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Help and Advice on My Aunt's Trailer

My story of my aunts trailer has been told by me 2 times tonight and I can't find any real answers. I unfortunately had the horrible, stupid, and pathetic experience of seeking help on a site known as Where I told my aunt's story and they offered me help. I thought maybe it would be better for my aunt to get online herself and talk to these people but they thought we were the same person, and she booted us off. So much for finding help from GENESTA! She banned us from it too. I wrote her a email that told her just how I felt, but kept matters in good taste. I doubt I will recieve a reply but heres hoping. Anyways, thanks for all the help Genesta...


Anyways so now I am seeking help here...For her sake...she is not to computer worldly and she needs answers as to this problem she has. None of our family is experienced in these matters so perhaps someone out here can be of some assistance....

My Aunt has been living in this trailer for not too long but not recentley anyways...

Keep in mind I have never been to the trailer and I have never seen anything paranormal, and are fully writing this from her testimony to me the other night. However all parts of the story that have the physical ability to be true I can attest to.

Upon her first day of moving in with her 2 sons, she was greeted by a neighbor. Who randomly started to spill into the fact that she had a dream the previous night and someone who she believes was God told her to tell my Aunt to throw out the broom and Salt and Pepper shakers which had been left in the house by the previous owner.

If any of you are familar with the tradition. Your Salt and Pepper shakers are what were added to the food that you cooked to provide your family with sustanance, and your broom is what cleeaned the filth out of your home. When you leave them behind when you change residence you leave the past behind you.

Well my Aunt thought her newly acquired neighbor was just a little off, and didn't see the need to throw out a good broom, and salt and pepper shaker. Hey free stuff.

So she kept it...She then found whilst she unpacked a drawer in the kitchen full of nothing but knives. LOTS OF THEM! The drawer was full to the brim, and she had never seen anything like it. She said the knives were everything from standard kitchen knives, to handmade wooden ones, to weird shaped knives with designs on them, to silver ones with ivory handles. She felt uncomfortable about them and threw them out.

She also found a mirror that had been left in her bathroom. The bathroom in her trailer has poor lighting so she would move the mirror from the bathroom to the kitchen window seal so that she could apply her makeup. When she would leave the house, or just even go into another room the mirror would be back in the bathroom.

Strange odors fill the whole house at times and in two particular rooms all the time. Being the bathroom and her 2 sons room. It smells like Roses or Jasmine she says. But she owns no perfumes.

One of her sons refused to sleep in the room (said he was scared) and would always sleep on the floor next to his mother in the living room. While the eldest the 12 year stayed in the room.

The eldest said he started having awful nightmares of being murdered. One in particular of him having his throat slit. Well one day he was telling a neighbor (who he did chores for) and elderly lady of 72 about this dream. He remembers telling her then blacking out, and when he came to she was bleeding and her throat was cut, and he was holding the knife.

He ran to get his mother, didn't know what had happened and told her that the lady had been hurt. The lady survived and her story mirrors the boys. She said that he was telling her about a dream he had, and that he slit her throat. The police were called and the boy was arrested. He is currently in Juvi. His story hasn't changed. When the police searched her home they found 45 knives stashed around the house in weird little places. When she saw them she said she swore they looked like the knives she had thrown out.

Before this he also said that animals would keep him up at night. That the animals such as tigers, lions, giraffes, and zebras would talk to him.

He remains incarcerated. 12!!! He is 12! Her other son still refuses to sleep in the room. The dog she has will not go in it. [Yeah!]

The Dog growls at things that are not seen or for no reason at times in the house, and one day recently was running around wimpering like it was running from something. Then it started to yelp like something was hurting it. Then the dog literally flew into a wall and fell to the floor limp like it was knocked out. And woke up seconds later.

She has had the neighbors bless the house. She has also asked if anyone had died in the house, but no one really knew. Its the oldest trailer there.

Still it continues...She came home one day to find the dog growling at the front door and her son outside crying. When she went inside she found her bf tearing up the place. A man with no history of violence. He was drinking at the time but still was screaming at her, and the kid. He managed to pick up a tv that would usually take 2 people to lift and throw it at her across the room, and luckily missed. He proceeded to break things, and tear stuff apart. He was on a rampage of anger. She said when she looked at him his eyes were wierd and his voice was unsual. Then he went outside and stood in the middle of the trailer park and yelled profanities. F*** F*** F*** over and over. Then he grabs his weights and started throwing them at his own car, breaking glass, and denting it in. Then he got in the car, and peeled out backwards all the way to the end of the road and sat there for 5 minutes. During this time my Aunt grabbed her son and the dog and went to stand on a neighbors door step. He then peeled out forward coming towards them. Brakes and stops a foot away from where they were standing. Leans out the window, and says F*** you, f*** GOD, and F*** THIS PLACE. Then he peeled out again, and drove down the street. FAST, and nearly killed 2 people and himself when he took a sharp turn. He was arrested.

That night she took her son to stay with his father, and she went back to the trailer. She couldn't sleep but she started to drift off around 1am when something started banging on the door. Not knocking BANGING. She said it continued till about 3:30 in the morning. She called police to search but no one was there. When she had peared out her window to see what was banging nothing was there. Her dog was growling and barking the whole time.

I know she should leave but she is in bad financial standing right now. She has to make payments on the trailer. She can't just up and leave where will go. I have told her to have a priest come and bless the house as well...She can't fight whatever this may be. She was told by someone she should sprinkle Holy Water around the house, and Sprinkle salt around the perimeter outside, and then sit down in the home and talk to whatever it is and tell it to leave. I think addressing it would be a mistake.

I need advice so I can tell her what to do. She is lost on the subject right now. Any Ideas[?]

Is it ghosts, or demons....WHO KNOWS!

But I feel uncomfortable just talking about it... :(

Any advice [?]


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