Ghost Stories

Haunted Hoover?...


I don't know the exact dates of the following tale, just that they fell somewhere in the timeframe of mid 1992 through fall of 1993 or spring of '94. My family consisted of myself, two brothers, my mom and her parents all living in the same house. Sometime in mid 1992 we moved into a one story 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style house in Lacy Lakeview, Texas, a bedroom community of Waco. I had just graduated high school that spring, and the move was fairly quick after graduation. I was 18 when we moved and my little brother was 16. This story focuses mainly on the two of us. My older brother, then 20 never mentioned anything unusual happening to him, nor did my mom or grandparents.

I don't remember exactly the first time something seemed "off" about the house. There just always seemed to be noises, or weird things happen that seemed to be easily explained away. Noises overhead were "probably just a squirrel in the attic" or a slamming door in an unoccupied portion of the house was just "wind" or "the house settling."

Most people my age would have dismissed these things and taken them at face value... after all, Nanaw or Papaw wouldn't lie to me about anything.... Momma wouldn't brush off real danger would she? But, even at 18 I had seen and expierenced too much paranormal stuff in my life to accept the excuses and explainations I was given. I just accepted that there was something in my house.

I never really talked to anyone else about it. There aren't a whole lot of people you can confide in about the paranormal that won't immediately try to have you carted off to a rubber room in one of those pretty white jackets. Then one day, my little brother and I were chilling at home all by ourselves, vegging out in front of the tv in the livingroom. It was mid day, and everyone else was at work or shopping. Out of the blue Pete turns to me and says "does this house feel weird to you?l
"What do you mean, weird?"
"Well... I don't know. Just kinda creepy? Like sometimes I think I see things out of the corner of my eye, like darting people or something moving. Do you ever?" He asked.
"Uh.. I hear things.. people walking around in the attic, doors closing... that kinda thing."
"Yeah," he said, "but have you ever SEEN anything?"
"Seen? No, I guess not, but I do feel weird alot... and the noises..."

We kind of let the conversation drop then, both of us thinking about weird stuff we had expierenced. We both got reabsorbed in the program we were watching. Suddenly, the pocket door leading from the livingroom to the hallway slammed out of it's pocked and slid all the way closed like a rocket on rails, crashing into the other side of the doorframe so hard that it knocked itself halfway back open.

Pete looked at me and said "well... I guess you've seen something now..."

It's been about 23 years since all of this occured so I am kinda fuzzy now on how long it was between each event, hours, days, or weeks, but all told these things went on for the better part of a year, from my first "siting" until we moved in late 93 or early 94.

Not too long after the pocket door incident, Pete and I were again watching tv while home by ourselves when the weirdest thing I have ever seen happened. The tv started flickering then went off. In fact all of the power went out and though it was about 2 in the afternoon the house was completely dark. I looked over at my brother, sitting on the love seat, and he was looking at me. He turned his head and looked down and his eyes got big as saucers. I followed his gaze and what I saw... wow. There was a hand. A disembodied human hand, nearly the size of the room and glowing blue and flickering like it was buzzing with electricity, pushing up through the carpet, through our coffee table, reaching towards the ceiling. I stood up on the couch, ran across it, hopped onto the love seat, grabbed Pete, and dove through the door into the hallway. We slammed the pocket door and ran into the kitchen. Here we noticed that the electricity was back on. We cinally calmed down and talked ourselves into returning to the living room. When we opened the door, the room looked completely normal. Like nothing had ever happened. We never saw the hand again. No clue what that was about.

However, a few weeks later, weird was back.

I was working for an auditing company that goes into retail stores and does a complete count of inventory. Sometimes we would tackle 2 or 3 stores at a time, and I would be gone for up to 36 hours straight, working. Then I would be off for several days in a row, and come home and crash hard. This particular day my crew had counted a toy store, a convenient store, and a Wal Mart. Two smaller jobs and a huge one. I had been at work for nearly 24 hours and came home around 5 am. I crashed and was sleeping hard.... until I had to pee.

I rolled over and swung my feet off the bed to get up but instead of touching carpet, I colllided with the vacuum cleaner, my Nanaw's old Hoover she had had as long as I can remember. Cursing a blue streak I kicked it out of the way and went on to the bathroom.

After finishing my business, I opened the bathroom door aiming to find out who thought it would be funny to put the hoover by my bed. I didn't get far. I tripped over the Hoover.

What. The. Hell.

I left it in my bedroom!

A quick check of the house told me no one was home. I was all alone, except for the rogue Hoover. It quickly got over being shy too. It started blatently openly following me around the house after that. No sneeking if we were alone. It didn't like to be left alone. If anyone else was home, it behaved and stayed in it's coustomary spot.

Well, I did the only thing I knew to do. I told my little brother. After all, he was about the only one who would believe me. After that, Hoover realized he had two friends, and would stalk Pete too.

I have no clue as to why Hoover picked us to befriend- but we would talk to it, and treat it like a pet... make messes so it could have special snacks...that kind of thing. After a while it was less creepy and became fairly normal to have a vacuum as a pet.

One day, shortly before we were to move to a new house, Hoover broke. I am not a mechanical genius, and I have no idea what went wrong with it, but Papaw couldn't fix it. So Hoover went to the dump and Nanaw came home with a brand new Kirby. We moved from that house, and neither of us have ever had another pet vacuum.

I must also add that while Hoover was our pet, we did still hear odd noises, see things that weren't there, etc.... it's not like Hoover deflected those things much, it was just that our attention was mainly focused on him. And I guess whatever possessed Hoover didn't much care for Kirby's body because it never tried to move Kirby around. I do remember Nanaw thinking we were odd to be so attached to a vaccum cleaner that we were devastated at the loss... lol. What I sight we must have been, bawling over a lifeless old Hoover!