Ghost Stories

Hauntings in Gregs Hollow - salem

This story is what was going on in my familys lot things my whole family experienced there...

Basically my whole family lives in Tennesse. They own alot of land In the smokey Mountains. I have like 3 aunts and uncles 3 or 4 cousins my grandparents and a great grandmother that live on this same area of land which they call " Gregs Hollow " ( My great grandmothers last name is greg ) in an area called " Salem " in a small town called parrotsville in Cocke Country Tennessee. All their house are scatered in this Hollow in the mountains and the land which this hollow sits on has many interesting things about. Up through the woods bout 1/4 mile from my grandparents home is a small graveyard up on a hill in the woods. There is no path that leads to it and is very hard to find. Sometimes they even get lost looking for it. Maybe only 6 people burried there. There are alot of cows one of my uncles own and they tend to go through the woods alot trampling the graves. To this day they are very badly damaged and hard to see but they are there.

Whats also interesting is there is alot of indian clay in the soil there and you can always find cool arrow heads and things of that nature there from where the tracters have churned the ground. There use to be cherokee indian tribes that lived on that land. Well now that you know the history of there let me being my story.

When my mother was little her and the family were sitting in her mothers living room. They were all talking when they all saw a flash of a black bird flying through the house then disapeared. they all only got a glimps of it but they ALL saw it. My family and mother swear by it to this day. 3 days later her grandfather died. He and my great grandmother lived in 1 story house with and attic which was open enough to have a room in. you got to it via stairs in the closet. My great grandma Greg said she would always hear foot steps going up and down those stairs at night. My mother when she was about 11 was over there in the kitchen when she turned around and saw her grandfather standing in the door way in his tux then quickly disapeared.

My great grandma greg said she would see him all the time. Then when my mother turned 13 she had to sleep in the room in the basement cause an out of town aunt was visiting. She said she awoke that night to a woman in a white gown sitting on her bed playing with my moms hair. My mom got scared and pulled the blankets over her head then peaked out and the woman was gone. She got up the next morning and asked her whole family if any of them had been down there they all said no.

My mother told me this when I was little and I remember just as much as she remember it happening. Well flash to when I am alive. I came to visit my family every 2 years I would love to explore the attic even after she said her house was haunted. These people are full on baptist and never lye. Still I didnt mind it in the day. Well about 4 years ago my mother, new step dad and step sister, and I went to visit. My grandmother told us how her house was not haunted anymore. I asked her why she thought that. She just said that ever since her sister who lived next doors house burnt down the 20 years of hauntign stopped. She never saw or heard anything for about 3 years since it had happened. Well I wanted to show my step sis the attic my my grandmother said I couldnt cause it was locked and she lost the key.

Well there is a bathroom under those stairs so the ceiling in the bathroom is slanted. I happened to have to go and when Iw as in there there were foot steps going up the stairs it was so real plaster actually fell in my hair. I got excited thinking she found the key and was showing my sis with out me that I ran out and my grandma greg stood there and I asked her if I could go up too. She then said " Honey I said its locked I have no key." Then I said well I heard someone go up there and she said that was impossible because about a year ago when she couldnt find the key she put her hug bookcase in front of the closet door. I then looked and sure enough it was there. it was huge it would tak e3 strong men to move. I then realized that her house was still haunted.

That night I was next door at MY grandmas house my moms mom, and we were all sitting in the living room. My grandpa and grandma dont sleep in the same room but their rooms are across from eachother. We were all talking and then my grandpa ( who is hardcore baptist ) mentioned that the night before when he was sleeping he saw a woman in a white gown walk in my grandmas room. He said that he got up and looked in and no one was there so he just shut the door. My grandmas eyes got huge and said " William why did you close the door and leave me in that room with " it" ? " I almost laughed cause she was so scared and it was funny. But it seems that my familys home have some kind of entity in them but they are not bad. Which is a good thing. Hope you enjoyed!!