Ghost Stories

House, Ghost, or Spirit?

Now that I have read a number of stories from all of you, I feel obliged to tell one of my own. Here it goes...

Setting: My friend's house situated in a secluded Californian canyon. You can hear coyotes at night. House was built personally by the family (his father made a career out of building houses). Mostly wooden, smaller and a lot of windows. Has a habit of settling at night.

A lot of strange things have happened in this house. I always had a funny feeling, like I was being watched, whenever I visited his parents with him. (We were both in university at the time) I could see things in my peripheral vision. When he finally told me some of the weird occurences, I felt my skin crawl.

All the family members have reported experiencing different things. For example, one sibling awoke and could not move. His grandmother was talking to a neighbor about a deceased relative and all of the family pictures along the staircase fell off of the wall. Many of the family have reported seeing him the night he died. When remodeling the house, dead animals kept popping up in the basement.

I was up late one night doing laundry. We would occassionally spend the night out there and I would bring my clothes, being the starving student I was. Everyone was asleep and the house was eerily quiet. My friend was sleeping in a room within plain view of the washer and dryer. I began to sense something else was there besides the two of us (his parents were out of town). I had experienced this before, but this time I grew angry. I was tired, had to do the wash and all I wanted was bed. Not some weird entity that wouldn't even show itself. I would hear a noise (like a creak or the sound of something dropping) and I would go into the room where the noise originated. Then another noise would sound in another room. I kept this up for a good 10 minutes. I wanted to see what this thing was and why it wouldn't show itself to me. All of sudden my friend sat up in bed and said my name and that he loved me! He was completely asleep and didn't remember it the next morning when I told my tale. I interpreted this as such. My friend was concerned about me doing what I was doing, basically tempting a ghost. He shouted at to stop me. Which I did.

Another night the same situation. He was sleeping and I was grabbing a bite to eat (I am a nightowl). Usually I didn't wander around the house at night, but I had his 2 dogs with me so I felt safer. There was a storm outside and I was reading a book. All of sudded, there was a gust of wind, both dogs looked toward a wall of almost nothing but windows and they bolted out of the room! Believe me, I ran out of there too!

Almost done. 2 years ago, his parents decided to retire and sell the house. They had some major work to do and again dead animals started popping up around the house. They used to have a cat, so the earlier carcasses were explained. But the cat had already passed away. My friend was taking care of the house while his parents were away and one night he called me. He said, "Light a candle for me, would you?" He said that he was freaked out. Cabinets were opening all by themselves and there were cold spots all around the house. Particulary in the separate room above the garage. They kept the dogs in there (they had just refinished the hardwood floors) and they would just start barking for no reason. So I lit a candle and said a prayer. A few days later, he found the german shepard dead in the room. He then buried his dog. The other dog was barking and barking. He wouldn't go back into that room and bit my friend when he started to go back in.

So they sold the house and end of story. But, what does anyone know what this thing might have been? Was it the deceased relative? From what I heard he died a young death, but was always a loving soul. No one has seen him since the night he died. Was it the house? I believe that certain dwellings after a while take on a life of their own. Or was it a spirit of the forest? Who knows?