Ghost Stories

Haunted Restaurant I worked in!!

OK everyone, this is what happened at the restaurant I worked at in Syracuse NY when i was in college a few years back.

I started working at a small pizza place near campus my sophmore year of college. I had not heard any ghost stories about the place and had been in there to eat only once or twice.

Now the way the restaurant in set up is like this. when you walk in the door there is the pizza oven and cashier to your left and it's kind of like a hall striaght back with a counter on the left side and booths on the right. at the end, you turn right to go either staight into the kitchen or down to the basement where there is storage and bathrooms.

Now, my shifts were always at night and being on a college campus, I rarely left earlier than 2am. There were always 2 waitresses, 2 cooks and a cashier on at this time. At the end of the evening, the other waitress and I would ave to restock the supplies. Noone I worked with would go down there alone, we always went in pairs. It was a VERY dark creepy basement and I assumed that was the reason we went in twos.

After my first week, the cashier started telling me ghost stories about the place. He told me about his first encounter a few weeks after he started. He was the only one left in the place as he always is at the end of the night. He had done his rounds to make sure everything was all set for the night and was getting his things from under the counter to go home. He looked up and at the end of the hall stood a girl. Thinking he missed her on his rounds and she had probably passed out in the bathroom, he called to her to wait a minute and he'd open the door for her. He reached down and as he did, she turned, went around the corner and disappeared. He called after her and then went to the back to the restaurant. The kitchen was empty so he proceeded to the basement. He looked everywhere.... there was noone in the building and no other doors she could have exited though. The only other door was at the top of the stairs in direct view of where he had originally been standing and she had gone around the corner! he said he booked it out of there.

A few months went by and although I didn't forget the story, I hadn't seen or felt anything especially strange. one night, after restocking, the other waitress and I realized we had forgotten small cups. I had to use the bathroom so i told her I'd go get them while I was down there. She asked me twice if i wanted to go down there alone. I laughed at her "It's only a basement". She gave me a look and said "Ok then". I went down the stairs and into the bathroom on the right. When I walked through the doorway, it was unbelievably cold. I went through the second door and used the facilities. when you come out from there, there is a room with a bench and a full lenth mirror, the door leading to the basement was opened a few inches. I stood in front of the mirrir, kinda fixing my hair and when i looked, there was a girl in the doorway. Not really looking at her I assumed it was the other waitress and turned to talk to her.... there was noone there! I loooked back in the mirror and there she was! She had shoulder length brown wavy hair and her lips were moving but I didn't hear anything... I did THREE doubletakes from the mirror to the doorway behind me. There was nobody there. I ran through the door (VERY COLD) and up the stairs. The other waitress was behind the counter and the cashier was at the front, counting the money. As soon as he saw me, he laughed a little... "You SAW her!" The other waitress looked ready to leave about then! It took me a few minutes but I did go back down to get the cups (other waitress wouldn't come down) and the hairs on my neck stood up and I swear someone was watching me. I never saw her after that but I did come across cold spots quite often and frequently felt someone watching me.

what do you think? Cool huh? The place is called Cosmo's and is on marshall St in Syracuse NY, a block from SU. The owner will not admit it's haunted, at least she didn't when i was there....