Ghost Stories

Here We Go Again...

Hello fellow ghost-hunters.

I'm sure you all remember my posts about trying to capture images using a camera at Salamonie State Forest and Okie Pinokie. I'm sure you all remember that the first two attempts were unsuccessful because the camera shut off or the film was blank or in the attempt the camera disappeared. This made me even more determined to go back and try to photograph whatever was in the woods in these two locations. I told my 19 year old sister, Tiffany, about the camera disappearing and she wanted to go and try to take pictures as well. I didn't tell her anything about the total silence or the sinister feelings or anything else so I could see what her true feelings were for these places.

We reached Okie Pinokie shortly after 7 pm. The first thing we noticed is the further you drove back into the woods and the closer you got to the circle the colder and darker it got. We've experienced a few 50 degree days and all the snow from the surrounding areas have melted but it was still present in patches that seemed to correspond with the cold spots we felt. We parked the van in the circle which is sort of a clearing where you can look up and see the sky. The sky wasn't totally dark yet but back here there was no light. There was also no sound. As I've mentioned before there is a river that runs through here and you cannot hear it until you walk practically on top of it. Those who live by or have camped by a river know that when it is flowing over rocks and rushing from run-off from meltage and rain you can hear it a few feet away. Also as before we noticed that only certain trees were moving but there was no sound from branches as would be expected. Josh, my boyfriend who drove the van, jumped out and started snapping pictures of various areas. He commented that the closer you got to this certain spot the colder you felt. I was talking to Tiffany and trying to see if she felt anything, so I hadn't gotten out of the van yet. She became aggitated and told me to lock all the doors and said she wasn't getting out. I looked over in the direction of where Josh had just finished taking pictures and saw something that looked like eyes glowing in the darkness illuminated by the headlights. When Josh went over he couldn't find anything to explain this. I looked off into the woods and saw a dark shadow of a figure moving. I rolled the window down to take a picture and Josh came back to the van and turned it off and turned the lights off. The silence surrounded us. I looked back to where the shadow figure was and it seemed to be a huge black mist creeping closer to the car. I told Josh to get in and roll up the windows but he had a hard time getting the keys out of his pocket. Finally he started the van and we got the window to roll up. We decided it was time to leave so we started to drive out. We were driving and my sister said "Did you guys see that?" But we didn't have to ask what she was talking about because we all saw it. I black shadow ran in front of our car. It wasn't human or a animal because you could make out no details even though it was a few inches from the front of the van. We would have also hit it if it were solid and we hit nothing. Josh started to drive a little faster to get out quicker. The trees seemed to close in behind us as we drove out. It took us a short time to get out and it got lighter and warmer the further we got from the circle and clearing.

When we reached the Salamonie State Forest we discovered a cluster of stone pilars we had never noticed before. The temperature dropped instantly as we drove in to the woods on the road. The moonlight and stars seemed to fade as we drove through. I noticed a set of stone stairs leading up a hill that I had also never noticed. They seemed sinsiter in some way and there was a mist at the top of them. I didn't point them out at the time because I wanted to see if they noticed them on the way out. We drove on and in the woods you could see shapes moving that were too big to be animals to be to small to be humans. We drove to a parking area for a picnic shelter that mysteriously burnt down and parked. We got out and started taking some random pictures of the area. There were cold spots and spots that felt as if they were charged with energy. At one point my sister and I were standing beside the van taking pictures of the area behind the van, which was the coldest area. We heard footsteps rushing towards us and then felt as if something was standing very close to us. We snapped some pictures and then got back in the van. As we drove out Josh saw the stairs that I mentioned before again only this time everyone saw them instead of just me and I told them they weren't getting out and climbing them because I felt they weren't safe. We drove out of the forest and it was instantly warmer and lighter outside.

We came home with all three cameras this time. We're going to get them developed and hopefully there will be something on the film for me to post here to share with ya'll.

Take Care,