Ghost Stories

Haunted house in elk grove?

Ok Well im new here and I wanted to share my expeirences that I have had. Well My dad divorced my mother when I was thirteen and moved in with "the woman" and they were together for 6 years. Well Last year they bought a huge house in Elk Grove Ca and It sat and half an acre of land. Behind the stone wall of the back yard was miles of unbuilt on land. Soon to be new homes. The house only had One owner before us. They sold it due to divorce not even living in the house a year. Well ever since they moved there, ( I lived with my mom and vistied on weekends, Im 20 now) I always felt uneasy there as if i was being watched but I NEVER thought anything of it. Not in a 2 year old house. I would be sitting on the couch watching TV and the Family room would be right past the TV. I would be sitting there and I would see the light in family room dim as if something moved through it. That was the beginning. Another evening I was sitting on the couch again with the whole family and could have sworn I saw someone walk by in the family room. I thought It was my eyes were playing tricks on me. Untill my " step mom" said " Did you see that?" My dad replyed " What? the shadow that just walked by? Yeah, I saw it but I didnt want to say anything cause I thought it was just me" I felt my face get white cause it was noticible enough that they both saw it. Well about a month went by and I was over visiting once again. my dad and his g/f decided to go to home depot. It was about 7 and dark out. I was upstairs in the computer room on the computer. The computer sits on a desk that when you sit at it your back faces a wall and there is only about 2 feet behind you till you hit the wall. Well I was checking my e-mail and I felt a distinct Tap on my sholder. I was FROZEN in Fear. I didn't even bother to turn around I acted as if I didnt feel it. i knew there was no HUMAN behind me NO one was home. I stopped visiting as much. But I heard alot of went on and witnessed some as well as time passed. They have a border collie and HATED to go outside you couldn't get her out in the back unless she HAD to "go". Well after the night at the computer. She wouldnt come inside the house anytime you opened the door she bolted out. You would have to drag her inside. When inside she would pee all over herself. Mind you she is a 9 year old dog and hasnt went inside since she was potty trained when she was a pup. Well my dad's G/F works for the FAA as well as my dad and she was away for a month doing schooling in Oklahoma. My dad has been in the millitary for about 20 years and I have never heard of anything to scare him of course losing his family but anything other than that. But when I went to sleep in the guest room at the top of the room in the corner was what the best I can describe it as a Black blob jutst kinda rotating in place. I showed my dad and he saw it too. It was never there in the day but every night there it was . This went on for about 2 months with still seeing shadows or anything that I guess you really couldnt say for sure was something paranormal. Untill one evening I woke up thirsty. I turned the stair lights on and went down stairs to get some water. i had the dog with me following my every move. As I walked to the stairs in the dark with just a gleam of the light coming from up stairs it was then I heard it. I Distinct whispering in my ear which made every hair on the back of my neck stand up. The dog behind me bolted through the kitchen toward the sliding glass door barking at me in fear. That only intensifyed my fear even more. I ran up the stairs tripping on the last one to the top and ran in my room. I ended up falling asleep with my hands over my ears just incase I heard it again. I NEVER told my dad or anyone. If I talked about it, it would only make me more nervouse about it. Well I not at first I didnt. It was when my dads G/f/ "step mom" was at school my dad was home alone getting ready for bed. They have this huge bath room with no door just a walk way seperating it from the bedroom. He was facing the mirror which you could see in the reflecting the bedroom. His g/f again was in oklamhoma, I was with my mom 45 min. away. He had locked up for the night and the dog was in her kennel. He was brushing his teeth when he saw a black shadow of a person walk quickly by his view of the room. The room was well lighted. My dad turned around and walked into the room and no one was there. He started to hear slight bangs on the walls around the house, Up stairs , down stairs, ALL over. My dad not being one who gets scared walked down stairs in the dark to conquer his fear to show himself or whatever else he wasnt afraid. He stood down stairs in the family room the whole house in darkness. He started to CUSS out loud saying to show him what its got. and said f*** you! show me what you have got. Then in his ear was a low deep growl in his ear. My dad said he was so paralyzed with fear for somehting just growled right in his ear after saying all of that in the picth dark. He then persued to walk to the kitchen ( in the dark) to get some water and walked back up stairs as if nothing happened to not show whatever it was the fear he felt. I then got a call from him and his vouce was shakey and he told me what happened. When he told me I had Chills run up my spine. I told him then of what happened to me. The next day my dad tried to get a preist to come and bless the house. But he wouldnt be able to get that done for about another two days. So my dad took the bible and and read various verses in the bible about 20 min in each room. 5 min into reading in the first room ( the family room ) we heard a loud metalic bang upstairs as an old air conditioner was kicking on. Later we went to ovestigate up stairs but nothing was noticed fallen over or out of place. After that our dog came in as if she had never been afraid too. We never had anytning happen again after that. The black blob was gone. Also when all of this scare stuff was going on we had had a christmas. We had decorated the stai case and we tool picture of the beautiful decorations since it was the first christmas in that house. After these incidences were over. We uploaded the pics to find an orb moving up the stiar case in each pic it was as if the orb move from each pic as it moved up the stairs. We focused in on the orb and zoomed it and you can see a distinct face it. Well that was just one of my experiences. I hope it wasnt too long and that you all enjoyed it. Let me know what you think.