Ghost Stories

Help From A Stranger.


The car pulled passed me and stopped. I walked over to the drivers window and it rolled down. The driver was a guy in his Fifty's in a Suit and Tie. Kinda looked like my late Grandpa Olivier. And the driver said " Where are you going. Can I give you a lift?" .
I replied : "Im on my way home to Asheville. I missed the last bus. And Id be greaful for any bit of help to get home I can get."
THe Driver answered: " Well your in luck . Im going to Asheville myself. Where in Town are you headed.?"
I said " I live just outside of town in ***** (Name Withheld) Hill Road. Ihave a ranch there . "
He smiled and Replied " Well I live just over in Hanover Dale Road (Next road over from Mine)....I can drop you off at the corner to your road if you like. "
I was overjoyed " That'd be brilliant. Thankyou. "

So I got in the car. Being a big car fan. This guy was driving what seemed to be a old Chevy Bicayne from the late 1950's and it looked in mint condition. So I said to him trying to strike a conversation up. " Hey, Like your car. You must look after it well it looks brand new."
HE said : " Oh yeah . I bought it long time ago now. Its my favourite car. I look after it like my family".

Anyway the conversation when on for ages. We talked about our families. He told me he had a Wife Linda and 2 Boys Adam and Leo. and A Daughter Shelley. Said that he was proud of his kids thay all had good jobs and Families now. I told him about my Family and my job. And he seemed interested in what I did. We talked about what we were doing for the summer that would soon be here and our pets. He told me he had 2 Dogs Border Collies. And that his wife had a cat a persian that drove hime crazy leaving its fur everywhere.

I really didnt think much only that maybe he was a buisness man who had been away a couple of days for work or something. He was wearing a suit that kind of looked out dated . And a Tie that looked sort of old style. And he had his hair sort of slicked and combed. But I thought some older people stick to a certain style and didnt think much of it. Thinking back to it. He looked almost as old styled as the car he was driving but I laughed it off in my head.
If he wanted to look like fall out from the 1950's who was I too judge.

Anyway it was a kinda cold night so I was greatful for a ride in a car with a working heater. It was a bad cold snap that weekend . And I had a bit of a sore throat. I didnt want it to turn to something worse.

As we reached closer to home I turned to the guy and said that Id give him $5 for Gas for the ride. And he smiled and said "Hey dont worry about it your place is on the way home anyway." But I insisted , SO he told me to put it in the glove box and he'd fill her up tommorow. So that's what I did.

Anyway as we got to the corner and pulled up he said "Its a might bit cold out there son. How about I lend you my jacket to wear home. You can give it back to me later. I'll be ok to get home. I have the heater."
I take the guys warm coat and He wites down his address for me to return his coat.
He says "Come round tommorow . I'll have Linda make us some tea and her scones."
I said " That'd be great. Im new around here so its good to get too meet people around here and make new friends."
He grinned and Said " Thats right. I'll see you tommorow. Say 12pm?"
I smile back and Say " Sure. Perfect. I'll be there."

I got out of the car and stood watching him drive away and waved . When he was out of sight. I walked up the hill to my driveway and let myself in the House. Looked at the note Read it. Realised it was close enough to walk to tommorow and went and got ready for bed.

For a while I couldnt sleep I kept thinking about the guy who gave me a lift. Thinking it was rare for someone in this day and age to pick up a hitchhiker and not be wary. This guy acted like he did it all the time. He was different from most people I knew around to, Clean, Neat clothes. Tidy hair. And wearing a suit and tie.

I got up around 10am and Fed the Horses and my Dogs. And Got ready to go to the guys Home. When I had a thought I didnt even know his name. What If his wife answered the door what would I say??.........Anyway I got the note and I realised he'd written his name on the top of it ......(REAL NAME WITHHELD).....Lets call him "JOHN" . About 11.30am I left the house to walk over to his.

I walked up to his house .
I walked up to the front door and knocked.
An old tired looking lady answered the door and I smiled and held up the coat.

I said " You must be Linda? "

She Said "Yes. Young Man how can I help you.?"

I replied "Oh, John asked me to come by and drop off his coat. He gave me a ride home from {TOWN NAME WITHHELD) ... Last night and I wanted to return it He gave me this address to give it back to him. Hope you dont mind. Sorry If Im bothering you."

SHe Suddenely went very pale and I thought she'd Faint when she took the Jacket and Said "No really how did you get my Husbands old coat. Dont tell me he gave you a lift last night. Its not funny."

I was shocked and said "Well Im telling you he did. How else would I know your name and where to come to drop off the coat. He told me about you and your children and the dogs and your Persian Cat."

She had tears in her eyes and sounded upset when see looked up to me " You people still think its funny to read the old newspapers and harrass me about John.....I dont know how you got the coat really but please why are you here are you a reporter. Havent you people written enough about JOHN already. It wasnt his fault you know. He was trying to help them when it happened. Why do you keep bringing it up . Leave me and my family alone. Besides you should know by now the dogs and my precious cat have been long gone."

