Ghost Stories


WOW its been a while guys I have been so busy with friends and family that I have not been on here for a while!!

Good to be back...

Anyways I would like to invite you to check out what I have recently been experiencing with friends at a place called Patterson Road in Texas.

This place is teeming with paranormal activity. Infact its screaming for HELP. Literally and in the EVPS. I haven't been able to put up the evps yet but its coming.

This is my myspace....

I haven't put up the EVP's yet because we haven't had the chance to download them on to the computer but they will be up stat and I will update a topic when that happens. However I want some feed back from anyone who can on this area in question...

That is the myspace...Look in the picture to see the picture of the orb we caught while I was taking a picture of my friends.

Then read the blog called Patterson Road. Please help I need any information I can get on this place. I have recorded MANY MANY EVPS within a short amount of time that will explain the desperation. Something or Someones is NOT TOO HAPPY! Very sad there, and very angry all at the same time. I don't encourage going there alone travel in large groups and for some reasons between the hours of 12-3 am is when activity is most active. Not sure if that has anything to do with the witching hours but...whatever. After it hits 4 the scene completely changes to peace and quite.

You know what I am rambling please read the blog and tell me what you think!!!


PS for those who don't want to visit the site here is the the text from Patterson that I wrote about....its very long but please I need all the responses I can get and also if anyone lives in Texas I would like to know if you can shed any light on this please enlighten me.

Patterson Road...

Directions: Located off of I-10 in Houston, Exit Eldridge, And turn left on a little road called Patterson Road.

Patterson Road is a small drive with Trees and Nature surrounding you at all sides. Its quite beautiful during the day time. On this particular road two bridges are I believe to be no more than maybe 200-300 feet from eachother. One is known as Bear Creek Bridge, and the other Langham Creek Bridge. During the day time you will also notice that near this road is The Bear Creek Pioneer Park. Featuring nature trails, equestrian trails, war memorials, a zoo no less, soccer feilds, and a plethera of other park activities.

Now to be honest with you we read about this place on the internet and in a book, and both didn't speak too fondly of the place. But rather painted a more sinister picture. A book called "Weird Texas" that my companions and I were reading one day mentioned a place called Patterson Road . A place that was supposedly haunted by the spirits of the soldiers from the past. The only catch was to see, feel, or hear the spirits you had to park your car on Langham Bridge, turn the car off and listen. Might I beg and protest that there is safety in numbers and if you decide to do this for your self please travel in a large group and lock your car doors!!

What is supposed to happen is you will start to hear tapping on the car. Supposedly these tappings are the souls of the soldiers of days ago. Either warning you to stay away or trying to get in. No one really knows.

Upon our first venture out there we took a slew of people with us. I believe it was 8 people total and two cars. We drove out to the supposedly haunted spot and parked the cars and awaited the unexepected. However nothing really was beginning to discourage the group in my friends car so they said they wanted to leave. However, we decided to make one more pass of it. With one car at one bridge and the other car at the other, we thought maybe the story had gotten messed up. And it was really Bear creek that was haunted and not Langham. Within the next five minutes the opposite group from us pulled up excited telling us that Bear Creek was the bridge tapping and all. So we rearranged positions and parked. And yes indeed there were slight but distinct unexplainable taps all over the car at bear creek bridge. And no it was not the car settling. Other than that the first night I guess you could say was some what a success.

Well we decided to go again, and again. To see if anything else was present. As of right now I am still doing homework on the place itself. But for your viewing pleasure if you look in the pictures area of our myspace you will see what we got the second time we went out there. The people pictured in the picture are my co-workers and friends, Tricia and Brian. We went back to patterson and asked permission to take a few photos and actually, yes, asked the ghosties if they would like to be in the picture as well. And to our surprise...We had a single yet perfectly unique orb. And yes we this time we got out of the car. This was very exciting and not to mention the only picture in the whole roll that had an orb present. Upon further inspection we found that there was no double exposure, it was not pollen, and nor was it dust. It was simply and unexpected and unexplainable orb.

This then made us want to continue our investigation. HA HA...I talk as though we are really serious ghost hunters when infact we are just a bunch of really bored kids looking for a thrill. WELL WE ARE GETTING ONE. With our cheap equipment, (manned with disposable cameras, and cell phone recorders, and a small wal-mart digital recorder), we have managed to have and are still having quite the paranormal experience with this place.

I am still not sure as to whether we are dredging into something we shouldn't be or whether we are all supposed to be here. But...needless to say...its been and still is quite exciting.

