Ghost Stories

Hour Of The Centaur

(All of these encounters were broadcasted on the towns radio station, luckily I had my tape recorder handy so I could share with all of you! These were kept secret by the TOPD but they decided to release them to the public as scary stories for campfires. These are the ones were the encountees gave the 'go ahead', the others were either terminated or kept on police records. Don't worry folkes, it's perfectly ok for me to post these, I checked myself.)
May 1997: After a waila festival an old man was walking back to town, he was just getting to the hill to where he could finally see the lit houses. While walking he heard the sound of hooves behind him, he turned around but there was nothing there. He figured it was roaming cattle near by, and kept on walking. Then heard a sinister chuckle from the bushes just a few feet away, looking in the direction he saw the beast appear and whisper the mans name. As the devil got closer the man found his strength and ran for the hill summit. Going to a house with lit windows he banged on the door. He was safe, but that wasn't the last people would hear of the beast.

October 1999: Three teenage girls were heading back from an early morning walk 1/2 a mile from the hill. The same sounds of hooves could be heard from behind them, only they didn't look back. Instead they ran for town and could hear the clippity clop of hooves closely behind them and after a long while all fell silent. Looking back they saw a large figure hop into the trees, none of them could speak for hours.

December 1999: A man and his son were gathering wood for the winter, thier truck parked about 40 feet from the road. As they finished loading they get in the truck and start to drive away. Only seconds later they felt something heavy jump into the back, the son turned around and saw a figure of a mans torso but had the body of a horse. It paced around and around as if it were dancing to an unheard tune. As they reached the top of the hill it finally jumped out and vanished into the night. When unloading thier wood they found strands of short hair all over the back of the truck.

June 2003: A rancher was out for a ride on his horse when he decided to rest under a tree by the road. After drinking a bit of cool water his eyes started to wander. They soon caught sight of a shadowy area of rocks, and one part seemed to go into the ground. Tying his horse to a tree branch he headed toward the place with curiosity. Upon arriving he saw the hole went down into the ground at an angle and continued on. It was large enough to walk into if he bent down so he took out a pin light and moved on in. He could see hoof tracks all over, it was weird because the hole wasn't big enough for a horse to fit into but somehow there were many tracks. Moving on he ventured in and he could smell the scent of rotting flesh. Just a little bit further he caught sight of a dead Koji(wild pig), which looked like it had been stomped on and then skinned. He looked to see if there were mountian lion or bobcat tracks, but there were none. Only the tracks of 'The Devil'. He ran out of there as quickly as possible and rode back home. Which was in the [i]opposite[/i] direction of the hill. Later that night he heard his dogs barking, and outside he looked around and checked on his cattle and horse. All was fine, untill he turned to walk back to the house. In the bushes about 20 feet away it spoke: "Hey! Hey you! What's your name?" The man did not answer but ran inside and locked the doors. Going to his room and seeing his wife sound asleep he felt a little safe. But then he heard the sounds of hooves comming toward the window, again it spoke:"Hey you! Come out here, I want to show you something!" And it went on and on untill morning, hoof prints were found outside his window. He mentioned the small cave the next day but they found nothing. But the beast still roamed the desert.

March 2005: A bus taking study hall students home was getting close to the hill when two large animals bigger than a horse jumped out of the trees and crossed the road quicker than a roadrunner. And that's the last anyone has seen of it, but people walking into town or out can now hear two sets of hooves, during The Midnight Hour Of The "Centaurs"!