I shook my head and swore to here " I have no idea what your talking about Im here to return the coat. I have the note from your husband here for proof he asked me to come by. Please Im not a reporter. Im just a friend of Johns."

She shock her head.
And I handed her the note.........She read it and started really crying "Thats his writting ......Its his writting. "
I said " See I told you. John gave it to me last night. " Thinking this lady has lost track of time. She thinks her husbands gone. Or dead or something.

She said to me : " Come inside you obviously dont know about what Happened but I will tell you why John isnt here anymore."

I followed her into the Kitchen and sat down at the counter while she told me the story and made us a cup of tea. This story still shocks me to the bone but I swear on my life it is true..........It still chills me to the bone as I write it now.

In late 1958.........John and His 5yrs old Chevy Biscayne was coming home from a Buisness meeting (He was a Insurance Salesman) in Charlotte. He was in his 30's. Had been married to Linda for 8yrs and they had 3 Children Adam, Leo and Shelley. He was a good husband and a doting Father. Who worked all the hours god could give to support his family. He was a member of the local Church Choir , and had a brilliant Voice. Did alot of work for elderly church members and Friends. Ran the youth group the whole 9 yards.

One weekend he was driving home in time for Dinner as it was their son Adam's 6th Birthday, he'd rung at the petrol station saying he'd be home in the hour with the cake and a gift of a new bike for his son. Saying he couldnt wait to see them again having been away working for 5 days.

The he'd caused a accident that Killed him and a Local Negro Family.

Of course It wasnt true John had often helped the Family in Question with Bible study .........But the family's relations werent sure and kicked up a fuss and demanded that they'd be an inquiry. JOHN was found not guilty but the Negro community decided that he'd been let off because he was white and so was the Court members. And Johns family had been outcast by some of their friends.

Noone knows really what happened. The coroner said he had a Heart Attack . But wasnt sure if it was before the accident.......I think He didnt hurt them on purpose. That he probably was dead when the accident occured.

I said to the lady. "Why Would John come back to give me a ride?"
She replied " Maybe he came back to help you because he had to prove he wasnt the cause of the accident . He didnt do it on purpose so he came to help you when you were in need. "
I Believe it too.

His wife went on to tell me she kept the wreck of the car in the barn. Because he loved that car so much. She had to keep it as a reminder of the love she had lost. He was very good to her. And she often looked at it and it reminded her of the good times that they had together. I understood that.

I asked to see the car and she said that I could and let me into the barn and switched on the light.

Right in front of my was a mangled mess of the car that the night before had looked show room new, Tired, rusted and broken.........I noticed only it was the same car by the number plate hanging on by a screw.

I bent over the passager side door and looked inside.....And to my suprise sitting on the passanger side front seat was.............A BRAND NEW $5 NOTE.........THAT I HAD GIVEN JOHN THE NIGHT BEFORE FOR GAS FOR HIS CAR..........................

I still get shivers up my spine when I think about the night a Ghost gave me a ride home to prove he wasnt the bad guy they made him out to be..........He saved my ass.........And Im thankfull for that ride.


This story is 13 Yrs old this past April. I was 19yrs old and Had just moved to North Carolina from Detroit (Where Id lived since I was 1yrs old.I was born in New York). Im now a 32yr old Crazy Ghost Crazy North Carloina Native. :rolleyes:.......Ok bad sence of humor.....Cant help it.

To answer your questions Firstly.
ANSWER: Yes. I actually struck up a friendship with her "JOHN" was right she was a lovely lady. And I did get to sample her wonderful scones several times. She had little help from her kids who all lived pretty far away so I used to often help her out with small odd jobs and running errands for her as she couldnt see all to well to drive much anymore. SADLY THOUGH: I got to only spend just a year and a bit getting to know a great friend that Linda was before she passed away from old age at 87yrs old (Estimate She could have been older. She always sais a Lady never tells her real age).....I was away racing when she passed away and the local Chemist who was a friend of us both ,told me when I came home. SO SHE IS NOW: With her Husband again. I hope personally she thanked him for me. Because I could never thank hime enough for doing what he did for me. Not only giving me a lift home on a chilly night, But also introducing me to a great Lady and Friend in his Widow.

ANSWER : No. She actually pointed it out saying to me "How the heck did a newish $5 note get in there I didnt leave it there". Thats when I told her about leaving it for her husband to gas up his car next time he had too. She said to me "It was suprising he took it. He never let anyone offer to pay for gas. Thats the kind of guy he was . " I replied to her " He only took it after I insisted he did. And only after I kept telling him he must take it for about 5mins before he did ." She said. "Thats JOHN For you. Help anyone. Would even give you the last dime in his pocket and the clothes on his back if you wanted . Even if it ment he'd freeze to death, He wouldnt except help in return."

THIS IS ALSO WHY I BELIEVE : He couldnt have done what he was accused of. HE was a obviously kind and generous person. I only wish that I had known him in life. :(