Ghost Stories

Help, Im a bit frightened....long

Here's the deal. I moved into an 86 year old house 3 years ago. I walked in and new it was "home" the first time I saw it. Beautiful tudor, just amazing. I bought it from a newly divorced woman, which I was, too. I was only the third owner.

The original owners of the house had rather large and outlandish haunted houses each year for Halloween. It was legendary, I myself remember it when I was a kid. (I grew up about 5 blocks away)

I have never experienced ANYTHING odd or paranormal in that house. Ever. In fact, I felt very safe and comfortable there. I had previously (about 20 years ago) lived in a house 2 blocks away that had all sorts of odd things happen. I know that house had spirits or ghosts, or whatever you want to call them. This house I am referring to now is across the street and about 6 houses up from an old cemetery.

My ex-husband (we are together again) hated the house. He said "it creeped him out". My daughter's boyfriend said the same things. He had witnessed doors slamming, lights flickering, etc. Again, I never experienced anything, and neither did my daughters.

I put my house up for sale 6 months ago. The realtor is a friend of my Mother's. 6 weeks ago, my Mom called and said the realtor told her of some strange happenings during the open house. Doors slamming, lights flickering, and a candle stick was launched across the living room. And, his laptop started smoking. (it may have been a pc, so that would explain that, lol)

My Mom told me about it a few weeks later. I was surprised but not shocked because of the things my ex and my dd's bf said. I asked him about it, and he confirmed it, and said it also happened to another realtor who was showing the house for him. Same thing. Doors slamming and opening with no one in the house, lights flickering, and the water in the kitchen sink was turned on at one point. He did say that while he was showing it, the original owner's grandchildren came through. He said he stood at the bottom of the stairs to see what they were saying, and the child that was with the couple said, "Is this the room that Grandpa died in?"

So....Ive been in the house off and on for the past few weeks moving stuff out and cleaning. I still experienced nothing. BUT- it is the only house I have ever felt sad to move out from. I loved that house.

The new owner called me yesterday and asked me, "I know you're going to think Im crazy, but is that house haunted?" I just laughed and said "No...I dont think so..." She said she had heard noises when the inspection was going through, and just wanted to check. Technically, Im not lying. I myself have never experienced anything.

Today was the closing. I got there early and the realtor who happened to hold the other open house who experienced activity pooped his head into my realtor's office and said, "You're the woman who owns the haunted house??? I have never been so scared in my life!" The new owner was not there yet, so I asked him to close the door.

He said that when he was there, 2 couples came running up from the basement and said there was a ghost of an old man in the corner and he hissed at them. They said, "This house is haunted, we're outta here."

My eyes immediately welled up with tears, as they usually do when I speak of the paranormal. Is that weird? Anyway, the following week, my realtor held another open house, and there were 2 people who stayed pretty long in the basement. They said they were from the local Paranormal Society and started asking all sorts of questions. They, too, saw the old man and he "hissed" at them, too. My realtor told them they were crazy and they left...but...they gave him their card, lol.

So here's my question- I do believe in the paranormal. But why did this old man never present himself to me? This is what frightens me. Is there something wrong with me? Do I need to be afraid? Could this guy follow me here?

I only ask that because I had an "angel reading" a few years ago (now you REALLY think Im nuts) and it freaked the sh!t outta me. This guy said I had "an entity". He knew how it came to be, told me stories about how I dabbled in the spirit world as a kid (stupid Ouija and light as a feather/stiff as a board stuff kids do) He even knew the way the room looked and how the girl who I did this stuff with looked!! I was only 10 at the time, and there was NO WAY he could have known some of the stuff he told me.

THAT is why I am afraid. I mean, is there somethign wrong with me that this stuff keeps happening to me? I am not evil. I am a good person. I was raised Catholic, but I only go to church for weddings and funerals. And I like to tell stupid Jesus jokes.

What should I do???? Should I call that paranormal society person and ask them to come check out my new house?? Should I call a priest?? Should I start popping Valium and wear a silver cross?

Im only joking because I am freaked the eff out. What would you recommend?