Ghost Stories

Hot Rod Haven - Louisville, Kentucky


This past weekend I traveled down to the Southern Indiana area to go to Thunder Over Louisville, which is the first event in the Kentucky Derby Festival. After everything was done on Saturday night we decided to check out some local hauntings.

First I'd like to give you some brief background on the site that we traveled to. This information is a combination of research done on the site and friends who have lived in this area.

Louisville - Hot Rod Haven (Mitchell Hill Road)

This road is located directly off Mt. Holley Road. At the top of the road is a cemetery in which a girl is buried. Legend has it that this girl was on her way to prom when her and her boyfriend crashed at the bottom of the hill and died. Many say that they have seen her on top of the hill by the cemetery in her prom dress. - taken from

This is a winding, treacherous, and dimly lit road. A few urban legends also exist about this area as well. One urban legend says that local teens and young adults used to drag race this road at night with their lights off. They would start the night by visiting the cemetery, where they would touch a statue of Mary. If her hands were cold then they would die that night. Another legend says if you're driving along this road at night and come across a car that has its lights off, if you flash your lights at it, it will mysteriously appear behind you and follow you out of the area or in some cases try to force you off the road.

Our group consisted of one friend from the area, one friend from Northern Indiana, Original, and I. We entered the cemetery at approximately 1 a.m. Louisville time. I noticed several things upon entering the cemetery. The first was the areas of cold air. It was in the mid 60s and quite nice outside yet in some areas it was very cold. The next thing I became award of was the wind. It picked up considerably in areas and hadn't been blowing prior to our visit and stopped when we left. I heard the sounds of engines be reved up and then dying down a few times but could never figure out where it was coming from. Strange noises could also be heard.

Original tried several times to take a picture of a cross but had problems with his digital camera's display screen turning off and on. We were heading out of the cemetery back towards the van when something caught my friend's attention. I was facing the opposite direction and felt a blast of cold air from her direction so I turned around just in time to see her fall. She was standing on level ground and took a step and fell. She stated that it felt like something had pushed her forcefully and she fell hard. She wasn't able to catch her balance. I took a step in her direction and then felt a blast of cold air and it felt as if something punched me in the middle of my stomach.

After helping her up we decided it was time to get out of the cemetery. The rest of our trip was uneventful except for the occasional shadow going across the road. We took a few pictures of the area where she fell and the tree beside the path. We came up with some very large and prominent orbs. The pictures are on Original's laptop and we'll get them posted as soon as he gets his internet service back.

Does anyone else live in the Louisville, Kentucky area, and if so, do you have experiences with this area that you would like to share?

Take Care,