Ghost Stories

Haunted Schoolhouse Halloween update

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know how it went the other night at my Aunt's house. If you've read my other posts, you know she is the one who moved into an old schoolhouse, that she believes to be inhabited by little children.

Had a great time. It was just us girls, and the spirits were up to a little mischief making on Halloween night. My Aunt showed me how to make popcorn balls, without burning the caramel. Cheyanne, my Aunt's granddaughter had a ball helping us. She kept giving Pepper, the schnauzer, caramel that stuck to his whiskers and beard. He looked so funny, especially after he put his head in a tissue box, and ended up with tissues stuck all over his head. Anyway, after making the popcorn balls in the kitchen, we decided to retire to the front room to watch "Scariest Places". While we were cleaning up in the kitchen (and Pepper), Cheyanne, had gotten the tape and was putting it in the VCR. Suddenly we heard her scream.

We all rushed into the front room, and there stood Cheyanne, pointing at a rocker, her eyes as big as pancakes. The rocker was slowly rocking back and forth. My first thought was that Cheyanne had pushed it, and she was playing a joke on us. But she swore up and down she hadn't touched it. We watched it slowly rock to a stop. Then after about 30 seconds, we all watched in astonishment as it starting rocking again, this time with more energy, and at a faster pace. It really freaked us out. My Aunt remarked that her "Children" probably just wanted to watch TV with us. After awhile, the rocker stopped, and came to a rest.

Needless to say, we all watched TV from the sofa bed located at the opposite end of the room. My Aunt Phyll retired to her favorite recliner. I think we all missed the first 30 minutes of the tape, our eyes glued to the rocker, huddled together, peeking over one of my Aunt's afghans. Anyway, after about at hour, we had begun to relax and enjoyed watching some family, scaring themselves into believing that some castle was haunted . . . . Silly people. Little did we know, this was only the beginning of our own little adventure that night.

It was when we were thoroughly engrossed in Scariest Places, that we began to hear strange noises coming from upstairs. It sounded like someone was moving boxes across the floor. All 4 of us distinctly heard the sound of someone walking above us. This lasted for about 10 minutes, and then it suddenly stopped. This happened around 10:45 at night. Now, mind you, the upstairs had been sealed off a long time ago - the stairs just leading up to the ceiling of the first floor. I don't mind telling you, that as a bit of a skeptic, I had a hard time explaining what we were hearing. Things began to get quiet, and we continued watching "Scariest places".

Suddenly, Lisa reaches for the remote, and pushes the mute button. I asked, "What's wrong", She said, "I thought I heard a bell". Aunt Phyll, then spoke up, and said, "I heard it too." Cheyanne and I hadn't heard anything. Then slowly, in the silence, almost as if it was drifting on the wind, came the lonely tolling of a school bell. Very soft and distant, yet unmistakable. Aunt Phyll remarked that it sounded, different, some how. We all looked at my Aunt's grandfather clock. It was close to midnight. . . .

At about 12:40 we were all getting a little drowsy. Cheyanne had drifted off to sleep in her mother's lap. My eyes were getting heavy, but I still wanted to finish watching the tape. I had a half eaten bowl of popcorn in my lap. Suddenly, we were startled out of our wits, with 3 loud bangs that shook the whole house. I don't mind telling you, that even half asleep, I jumped up (wide awake), and the popcorn went flying. Pepper, the little Schnauzer, jumped to his feet, and started running all around the house, barking so even Cheyanne woke up. I peeked outside the front room window, to see if I could see anything, while Lisa, went into the kitchen, and came out with a pair of tongs in one hand, and a frying pan in the other. I looked at her, and almost had to laugh, "What do you think you are going to do with a pair of salad tongs?" She said, "It was the first thing I saw." "This is ridiculous", I said, "3 grown women, afraid to be alone at night".

"Better give me that frying pan," I said. "Why?", Lisa asked. "Because, I'm going outside to put an end to this nonsense." Lisa then said, " I don't think that's a good idea. There might be something out there." "That's ok", I said jokingly, "If I see a ghost, I'll just hit him over the head with my frying pan." I went outside, and walked completely around the house, and found nothing. I didn't stay outside long because it was very cold, and all I had on was a short-sleeved shirt.
I have to admit, I felt a little silly walking outside with a frying pan in my hand.

We all settled back down to finish watching the tape, when Pepper started barking at the back door to the house. Lisa got up from the sofa, tongs in hand, and walked back to the back porch to see if she could see anything. About 2 minutes later, I heard her call my name, and I got up and went to the back porch. "There's something out there." "Nonsense", I said, "I was just out there, and I didn't see anything. There's nothing there." "O yeah", Lisa said, "Then what are those?", pointing towards the woods. I looked out toward the woods that sits at the back of my Aunt's property. And sure enough, Lisa had spotted something. It looked like two little lights drifting in and out of the trees. I have to admit, that this skeptic's hair began to stand on end.

"Come on", I said, "Go get your flashlight, we're going outside to investigate". Although a little hesitant, Lisa finally came outside, and we started walking back toward the woods. I sure wasn't going back there by myself, after everything that had happened. I kept repeating to myself, that there had to be a logical reason for what was happening. By the time we reached the woods, the lights had vanished. We looked around a bit, but it was really to dark to see anything back there. Lisa, who was in a hurry to get back inside, said "O.K., lets go back now", and turned back toward the house.

Suddenly 2 dark figures jumped out from behind the trees. It startled Lisa so that she screamed and dropped her tongs. Although quite dark, I instantly recognized the outline of my boyfriend's head. The other "spook" was Lisa's husband, Tim. They were rolling on the ground, laughing their silly heads off. Lisa started kicking Tim, calling him a big jerk. I told my boyfriend, that he came very close ro becoming a ghost himself - death by frying pan.

They were supposed to be up at Tim's parents place, setting up a blind, hunting deer. They even had Lisa fix up some clam chowder to take up with them. The jerks!! They had been there all night long, getting a big kick out of scaring us half to death. They had rigged up the rocker with fishing line that they pulled from outside the window. My boyfriend had gotten a ladder, and had entered the steeple through a loose panel. It was he that we heard upstairs walking around. They even had brought a bell along, which was the one we had heard earlier. No wonder Aunt Phyll remarked that it didn't sound right to her. All in all, though I must admit, we did have fun getting scared.

There is always something about this time of year, that makes believers of us all, if only for a short while.

Catch ya later,