Ghost Stories

Her father-back from the dead?

Hey you guys! I'm new here and just wanted any thoughts you had on this occurence that happened at my friends house.

I'm very close to my best friend, Jennifer(I may call her Jen at times.Its a nickname.) I do EVERYTHING with Jen, even though we've only known each other for about 2 or 3 years. We act as though we're twin sisters or something! In October of 2005 her father passed away, he commited sucide.
Last weekend I was at her house from Friday untill Sunday. On Friday, her younger cousin Ali(13 years old)was also there. Nobody but Ali,Jen,and me were home,other than the cat and 2 dogs! lol. All afternoon her bedroom door had been opening by itself and we just assumed it was her dogs or cat, so took them all outside, so we wouldn't have to worry about the door opening all the time.

Jen's father shot himself, outside of her bedroom window October 31, 2005. Jen's parnets were divorced and her father lived with his girlfriend in the house that Jen lives in now. Even though Jen and her little sister didn't live with their dad or his girlfriend(Alice)they did each have their own bedroom.Jen's father and Alice were always getting in heated agruments, both getting mad at each other ALL the time.They'd yell at each other and slam doors a LOT!!(I should know!).

About five or ten minutes after we had let the pets outside Jen's bedroom door opened by itself again. It just slowly creaked open,like the door had been cracked open and someone was in the hall pushing the door open slowly. Only no one was there. Ali jumped up and closed the door,none of us really thinking about it. All of a sudden, as soon as Ali had sat back down on the bed with me, a doot slammed on the other side of the house and a few seconds later Jen's bedroom door creaked open and then slammed shut! All of us freaked out,and sat on the bed with each other, freaking! About two or three minutes later, it happened again. That was it for us! We all got up and went outside, walking up to Ali's house, which is about a three or four minute walk up the road from Jen's house.

I went back to Jen's house that night, Ali staying home, and nothing eventful happend untill late. It was about one or two in the morning and me and Jen were laying in our beds(she has a daybed that has a pullout bed for me to sleep on when I'm over)watching The Notebook. Haylie( Jen's 14 year old sister)was in the living room on the computer and Jen's mom and step-dad were in their bedroom on the other side of the house asleep. The dogs were on our beds sleeping and the cat outside still. Jen's door slowly creaked open. We both just brushed it off as a breeze or something and I got up, closing the door. About 30 minutes later, just as we we're getting ready to climb into bed, we heard her the doorknob to Jen's door making noises, like someone was turning it over and over again,but couldn't get in the room. Then the door just opened up. We both started to scream and ran into the living room,to find EVERYBODY in the house asleep. We returned to her room, a little freaked but not really, and got back into bed. This happened two more times and we finally put a basket of unfolded clothes up agaisnt the door, and nothing else happened.

The next night, Ali spent the night with us and it must have been around 10 PM. Ali and I were sitting on the bed,talking while I curled Ali's hair. Jen was at the computer desk, playing on the computer in her room. All of a sudden, the power just cut. TEVERYTHING went off! We didn't freak out or nothing, since Ali's two younger brothers who were 7 and 9 were also here and we figured they were just playing a joke on us. The house was quite, expect for talking in the living room, which we took as the boys laughing about the mean joke they had played on us. Then out of no where,there was a loud noise outside of Jen's window,it sounded like a gun. We all jumped up and ran down the hall,into the living room, to find the boys on the couch watching TV,and Jen's mom sitting in the chair reading from her magazine. Jen's step-dad was in the kitchen cooking something to eat and Haylie was in her room,listening to the radio. Jen's mom asked us what was wrong and we told her. Everybody clamied that the lights hadn't been turned off and that none of them had heard anything. Wanting to find out what the noise was, all of us girls, along with Haylie,went outside to Jen's bedroom window. Nothing was to be seen,but in one area it was freezing cold,while every where else it was warm. The spot it was freezing in happened to be the exact spot that Jen's father's body was found after he shot himself.

Jen and Haylie both have also told me many times they think they'll look up and see their father standing in the doorway watching them. Also while I'm over at Jen's house(which is almost every weekend)we'll be sitting around the computer in Jen's room and we can smell the stronge scent of cigars,which is what her father smoked alot. Also, it can be 95 degrees,but its ALWAYS freezing outside of Jen's bedroom window and in certin places like Jen's mom's room,which was Jen's father's room before he passed away.

I believe that Jen's father is still lurking around the house.I dont think he is TRYING to scare us or hurt us,I just think he wants to be there.To let Haylie and Jen know that he still cares,since he never got to tell them good-bye and that he loved them.