Ghost Stories

He's back......

Hahaha Okay I know cheesey title right? I had some pretty frightening occurences over the past week and I thought I'd share with you. Some of you may or may not have read about "our man" the shadowperson that resides in my house and my frightening experiences with him but to make a long story short he scared the heck out of me and my fiance and then we got some help with a cleansing and although he's never truly left our home he's become a lot less ummm... lets say hostile. My story is posted here so feel free to check it out if you havent already. But unforuntely it seems that our impending move has stirred up some resentment from "our man".

Let me say this to begin with, I'm no expert when it comes to any of this, and I dont know if what we have is truly a shadowperson or not, I use to be, because he always seemed to just be a watcher and althougth he scared the bejesus out of me and my beloved little Herbie (my dog), as told in my previous posts, hes never shown any um shall I say destructive tendencies. But recently the cleansings that I perform in the house dont seem to do as much as they use to. Our house recently sold and our last day here will be Oct. 24. My mother in law is moving into a beautiful retirement village with her sister so she can keep up her active lifestyle and my fiance and I just purchased a lovely new home (we opted for new construction hoping that since no one's lived there before us we can avoid the trouble we have now.) Keep your fingers crossed for me. :) So let me to get to the point, we're basically living out of boxes right now with just the bare necessities left out until we're ready to move completely out. My mother in law isnt keeping much as her new house is coming completely furnished so she decided to take a vacation with her sisters to Cape May, NJ for 5 days before the big move. This left just Dan, myself and our little Herbie here for the past week or so and we've been pretty busy. I've cut back on my schedule a bit with work so I can get everything organized (moving 3 people to 2 different locations is a hassle to say the least)
Well as I said we still seen "our man" after the cleansings but he kept his distance and stopped torturing myself and Herbie, but over the past month or so he's become a bit more resistent to the cleansing and has showed up a bit more and this week everything came to a head. And its my opinion that this is because we're leaving. I dont know, Im more confused by this than I ever was. WE did not tell the buyers of our house about our experiences, think of us what you will, but we just want to move on, and they made a great offer to my mother in law, we couldnt risk her losing the buyers.
This past Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in the living room talking to my mom on the phone about everything (mindless stuff really can you babysit my dog the day we move in, what color should I paint the downstairs bathroom yada yada yada) when all of a sudden I heard three loud pop pop pops. "Mom let me call you back." Theres not much fear in me anymore after living through everything here so I got up and started to search the house thinking in the back of my mind that maybe something fell out of one of the boxes. Well imagine my reaction when I walk into our bedroom to find that all three of the lamps are on the floor about 3 feet from where each of them should be and the lightbulbs are shattered ALL OVER MY BED. Okay so you understand theres a lamp on either side of my bed on a side table and one floor lamp next to my dresser. The windows are closed because the airs on, and my dog is outside on the deck watching the neighborhood kids get off the bus, so it wasnt him or the wind. Plus the lamps are on the floor but theres glass from the lightbulbs all over my bed. I swear to god, this was pretty scary compared to what we had dealt with before. So I decided I would rather continue my conversation with my mom in person so me and Herbie took a ride. (He really does love riding in the car). I cant explain this, Im not going to try, believe me or not, it doesnt really matter, this is why I want out of this house. There is no explanation for what happened, I left it all there until Dan got home and told him excatly what I did when I heard it. He was at a loss, so we vacummed up the mess and packed one of the lamps up and put new bulbs in the other two and continued our daily routine.

Everthing was fine until yesterday (Friday) I worked a 12 hour shift Wedensday and Thursday at the country club I work at because the other restaurant manager had a family emergency so I slept late Friday morning and woke up to find Dan had decided to work a half a day so that we could spend some quality time together ( he really is that sweet ) plus with everything happening we havent had much time to just be together lately. So we did some chores around the house and decided to take a look at some furniture stores online catalog, so here we both were sitting at the computer looking at the furniture websites, me talking about paint colors, him telling me whatever you want hun, I just want to make sure the couch is comfortable. So we finally found one we both liked and decided to go to the furniture store to see it in person and "see if its comfy". Well I get up and finish getting dressed and he heads to take Herbie outside about 10 minutes pass when Dan walks in the bedroom asking me, did you hear that? I hadnt heard anything as I was in the bedroom drying my hair. ( I do it the bedroom because the bathroom gets entirely too hot when I dry my hair) So about 3 minutes later he comes walking in the bedroom and says babe, you have to come see this. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS HOUSE. Well I got up and followed him towards our bathroom anyway. About a million things running through my head, (picture all the those scary movies youve seen and you'll know what Im talking about, blood coming out of the faucet, attacking pink blob in bath tub, LOL sorry I love Ghostbusters.) But he pushes the bathroom door open and our bathroom mirror is cracked up the middle about 15 inches long. But wait it gets better, when Dan first heard the noise he was in the living room and it was very loud he tells me and he wasnt sure where it came from so he checked his moms room first thinking maybe a kid threw something at the house, so I follow him into her room where her bathroom mirror is also cracked right up the center. Yep I dont want to live here anymore I told him. I grabbed Herbie and my sunglasses and waited in the car. I cant describe how I feel anymore, you guys. Dan tries to make light of the situation but its not fun anymore. We cant explain it, I was in the bedroom, he was in the living room when he heard it and checked his moms room first because thats where he thought he heard it, once he seen her mirror he came to tell me and as he was walking down the hallway to our room he noticed that our bathroom door was open and when he went to close it is when he seen that our mirror was broken also. Now if you hadnt read my previous post this is key detail in my story, we keep all the doors in our house closed. Especially our bathroom door. One because of previous experiences in the house that I will not rehash, but two because our dog Herbie is a chihuahua, he is very small and like most dogs will try to drink out of the toilet, and could very easily hurt himself if he tried because of his size. Dan was told this by the adoption shelter he got him from because they had warned that he could fall in and drowned himself because he's so small. Its reflex now for us to close doors behind us, so I dont know anymore. We spent the rest of the afternoon out of the house Friday. Furniture shopping took my mind off of everything for awhile, I got a great deal on everything I need for my living room so it made me happy, but then we had to come back home so it was short lived. Plus we had to go out and buy new bathroom mirrors which sucked, although not that expensive to replace them its just a slap in the face to have to do it, plus now Dan doenst want to put them in until we're almost out because hes afraid it will happen again.
I have plans to clease the house again soon, my energy is just too sapped to do it, I worked another long shift today 11am - 11pm, (I'm a restaurant manager at a popular country club so the chances of me leaving at 8pm like I'm suppose to are slim on a good day and today was not a good day). I did contact my aunt she was the one who did the first cleansing and then taught me how to, so I'm just waiting to hear from her to see if there is something more I can do. I dont know what it is anymore. Im too tired to care, I just want out of here and the 24th cant come soon enough as far as I'm concerned. I thought I'd share with all of you because its an outlet and theres not many people in my everyday life other Dan and a few family members who wouldnt look at me like I'm crazy. Dan is planning to put his moms bathroom mirror in before she gets back (she decided to stay until Tuesday) so we can avoid any akward questions, (its never bothered her so we thought it was best to keep her out of the loop) Any advice or opinions are appreciated, I'm at a loss anymore to explain my situation and I cant think of a better group of people to ask. You can always PM me, I'm on here as often as possible and the computer isnt being packed until the day before we move out and we shouldnt be offline very long seeing as the cable company is suppose to have eveything set up for move in day at the new house, but if thats a problem I always have my lap top. Wish me luck as I try to get the hell of here, as I said I appreciate any advice, and will try to answer any questions you may have.


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