Ghost Stories


Okay, so there is a little coincidence I'd like to mention before I get deeply into detail. Two years ago (Friday the 13th, Mind you) My mom married my step dad. They met through his brother and he was really nice to all of us. About a week after they started dating my mother found she was pregnant with my youngest brother. They married shortly after, on my dad's mother's birthday, April 13th, which just happened to fall on Friday that year, which was 5 Days after my birthday. I was staying with my dad at the time, so I had no idea any of this was going on. Anyway, she had a wreck two or three days before they got married, the same exact day she discovered she was pregnant. She went to a few doctors, and they all said my little brother was sure to die, and they needed her to abort the baby so they could treat her wounds from the wreck. She told them no way in HELL would she abort her son ( who technically was alive, they PREDICTED he would die). She was very badly bruised, and had a few broken bones, obviously having a hard time getting around. My grandmother was staying with her. To save a few minutes of your lives, she wound up alright (she suffers from fibromiaglgia(spelling?), and my brother will be two in November. But a few months after me and my younger brother moved in with them, he started becoming controlling and abusive ( not so much physically, but verbally) Nothing really happened in the house to scare me, aside from my @SS of a stepfather. I'm pretty sure it was a miracle that saved my brother, because she was very very badly injured.

I'd say six months ago, she got her settlement money from the wreck and opened a kid's consignment store on the location of a previous bar (it was a really strange place actually. It had some big EVIL looking sun painted in a hallway, all the walls were black with red door frames, and there was these jamaican looking stick figures blowing pipes or what looked like pipes with something coming out of the end.) Before we got electricity everyone honestly thought the room was red with black doorframes. Later it became the "Red Room" which later became "Red Rum" (murder spelled backwards), by my step dad. Strange things have happened in that place. When we painted the walls, she put 16 SIXTEEN! coats of paint over the sun and it still bled through, almost as if it were telling her that it owned the place and no matter what she did it would have it's evil way. and it seems like it did just that. When we were workin in the back room (which is still black) things would die quickly, phones iPods, flashlights, etc. The door is very hard to open and hard to close. There are many many MANY strange things happen there every day, especially after dark. No more come to mind, but they do happen. Last week, my mom and a lady at a gas-station got to talking and she's a ghost hunter. They came to the shop around 2am and took photographs and recordings. I wasn't there, but according to my mom and the lady ( I pulled in and got gas the other day, strangely enough, as I was looking at some of the photographs on her friend;s computer, the battery died in the truck and I couldn;t get it to start) But I was talking and there were all kinds of circles in the photographs that he kept calling "orbs". One of the lights were green(signifigant?). Just a few odd things. She said they had a picture of a chubby man's face in the background (not a real person, but a face of a person is what she described it as.) There was also another face beside my mom's in one picture (again I haven't seen them all, this is just her account of the story.) Also, I found this very strange, as my step dad sometimes quotes movies, but this seemed strange...) My step dad came out of the backroom saying "I am legion, for we are many" or something close to that. I know this is in the Bible somewhere ( Matthew I think) Again, I'm not sure, but Jesus asked some possesd men who they were, and the demons responded through them I am legion for we are many, and he said something and the demons took over some pigs and they jumped in the river. I just thought it was strange he would say that out of nowhere... They are coming back Friday, and I'll be in there with them this time. I want to see what they find, and know as much as I can because it's just weird being in the room at all... Just a strange feeling, when the lights go out it feels like you walk forever until you reach a door, and the flashlights don't light anything up.. It feels like something wants you to be stuck in the room. My MOm knows exactly what I'm talking about, but every time I talk to my dad about it, he tells me it's farfetched and there is no reason to believe any of it... I jsut wanted to see what you all think about the whole situation. I realize that a lot of these have perfectly logical explanations, but it all just doesn't seem right. Also, I've said all along that there was prostitution, drugs, violence, all kinds of wrong things done in there. I can feel it. I mean, I don't know for sure, but I can feel. This one lady claimed she was a medium one day while shopping, and passed out in the middle of the floor. In one fo the photographs, there is a green doorway like thing, and the guy told us it was some kind of portal, not necessarily to hell, but to somewhere. From what I gather, this is somewhat like the ouija board does? I've always wanted to use one, but never had the oppourtunity. What do I have to look out for, or avoid or do or what... I know you're not supposed to use it by yourseld, but I may can talk my mom into using it with me... I am kinda skeptical abou thte ouija boards though.Anyway, I'm through with this post now, If I think of anythign else, I'll post it. Also, I'll probably get the lady to e-mail me the photos she takes and post some of them here. Thank you all for your time.