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Haunted house in elk grove HISTORY!!

Ok So yesterday I posted the experience I had in my dads house in elk grove! I decided to find the story behind the land the house sat on. Mind you behind my house is on miles of unbuilt land. Where they are now planning to build CA's biggest mall. Remember that!!! It says something about the land the mall is going to be on in the info. Im about to give you about the history of the land. Turns out, they'r were indian tribes, the gold rush, and a battle that took place right behind my house or under it I suppose? Here check it out....

Where was gold discovered? Where did the fight for California's independence from Mexico begin? Where did ducks fly so thick that one shot would bring down five?

It all happened in greater Elk Grove, according to the extremely dedicated members of the Elk Grove Historical Society, which sponsored a "Picture Share Day" Saturday for area residents to scan in photos of Elk Grove's colorful, if untold past.

Elk Grove, which incorporated in 2000 with 70,000 Elk Grovians (or Elk Grovites), is California's fastest growing metropolis, with a thundering herd of 130,000. James W. Hall's old stage stop, established in 1850 on the old Monterey Trail, is now larger than Thousand Oaks, Vallejo, Concord, Burbank, Berkeley and Santa Clara.

"Where we used to have fields of cows, now we have fields of houses," said Elizabeth Pinkerton, who's written two histories of Elk Grove. Both are on sale at the historical society's headquarters in a replica of Hall's original stage stop, tavern and dance hall.

Pinkerton moved here to teach elementary school in 1962, when there were 5,000 students. Now, she said, there are more than 60,000 in the Elk Grove Unified School District.

James W. Hall, his wife and five children left Manchester, England, in 1840, landed in New York and noodled their way west for 10 years, according to Jeannette Lawson, Donna Olovson and Anne Trussell of the historical society.

After doing a little gold mining, he established his stage stop on upper Stockton Road. He named the area Elk Grove after the elk he saw tramping through a grove of oak trees in his backyard on their way to drink in the Cosumnes River.

Some of the old oaks still stand behind the museum, but no elk on four legs have been seen at the river for about a century, said Anita Peters, the society director.

Elk Grove's history pre-dates Hall, of course. The Miwok Indians had a village on the Cosumnes River. And Jared Sheldon and William Daylor -- who worked for Swiss pioneer John Sutter -- established ranches in the area.

On January 23, 1848, James Marshall discovered gold while building a mill for Sutter in Coloma, but Elk Grove historians say that was old news.

Jim Entrican, a local businessman who came into the historical society's headquarters Saturday brought with him a horizontal photo of Sloughhouse. He insists his wife's ancestor, Elizabeth Rhoads, actually discovered nuggets in Dry Creek, just south of Elk Grove, in May 1847.

"We took out two barrels of gold and took it back to Brigham Young in Utah," said Entrican of his wife's relatives.

Even before gold was discovered, Peters said Elk Grove had secured its place in California history. On June 10, 1846, mountainman Ezekial Merritt and his band of raiders attacked Mexican Lt. Francisco Arce's camp on the north bank of the Cosumnes, just a few miles from the present day museum.

"It's basically where a big mall is going in just north of the Cosumnes River at Grant Line Road," Pinkerton said.

Four days later, Merritt's raiders went to Sonoma to help capture Mexican General Mariano Vallejo in the Bear Flag revolt -- so named for a grizzly bear flag stitched by raider William Todd, nephew of Abraham Lincoln, Peters said. "Bottom line, the revolt started right in Elk Grove," she said.

Pinkerton's next book "Trials, Road and Highways," Elk Grove from 1900 to 1950, will no doubt feature Bob Batey, who was born a little north of Elk Grove Boulevard in 1921.

Batey, 85, brought in a photo taken in 1919 of the opening of Batey Brothers Chevrolet, established by his dad, Mat Batey, an English immigrant, and his uncle Robert.

Batey, who ran the dealership until 1965, said, "My motto was 'lose money and make a friend.' It's now Maita Chevrolet."

He remembers a far different Elk Grove: "There was about 500 people when I was growing up and there were a lot of hops growers," many of them Germans and Italians.

There were also Japanese growers in the area -- the school that served them has been relocated to the museum site.

OK OK. So yesterday i failed to mention in my story about a dream I had when I fell asleep with my hands over my ears ( as not to hear the whispering ) I didnt feel it was important because hey! it was only a dream I thought. But not now after I read the history its like my dream falls right into place. I guess Im kicking my self now in the a** Cause Id hate for people to think Im making it up because of the info. I found. But I guess you can only take my word for it.

Well in my dream that night my family and I are were sitting on the couch down stairs. (my dad, step mom, and her 19 year old son) We then heard a flicking sound as if someone was turning the lights on and of up stairs. So we all ran up there. For some reason I was slow following them so by the time I reached the bottom of the stairs they were already out of site. I ran up into my dads bed room. My dad and the son were not around. but I thought nothing of it. My step mom was on the bed crying i got up on the bed and asked her what was wrong? She said
" They scared the crap out of me Jess" Then she got up and ran out the room. I then foundmy self by myself in the room. Again I was slow to follow. I ran out of the room towards the stairs then in the corner of my eye ( my perifial vison ) I saw three people standing there I stopped THINKING it was my DAD his WOMAN and her SON. 1.2.3.

I turned to face them and saw standing before three people 1 in front and the other 2 stand behind her. The 2 in the back were blurred out but I can still remember to this day what SHE looked like.

She was staring at me with her eyes huge and serious. Staring me down. I was so paralyed with fear my face felt white and every hair on my body was standing on end that I fell down the stairs and woke up.

But it was what she was wearing that strikes me the most odd. She and I guess the other two ( i couldnt really make them out ) were in black n white but she was wearing a grey dress colonial looking. But she wasnt decked out in colonial wear that you see in movies. there was no apron or bonnet. her hair was tight pulled back into a bun.

Again like I said I can still remember her face vividly. ( I dont have vivid dreams, dont know why I just dont ) If i could have one of those people who draw out criminals from a witness I could give them the best discription.

But agian her look she gave me was SO intense. It was as if she put her thoughts in my head and said get out of this house ITS MINE!!

But again I thought no relevence to tell you all this befor cuase its just a dream. But I guess these entitys could have appeared in my dream you never know! ;)

I am still looking into get those orb pics for you all. Untill next time...