Ghost Stories

Haunted Farmhouse

This is an incident that happened with me and a couple friends one night while staying overnight at a friends house just outside of Sidney Ne. It was the middle of summer so this had that air about it just before a storm hits. You could smell the rain comming in the air. As we all stood outside drinking our beers we all watched as dark clounds rolled in from the west. Deciding to go in doors as not to get caught out in the rain that was sure to come, we all cramed into house, which was an old farmhouse that had been around for many many years. Being caught up in the weather and such we decided to tell ghost stories to livin the party up a bit.. Well my friend Tim the friend who was renting this farmhouse was the first to get things going. He started his story with " Has anyone hear ever heard any of the stories told about the house in which he was now living?" Of course a few people had heard the rumors but had no details to tell. That was soon to change .....Tim told of a family that had once lived in this house and how one day a tragic accident had taken place out in the barn. It would seem that the youngest of three children was play around swinging back and forth from a rope in the rafter in the hayloft. when traggedy struck the rope that the young boy had been swinging on broke and he fell from the loft down onto a pitchfork. His body wasn't found until later that day by his father. Now as the story goes, the father rush the boy into the house in a panic, but by this time it was to late the young boy had bleed to death. So a few days past the buried the boy just 50yrds out from the farmhouse under an old oak tree. A year later while working out in the barn the father and the two remaining syblings were doing the last of their chores when a fire broke out in the barn. Once again bad misfortune had struck this family. Well the wife had the rest of hers kids buried outback by the same oak tree as their youngest and place her husband alongside them as well . This is just a history of what is about to take place now. My friend Tim was telling us that there had been a couple of nights when he was awakened in the middle of the night to what looked like the garage was on fire..only to get down the stair to find things peaceful and quite, no fire, no smoke.. nothing. But as he was heading back into the house he said he saw a figure looking at him from inside the house from the livingroom window. He ran inside the house thinking it was his sister had for some reason come to visit him and just didn't want to wake him up till morning, but when he got to the livingroom there was nothing there but he could smell a strange operfume he say'a he has never smelled befor or after this. So as he was heading for the stairs to go back to bed he started to hear a noise up above his head, like the sound of young children running around in one of the bedrooms. As he got ot the secound story level, the running stopped just as abruptly as it had started. As he searched everyroom on that floor he found nothing that could account for the noise or the perfume. He settled down to go to the bedroom when he say's he heard the most terrifing most percing scream in his life. He ran to his bedroom window and saw out by the old oak tree that was half dead and not much for casting shadows, by this tree he saw a figure in white knelling by the long forgotten graves of the faming that had died there many years ago. As he kepted starring out the window the figure slowly turn around from where it kneeling and was coming straight for the back door of the house. He said he could acually hear her comming up the stairs just out side his bedroom door. Then walking up and down the hallway would persue for 10 to 15 minutes than stop. He says that this scene would repeat itself again for the next three nights. Well after hearing this we all kinda of laughed and said sure great story, but he claimed the story to be true and if anyone doudted him they could just go out back and see the 3 graves that have been neglected over the years by that old dead oak tree. So about 5 of us when walking out the backyard to see the tree and as we got closer we could see three old headstones with the names of the family members. It turns out that this family really did live there around the turn of the century and that thier names were the Millers. 2 boys and a girl. But the mother was not mentioned nor any sign of a grave stone with her name on it. As we turned around to head back to the house we all say not just one face looking back at us from an attic window but four faces pale and not to difficult to see because the window they were looking out from was a large window that was just put in there that summer.. At about this time the storm that was brewing earlier was now almost on top of us, lightening crackeled threw the air just above our heads and it started to get extremly windy. We just made it into the house whenn it started to rain in just sheets of water comming down. As we told Tim of the figures we saw looking out of the window in the attic the lights went out. We had figured that the power must have been knocked out except we could see the lights on in a couple of the farmhouses off in the distance. A loud crack of thunder and a ball that we had never seen befor came bouncing down the stairs. Everyone got real quiet. Just then we heard children laughting from up stairs. A few of us went running towards the stairs to chase after this laughter only to get to the top of the stairs to find nothing. As we were about to come down the stairs the attic trap door slammed shut. Well after all this no one wanted to stay around and everyone left to go else where or home. I stayed just because this kinda thing has and will always keep my interest peaked. Nothing more ever happened for the rest of that night, other than just the storm howling out side all night long.

You'd best be careful.. someone just might drop a house on you too...sparkie and take your shoes!!!!!