Upon our further visits, we took some really interesting voice records or EVPS (Electronic Voice Phenomena). For those who don't know its where you ask the entities questions or talk to them and see if you can get a recorded response. Your ears physically do not pick up on the sounds themselves, you have to go back and listen for yourself. What we have recorded in just a short amount of time is astounding and almost chilling. We will be posting the evps soon but until then I will tell you what we have so far.

On our first visitation where we did the recordings we got there between the hours of 12am and 3 am. We were in the car and I remembered that my phone actually records, so I decided hey why not try. I seriously doubted that we would get anything. But for some reason tonight felt like no other night we had gone. The air was heavy, and thick, and it almost felt like an extreme ora of sadness of anger was all around us. We also experienced the feeling of being watched by what felt like hundreds of eyes watching you only we were all alone. To be honest it felt like it was right outside the car. We heard footsteps walking around the sides and back of the car and although no one was there, it startled us and we took off. When we got to the edge of the road we stopped and I played back the recording only to hear within the first 3 seconds a distinct mans voice saying..."HELP" (This was recorded on Langham Bridge). We hadn't even asked a question yet...infact if you listen further you will hear me ask "So what should we do" and my partner Tricia say "Lets ask a question" and so forth. It gave us incentive to go back and get more.

While we were driving back down the road I noticed what I had been noticing all night. My phone was acting strangely. I have one of those slightly annoying but neat batteries with the bright lights on the back of it. These lights go off only every 30 minutes or so on their own, or when I am recieving a text message and or phone call. What I found odd and what happens while we are on patterson is my phone goes CRAZY! It lights up every 5 seconds or so. At one point I recall having just parked the car and turning the lights off and my eyes had yet to adjust when the phone starts going off again. Well the blinking of the phone usually lasts for about oh...15 to 30 seconds and then stops. Well the phone had just begun blinking when I yelled..."God D*** it! STOP IT! I CAN'T SEE!" upon that it just up and stops not even 3 seconds into blinking. With that I quickly apoligized for yelling. We recorded some more that night and got another unexpected response. Mind you this whole time there were no males in the car with us at all! When we played it back later we found what sounds to be a different voice saying "What are you Doing" or "I'm Stewie (and or Stewart)". (This was recorded on Bear Creek Bridge.

Excited we truely didn't think anyone would believe us at all. I think I should everyone that day at work. This also prompted Tricia and I to buy an actual recorder. We went out there again with our friend Sarah, this time it was between the hours of 2:30 am and 4 am and again this was only girls in the car. Due to the previous sad ora of the last trip we decided to take flowers to show respect for them. We placed a bouqet at each bridge of yellow roses. Then we quickly got in the car and started to record. We had a bounty of questions and things to say. We took a total of 3 recordings that night. What was weird is the feeling of sadness, and danger wasn't there this time. Nothing was tapping on the car and or walking around the car. I noted the time difference too and made a joke about how it must be past there bed time.

However we didn't come out as empty handed as we thought. When we got back to fox and hound we listened only to find 2 distinct recordings. The first one was in a man's voice in a slightly agitated tone stating..."WE'RE DEAD!" And the second and clear as day was a surprisingly a womans voice (that or a very soft man's voice) saying "PLEASE HELP".

This was the second time they have asked for help. HELP FROM WHAT THOUGH!! I am so lost. I want to know more about what happened there. But I can't seem to find anything on the place. However our experiences haven't stopped with this place.

My boyfriend recently came into town from College Station and we decided to take a trip there during the day. We drove around some and then took a little hiking trip and explored the woods that had been so dark and sinister to me during the day were now just trees.

As we were walking the nature trail we found a bridge, and eventually came upon a cottonmouth snake! Always a great thing... But mostly I was looking for a graveyard that is said to be hidden away back somewhere in the reservoir and I wanted to find it. I was trying to figure out why are these spirits so restless??? What war are the soldiers from??? WHY DO THEY NEED HELP??? How old is this place??? Evidently the graveyard that is there was once part of a church that was moved to another location, however they chose to leave the bodies behind. I wanna know why?? I mean personally I would be a little pissed off too!! We never found the graveyard but like I said I have not forgotten it either. I plan on getting in touch with the local park rangers and seeking out! I want to know who what when where why and how about this place!

I have heard rumors of it being a place where indians once lived and that troops during the civil war era were marching through and there was a large masacre. However was it the soldiers that killed them, or vice versa? I have heard that much of the town was wiped out by the same hurricane that kills thousands in galveston in the early 1900's. Could that be why? I have heard that there used to be lots of flooding there and people died from that and diseases. All relatively plausable, but all rumors none the same. Its quite the puzzle.

