Ghost Stories

Haunted Apartments

I'm writing an english paper on some past experiences, and decided to do some digging into this particular place.

Since the search function doesn't seem to work, I'm going to post my story, in case anybody recognizes it. :)

I lived in an apartment complex in Bellflower, CA back in the late 70's (77, or 78) with my mother and younger sister. I was 14 or 15 at the time.

The complex had one unit that was never rented, and basically used for storage. Kids being kids, we decided to dig into the "why" of it. It turned out that there had been a murder in that unit.

So, being kids, we then decided to dig out the Ouija board and see what else we could dig up. We ended up with more than we wanted.

Myself, I was a skeptic at the time. I had seen my mother, a self-proclaimed medium, perform up-tables with friends of hers when I was very young. At that time, I spent several days trying to figure out how they had done it. Mom never did this for money.

Anyway, we started seeing some strange things happen around the complex. Paint peeling off the walls, making very clear shapes. Our bathroom had a flying bat for a time. Another apartment had the shape of a witch (the halloween style).

Then, there was the snake. It had formed in the ceiling of one of the units, in the drip-like surface they put on them at the time (and still do in some places). The guy who lived there said it was a snake, complete with head, but as I looked at it, all I could see was a body. I stared at both ends, until he pointed to one end and said the head was there. I kept staring and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it was there, as if it had struck out at me. I think I sat down on the spot.

After that, even more strange things happened. Polaroid pictures changed, after they finished developing. Shapes appeared in the wood-grain of the cabinets and walls. One man looked dead, which could have been a bad shot, except that in the picture, he had a full set of teeth. Something he didn't have in real life. The wood grain behind his head had the shape of a bull, charging.

The other notable event of this time was in our apartment, while my mother was working the Ouija board. She was getting interference from a supposed "black witch"* who's picture we had, for some reason.

The picture of this witch was a side profile of an ordinary looking woman. Her picture was laying on the couch between myself and my mother. She and another woman from the complex were trying to get more information about the hauntings. The woman was controlling the board. I do not know if she was alive, or dead at the time.

Anyway, I noticed that, with the side profile, it made it look like the image in the picture was looking *at* the Ouija board. I turned it to look away, and she lost control of the board.

I sat there and watched, with my own eyes , the picture turned until it again faced the board and she took control again.

After that point, I was sent to bed :( only to hear the rest of the night second hand.

They set the card table on the floor (legs folded) and set the board and the eye-thing in the middle and took a picture of it. The flash 'snapped' audibly from the eye, and the resulting picture changed over the course of the next couple months. You could see, slowly, the picture change, as what looked like a white puddle, oozed out from around the edges of the table.

All the pictures were supposedly given to people from UCLA who came down to investigate, and they were never heard from again. I've done internet searches and come up empty. It would be nice to know where they are now and see them again.

My hope here is that someone out there remembers this. It would be nice to hook up with old friends.

* (Note regarding the term Witch: For those of the Wiccan persuasion, I know, and understand the difference. This is how she was described at the time).

[8D] Eric the Grey