Ghost Stories

Haunting in my Fathers/Computer room.

Right now lets see; first of all. I am not sure it really is a haunting, I just need to know what -you- think. It has been happening for a while now; and if it is a real haunting I think it might have started because of an Ouija board incident. First I'll tell you about the Ouija board.

It was last month (January), when my friends and I felt like messing around. We wanted to see what we could find in my attic; that was located just at the top landing of my stairs; next to my and my sisters room. So anyway; I got the small ladder; that is kept with the junk room; at the end of the top room corridor. (Our house is quite big.) And I set it up; being it my families house I climbed up first. Opening the trap door and throwing it for my friends to catch; all together including me and my friends there were three of us. But my sister soon joined making it four. I by now had climbed up the ladder and was standing in the attic; I had been told it had been converted a few years before we moved in; by the last family. And they simply hadn't taken away their stuff; but I thought it wasn't a bother, they left it it was now mine and my families stuff. I switched on the light; so I could see, and waited for my friends, and sister came up. Once they had we each went to a separate part of the converted attic and started searching around within the black bags and in the boxes.

"Oi! Louise get yer arse over here. Look what Tim just found!"I turned my head to see it was my sister talking all three of them crowded around a box. Of course I wandered over not wanting to be left out. They obviously knew I knew what resided in the rectangular box they held within their hands. (I had always been interested in ghosts and stuff; they weren't.) They had seen the look on my face; and the way I tried to snatch it form their hands and shove it back in the box but they simply laughed at me. I kept saying over and over that it was dangerous and bad things might happen; but they wouldn't listen. They took it; climbed down leaving me in the attic. I walked over towards the cardboard box they had taken it from realising it was of the last family. Yet I knew I wasn't going to play it. If they were; I would merely spectate. They didn't know why I was so freaked out, by I did. A couple or so years ago; my grand mother died. Because of an Ouija board; I remembered that day well. She had told me all about what it had said into her and her friends. (They weren't older than 50; seeming as my mother and father were 14 when they had me. Young I know.) It said that she would get run over; and surely the year later she was crossing the road and she was hit.

Anyway, I went down closing off the light and closing the attic trap door; and also put the ladder away. Searching the whole house for them. Finding them in the computer room; which is also my dads. Tim was on the computer searching out how to actually use it. Whilst Sue, and April (my sister) were 'setting it out' or basically putting the triangular thing in the middle.

Now; lets speed up until after the ouija board session took place. I had a gut feeling something was going to happen; they didn't know how to use it; I knew something about he end; about the triangular thing having to run over the word good bye then fall off of the board. But the thing is it pointed at good bye; but didn't fall off. But they didn't know that. And I didn't want to interfere.

A few weeks later; on the 21st of January; whenever I went into my dads room to go on the computer; I felt the hairs on the back of my neck rise; and also feel like someone was watching me. I remembered something; and grabbed the note book which I had hid under my dads bed; in a metal box and took it out; I had to write the things the ouija board said down in here. and I realised that one said 'I am fore ever watchful' They had asked the usual crap, how old are you, your name, are you good or bad. Realising the answer to the last question it had spelt out 'goad' I think this means its neutral. And these happenings haven't stopped, yet nothing harmful has come to any of us.

A couple of nights ago; the window suddenly opened; this was when I was turning off the radiator and the lights et cetera. And also the closet and room door slammed; the doors didn't freak me out; I knew they slammed shut; their was a scientific reason which I can't remember. But the thing about the window opening keeps freaking me out; since it was closed and locked. Also When ever I switch on the computer I can see the faint out line of a face; staring at me.