So on the same day that I took my boyfriend during the day I told him I wanted to show him the place at night. So we went and like many times before they let me know they were there, as my phone was going nuts. I decided I should start recording. We sat there for about oh 15 minutes before Brad said that he could feel a real sadness here and that he wanted to leave. So we did. We got back to where I had dropped off my car and we were listening to the recording when we hear in a very raspy angry voice..."DAMN HIM"....Okay did I mention that everytime we go out there that it gets more and more and more sinister. I have asked many times if it wants us to leave than tell us, or show us a sign, light up the phone, something. But nothing happens. Upon further thought, I am thinking that maybe this is a combination of ghosts. I mean when you are out there and you get that feeling of being watched its not just like a little creepy. ITS REALLY CREEPY! Its extreme! And its all around you! So like I was saying I get the feeling that there is more than one type of spirit there, sad spirits, angry spirits, lost souls, etc. Its all a blurr of feelings and emotions that have sometimes brought us to tears not because you are scared but because the ora of the place is so intense and forcefull on you.

Days after being there my boyfriend randomly calls me one day, pleading with me never to go back with out a lot of people in the car. I mean I never go by myself but he said even just one or two other people with me was not enough! He then explained that he had been having a repetitive nightmare. One in which me and him were in the car and we got mugged another I believe was me and tricia and we get mugged. And the other was really odd. And makes me wonder if this is our sign. Either to stay away, and my boyfriend is psychic, or what they need help with. The last one he said it was like he was up in a tree looking down at what was happening. A Car was parked on the bridge and from either side of the road two men run at the car. They pulled the people out of it, and he can't remember whether it was 2 -3 people in the car. But needless to say they pulled the people from the car and stole their money and murdered them. He said he didn't recognize the people, or the car itself. Not even the make of the car. Needless to say I stocked up on mase and will only go out there with lots of people. The dream was repetitive, he remembers the details...and maybe thats why they are asking for help. WHO KNOWS....

The most recent but not the last time we were out there it was me tricia and brian. This is where it got really intense for one of us. Brian parks the car on the bridge and gets out and says LaLo come drive. Confused I asked why, and he simply replied I want to try something. So I got behind the wheel and did what he asked, and then he said..."Now leave me" "YOUR FREAKING CRAZY!!" But crazy or not he was serious and sent us away. So I left him...I decided I would loop around the road and come back the opposite way.Within 2 minutes or so Brian called us VERY VERY UPSET telling us to come get him now! We drove back and he rushed to get in the car. Whats wrong...I asked but he told me just go just go...please. So I drove a little further up the road and parked. When I turned on the light...I saw tears going down his face. He was shaking and he was cold. He described everything that had happened. We sat there talking amounst our selves for a while until he calmed down. He said that it was just so intense, and sad. But so angry too. He said it was like he could move at all, like something was preventing him from moving away from the bridge. He said that as soon as we left a big gust of wind came out of no where, and it just kept getting colder and colder. He told us that even though he is not a professional at this stuff he swears there is more than one spirit here to create such a restless feeling. 30 minutes later he wanted to do it again. CRAZY ASS!!! This time I handed him my phone to record stuff. And once again we left. This time was a whole lot scarier and this will also be posted on here asap. Until then here is the gist. We had barely left the road when he called. Telling us to get the f*** back there. I sped this time tricia said he was crying again and said that he was walking towards us away from the bridge and to get there NOW! He this time jumped in the car and we sped off. What he got on the recording was nothing short of REALLY F***ING WEIRD! While he was out there he asked questions, and described every feeling. The wind was blowing pretty heavy and you can hear that on the recording. When amist it you hear the sound of a woman SCREAMING! He said the trees were shaking violently and the screaming and shortly after he was walking away from the bridge and calling us. He again was in tears, and seriously this is not the type of guy to cry. I would not have expected that. I mean seriously I thought he was getting out of the car and was going to hide and try to scare us. He is just that type of guy. But I was wrong, and the look on his face told me everything. Again when all this happened it was between 12:30am and 3 am...We actually got out of the car with him after 3am and it seemed so peaceful he said, even the darkness of the road had seemed to lighten. It was like the time between 12 am and 3 am had something to do with it.

That was the last time we have been there...Not to say we won't go again. However you won't find me on the side of the road being left behind...HELL NO! But I warn anyone who tries this that I agree with people who say these spirits are restless!! I can't tell if it wants help or wants to hurt anyone who is out there! I just don't know anymore. And until I can find out what happened out there I can't really say who or what is there. However I can say this...I heed my boyfriends dreams and will never go alone, and just FYI there are a lot of wild life out there so becareful. This is one of those...At Your Own Risk things....I really can't say much more. Other than I will be keeping everyone posted.

Later and HAPPY HUNTING...