Ghost Stories

Haunted House

Right...this story may seem far-fetched to some and believable to others. Personally, I don't really care. It seemed a bit unbelieveable to me at first too until I lived in the house for 7 months. Then it became an all too real nightmare.

There is a house in Derby, England. This house is from the pre-war era I've been told. Which war, I'm not sure. But one thing is evident, this house is OLD and full of history. I don't think anyone knows the entire history of this house, though I would love to find it out one day. However, what we do know, tells enough.

My fiance lives in this house. Before him, his step-sister lived there. Before her, it was a drug house basically. Homeless people and drug addicts 'squatted' there and did their drugs and had their parties...and died there. During that time, a girl was accidently drowned in the bathtub and since then, the bathtub has been a source of horror for men. Before the homeless people, it was inhabitted by your typical spooky family. They only came out at night, they boarded up the windows, and when they left there was evidence that they pracitced some form of the dark arts. Yes, this is a house with much history, and the bit we know of it has only taken place in the last 2 decades.

Let's go back to the bathtub shall we? The bath is one of those anicent cast iron tubs that was made for relaxing. It's so deep that you can lay down in it and fill it to the safe level (before it spills to the floor) and you will be completely submerged in water. It's so long that I (who am 5ft 4 in tall) climb in it and can lay completely on the bottom of the tub and my feet barely manage to reach the opposite end. Personally, I love the tub. But, I am a girl and SHE leaves me a lone. Who is SHE? Well, she's the girl who died in the tub. How did she die? Well, she overdosed on some drugs and lost consciousness and two of the men in the house put her in the bath tub and filled it with water to try to revive her. But, they left her there...and instead of reviving, she drowned. So, what does she do? She hates men..and she haunts the tub. Women seem to be ok, taking long baths that are relaxing, however you still get the feeling you are being watched. I have taken to actually talking out loud to the girl. She doesn't respond in ways that I can hear, but she leaves me alone. Oh, and she gave me a lighter one time. Yes, you see. This is going to be a long story. The lighter? Well, I am in the habit of burning inscence, especially while in the bath. One day I had forgotten my lighter (cheap crappy blue disposable one) and compained rather colorfully about it. When I stuck my hand down on the floor to grab my towel, I found that I had grabbed a lighter instead. This lighter is really cool. It's a high intensity flame one, wrapped in a rubbery feeling shell that bears the Harley Davidson emblem on the front of it. I have asked everyone who had stepped foot in that house since I moved in, and no one has ever seen that lighter before. So, I thanked the girl and I keep it with me. Strangely enough, it never seems to run out of fluid. So, what else does she do? She tries to drown men in the tub. Whenever my fiance or our roomate (also male) attempt to take a bath, they always have to have someone sit in the bathroom with them. Why? Because they both have this massive fear that they are going to be attacked. When they take baths and are in the water for more than 10 minutes, they both begin to start coughing and spluttering out water and complain that they felt as though drowning. These are two full-grown men who refuse to submerge their heads in this tub for fear that they will not be able to resurface again. I should like to point out that our roomate refuses to believe in ghosts, and yet even he has the same problems with the tub and the same paranoid feeling whenever he enters the bathroom. Oh, I suppose I should also mention that at one point when no one was living in the house (between tenants, as it were) our current neighbor (a man) went missing for about 3 days. He was found finally. Unconscious in the bathtub of our house.

So, that's the tub. I'll make a reply post and mention some of the other things .