Ghost Stories

Haunted newspaper?

I work at the newspaper in my small town in New Mexico. A few of my coworkers have had strange experiences in the building. I haven't personally, but I told them I'd post their stories on here and share any thoughts/comments with them.

The building itself is pretty old. I don't have a definite date, but it at the very least dates back to 1910 and is probably older. In the beginning, I believe it was a general store. Then it became a bakery and functioned in that capacity until it was turned into a newspaper office in 1944.

I've been down at the office at all different hours of the night, once all night long, from around 5 p.m. until 6 a.m. I heard the usual creaks and crackles of an old building and, every once in a while, some bumps and bangs I attributed to the pigeons that live in the roof and/or rats. The building isn't in the greatest state of repair and the old ceiling, which is quite high, has been lowered with those generic corkboard "office" panels. In other words, there's no telling what is living up in that ceiling. *LOL*

My coworkers, on the other hand, have experienced slightly weirder phenomena. One claims that on two different occasions, when working alone at night, she went into the paste-up room and closed the door to the dark room because having it open simply made her uneasy. Whenever she went back into the room, however, the door would be open. I do know from experience that it is a very sticky door - if you shut it all the way, it's not coming open on its own. She would shut the door and repeat the process a few times, then get upset and leave. This same coworker also says she has heard the chains in the back room near the press that are used to hoist the large rolls of paper into place rattling on numerous occasions.

Another coworker has claimed to hear things moving around in the back room, like boxes being scooted across the floor. She has also claimed to have twice gone into the back and found the doors on the big cabinets used to house the archives (bound books containing copies of all of the newspapers since 1944 divided into three-month increments) standing open when she was sure they were closed before.

Finally, two coworkers claimed to have been in the paper one night and smelled a yeasty smell, like fresh bread baking. The one commented on it to the other who said, "I wondered if I was just smelling things. I guess the flour monkeys are busy back there." This was last year around Halloween and another coworker had decorated the office with, among other things, little plastic ghosts (the kind you stuff with tissue paper or sacks and tie off under the neck) that were hanging all around the office. One was hanging off of the pull cord on the ceiling fan near where they were standing, and they say that as soon as the one finished her comment about the "flour monkeys," the ghost fell off the fan and onto the floor.

Anyway. I've heard other stories about this building over the years, even before I came to work there. My aunt claims to have had a friend who worked as a paper carrier there back when they were in high school in the 80s and that the kid told her he refused to even so much as go through the back door to pick up his paper supply - he had a friend bring the papers out to him while he waited in the alley. He said he "just didn't feel right in there."

As I said, I've been alone in the building countless times on countless nights over the past four years and haven't experienced a thing. I've been into the back room alone and felt uneasy, but it was just the basic unease that comes with being alone late at night in a really large, cluttered space - more the fear of someone human breaking in or hiding in there or something. I wish I could say something had happened that would convince me, but I respect my coworkers' opinions and will leave it to the experts to decide. :D