phenomenal experience to share. It's a little long, and there are a lot of names, but totally worth it, I promise.

My cousin, Lissa, has lived in an apartment for the past two years. It is in a house that was built in the 1880's or so. It was a huge house that was seperated into two units. Her apartment has 2 bedrooms, which are right next to each other, and they both have doors to the living room. I'm trying to explain this so you can kinda get a visual. It's kinda like the living room was one big room, and someone put up a wall to make bedrooms. That being said, I can start the story.

My cousin told me a few months ago she thought her apartment was haunted. She said she was in her bedroom and she had heard kids laughing in her daughter, Maddie's room. Maddie was at her dad's house for the weekend; Lissa was there alone. She also said she had thought she heard someone breathing. That's how she described it. I've been there a few times. A couple times I brought my daughters, Kathy and Nicole. One time in particular was a couple months ago. Lissa had her friend, Judy and her daughter,Anna over. Maddie, Kathy, Nicole, and Anna were all playing in Maddie's room (keep this instance in mind for a little later in the story). I never noticed anything extremely weird, except that feeling you get when you feel like someone's watching you. But I get that a lot, so I thought nothing of it.

Two Friday's ago, Maddie was playing in her bedroom and talking to someone. Lissa had noticed she would talk when she was in there alone, but she always assumed she was talking to her toys(she's three). Lissa thinks nothing of it. So Maddie yells out, "Mommy, don't come in here", and Lissa's getting ready for work and thinks okay, yeah whatever kid. Maddie keeps saying, "Mommy, I mean it, don't come in here. Please don't come in here". This goes on for a half an hour. Finally, Lissa says Maddie "come out here, we gotta take you to your dad's house". As they're walking out to the car, Maddie says, "Why do we live here? This isn't our house. Why do we live in a house that isn't ours?" Lissa's like,"this is our house, what are you talking about?" Maddie says, "This is Mellie and Kelly's house." Lissa's like, "okay kid, whatever." She just kinda blew it off as three year old kid talk. I know I do that with my kid.
So Maddie spent the weekend at her dad's house, and Lissa forgot about the whole conversation about "not our house". So Sunday, Maddie comes back home, and I'm on the phone with Lissa. I can hear Maddie crying in the background saying"I want to go back to my dad's, I hate you" and I asked "why is she saying that?" Lissa said she does this everytime she comes back from her dad's. She thought maybe it was because she's always tired afterwards, or maybe her dad was teaching her to say this stuff. She just learned to accept this every other Sunday night.

Finally, Maddie falls asleep on the couch. Lissa picked her up and moved her to bed. Then Lissa lays down, and falls asleep at about midnight. At about 12:30, Lissa wakes up to Maddie next to her bed screaming and crying and scratching at her arms. Lissa picks her up and Maddie keeps kicking and screaming and scratching herself and crying hysterically. Lissa's like"what's wrong? what's wrong?" Maddie finally yells after 30 minutes, "get her off of me!" Lissa's like, "who? there's no one on you". Maddie keeps screaming"get her off of me!" Lissa gets up, carries Maddie to the living room, puts her on the couch, turns on the light, and she's standing there watching Maddie scream and scratch herself. She described it as she was trying to pull her skin off. Lissa was hysterical at this point. Lissa's crying and keeps asking "what's wrong?" Maddie finally stops and opens her eyes and says "they don't want any mommy's here". Lissa says, "who?" Maddie points right next to Lissa and says "The bad girls. They don't want any mommy's here." Lissa looks next to her, there's no one there. Maddie starts screaming "Mommy, she's next to you, mommy, move, mommy, she's by you!" Lissa picked her up off the couch and went to her friend's house. The rest of the night, Maddie just had a blank stare on her face. She wouldn't talk, she wouldn't move. They spent the night at her friend's house.

When Maddie woke up in the morning, She said "Why are we at Laura's house?" They asked her if she remembered last night and she said no. She didn't remember waking up, she didn't remember leaving, nothing.
Lissa remembers the conversation on Friday about Mellie and Kelly, so she starts asking Maddie questions about them. Maddie says, "They're always in my room. They say it's their house. They play with me. I'm not supposed to tell you they're there." Lissa asked what they look like and Maddie says, "One of them is big and the little one doesn't talk. One wears a pink dress and one wears a blue dress." She also says, "I think we have to buy them coats, they're always cold."

Lissa calls me, asks me what I think and I said she should look up the history of the house. Lissa also called her friend, Judy, and Judy says, "That is so weird because when I was babysitting Maddie at your place a couple weeks ago, Anna woke up and was saying get it off of me, and I thought it was just a bad dream." So, Judy asks Anna if she's ever seen little girls in Maddie's room and she said yes. She asked "when was the last time you saw them and she said, "when Missie's cousin and Kathy were over." She was asked to describe what they look like. She said one is big and looks kinda like Sally from Nightmare before Christmas, and there is a little one that doesn't talk. Judy asked what they wear, and she replied, "one wears a pink dress and one wears a blue dress." Anna also says, "Don't tell them I told you. They told me not to tell you they're there."
So Lissa calls me and tells me what Anna said. I asked Nicole and Kathy if there are little girls in Maddie's room. Kathy didn't really get the question, she's a little young. But Nicole all of the sudden got really tense, exactly what she does when she knows she's in trouble and tells a lie. She says no. I said are you sure? And she just kept looking at me like she thought she was in trouble. She kept saying no. But I knew she was lying, mom's know these things.
So Lissa hears from one of her friends that she can go to the library and look up the history of the house. Turns out she can only find the names of who lived there and when they lived there. She settles for that so far. She finds the last name Crego, who was the first family to live there. Then she goes to the county hall to look up death or birth or marriage records for the last name Crego. She finds a dad, FO Crego, two brothers, and two sisters....... Ann Kelly and Millie. Ann Kelly died in 1890. Millie died in 1887, when she was just 9 months old. There was no record of a mother.

Lissa only goes to the apartment now to get mail and pick up clothes. She's living with our grandparents at the moment. She told her lanlord she's breaking the lease. I want to get in there before the end of the month and see if I can get any pictures or video or anything. I've never done anything like this before, but I've always wanted to. I think this is the perfect opportunity. I mean, how much more proof do you need to know the place is haunted? I also want to talk to the girl upstairs to see if she's noticed anything weird. I really want to know why they were attacking my three year old goddaughter.

I apologize for the length of this story, but there's a lot to tell. If anyone can tell me what type of equipment to use, or where I can get an evp recorder quickly, I would really appreciate it. I promise to post any pics or video or whatever I can, if I get anything.