Ghost Stories

Haunted Apartment in Chicago.

After living with my husband's parents for "6" months! (The reason I say that is because that was pure HELL! - for those who know what I mean!!!!) Anyway. My husband and I finally found an apartment for rent down the block from my in-laws. This apartment building was 5 stories high and very old. I felt several ghosts dwelled in this building.

Well we moved in our new home which was a two bedroom on the second floor. But I think one of the bedrooms was a dining room at one time because of the fixtures in that room. I chose that room to be the kids room. My son and daughter were 6 & 7 years at the time. Me and my husband took the bedroom down the hall. I didn't see any ghosts for the first year of living there. I could feel them all over the building and every once in a while, I'd here whispers in the courtyard behind the apartment building and nobody would be there. But the second year I lived in the apartment building was different! I found out I was having another baby. And That's when I started seeing "THEM"!

At first it was seeing shadows in the corners of the rooms of the house. The presents of ghost were strong in the children's room and hallway of the apartment. I even talked to them when i felt them around. One ghost seems to like when I'd do the dishes at night. This one ghost watched me from the kid's room which was right across the hall from the kitchen. when I would feel it watching, I'd say to it HEY, grab a towel and help me! I felt this ghost liked my kids that's why it stayed in their room. I told my husband about our houseguests, but of course me scoffed at me! I never told my children about the ghosts, they scare so easily and why worry them.

One night I was having a restless night I was 8 months along and my back was killing me. So I decided to sleep at the foot of the bed. I found a comfortable spot and was about to drift off when I looked down the hall and saw a black cloud form slowly move across from the kitchen to the kids bedroom. Then in my tired state I fell asleep. The next morning while fixing breakfast for the kids. I noticed my daughter being very quiet and not her talkative self. I asked her what's wrong? First she nothing. But then she turned to me and said, "THAT GHOST IN MY ROOM SCARED ME LAST NIGHT! That's when my son spoke up and yeah me too! I was speechless.

Again I never told my kids anything about seeing any ghosts. I thought for a minute and said "oh I see it all the time and it's a good ghost! I said don't be afraid of it okay. My kids looked at each other and said "Okay Mom. And they learned to cope with it. Of course when we got a dog, it barked and growled when the ghost was around.

A week before I had my Baby, I saw another ghost. I'd always seen ghosts in solid black or white form. This ghost I saw as a person. I again slept at the foot of the bed and faced the hallway looking towards the bathroom. When appeared! It was a little boy(White) with blonde hair sitting against my front door that goes outside. He looked a hologram. He had his arms resting on his knees, like he was waiting to go outside to play. He was wearing 20's or 30's style dress. You know the long sleeve button shrit with dark spenders, with light brown speckled knicker pants on and a puffy cap with a wide brim. W

hen he noticed me looking at him he smiled at me! I was shocked to see him and blinked my eye's! and when I did. He diapered! I never saw him again. I had a baby girl a week later and all the ghostly activity seem to die down. And I was sad to see my ghostly friends go away. By the way if your in Chicago this apartment building is on the northside of Chicago off of Montrose Ave on 3755 Sunnyside av. Albany Park District.