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How do I get my daughter to sleep in her rm UPDATE

I am starting to go bonkers here!. I know some stuff has happened in our trailer and more since I let stupid Oujia board stay in my building until it was cleasned. I know there was a spirit here for sometime, we all think it was a buriel ground years ago. What ever was here then has never ment any harm in any way, just some silly stuff, like when the girls were younger they would be doing something and feel a tap on them lightly. Daren My B/F has felt a presence here ever since we moved in adn in two of our rooms. One day he was home alone, looking for something in my oldest daughter's room when she still lived here. He heard a woman's voice and got out of that room fast thinking I was home and would accuse him of snooping, when he came out no one was home. This was stuff all before the Oujia board. Also Daren has felt uncomfortable in our bedroom, our bathroom is in there and in the area where the bathroom is straight across into our bedroom towards the window he feels something strange. Sort of like he is being watched.

About a month or so ago my daughter age 16 was awoken to her kitten freaking out, jumping from her bed to the wall as if he was chasing something, he also would growl on and off. She didn't dare leave her room so she called me on my cell phone in my room and told me this and asked if I'd come out and sleep with her in the living room and I did.

The next night she went back to her bedroom and all was well for a few night's, then she woke up sometime after 1:00AM, she laid there trying to get back to sleep and then she heard a banging under her bed adn she could feel the banging and said it was very loud and hard enough to shake her bed very bad. It's been about 3 week's now that she has refused to sleep in her room.

Yes a few other things have happened here since but not serious, I feel nothing, no presence, sometime's if something happens my mind make's me think I feel something but that is it other than my daughter's toilet flushing on it's own when I was here alone. Also the plumbing in her bathroom is all tied into one sink, shower, toilet. When the shower is turned on we get a sulfer smell, it only come's from the shower. We have also smelt in her the smell of burning rubber?? not sure what that represent's if anything but no rubber was burning.

One night I woke up, went to the bathroom ( that's were we smoke ). As I waled into the bathroom all I can remember seeing is something on my floor between the bathroom and the wall where the window is, right where Daren feels the presence. I saw something red and black that looked like a plaid shirt. I bew it off thinking I was not awake yet. Turned on the bathroom light, smoke a whole ciggarette slow so I could be posotive it it was there when I got out I'd know I was awake. When I came out it was still there as if it were a man on his knee's back too me, all I could see was the shirt. When I turned towards my bed I saw what looked as if there was a woman standing on Daren's side of the bed near his feet, I saw a white gown on her but it appeared to be dirty, I could not see a face but assumed by the shape of the body and gown it was female. I blew ot all off, was not at all scared, got back into bed, closed my eye's and was sound asleep. I have no answere's for what I saw,maybe it was something and maybe I was dreaming, I'll never know.

I spent some time in my daughter's room yesterday getting it cleaned up and her laundry folded in hope's she'd go back to try it again. She agreed but stated if anything happened it would be our fault for making her sleep in I woke up after midnight and my daughter was back on the couch sleeping. I asked what happened, she said she couldn't sleep, she woke up about every 5 minutes and didn't feel as if she was getting a deep sleep.

We have Direc TV. it's on all of our TV's and a seperate box for each TV. Before everything started acting up in room , her T.V she believed to be dying because it kept shutting off and she likes it on all night. She'd wake up and her room would be pitch black, she'd turn on her TV adn go back to sleep only to awake with it off again. We decided to buy a new T.V for her thinking it was the T.V. The same thing happened, we really never thought anything of it until now as I write this.

I told my daughter I'd get some sea salt put it in the corners of her bedroom and infront of her door, open her window so if there was a spirit in there it would leave out her window. I have not done this because I was not thinking about the 6 ,5 1/2 week old kittens that are getting all around, I don't want them to get into it, ( the sea salt ). I could burn sage but don't feel it's strong enough to ease her mind, dose anyone have any ideas???. I"m not going to make her sleep in there until I myself have slept in there a few nights to see if anything happens, but for now what I cn I do to ease her mind so she feels it's gone????.

Very good idea Vampires Fury, Thanks very much. I have been told by a Phycic friend that there are several here and she can pick strongly on one who she believe's to be named Jake, she said he was a mean person in life and he's a mean spirit now. However she said he hide's alot but she found him and now I know so he should show him self to me when I ask him which I have. She believe's many of them to be living in my storage building. I was out side last week about 50ft from my building taking pictures Something rather large around but not very long flew right by me about my shoulder's height, I felt no breeze as it flew by me, the funny thing is, it did not go into my building, it wen't in a downward direction behind my oil tank and under my trailer. This thing was black and I am surprised as fast as it flew I was able to get some discription of it. More has happened but that was rather freaky, kind of neat to see but still freaky.

I believe I do have some in by building but I think I have at least one if not more under my trailer.

I think I have so many here I couldn't cleanse them all lol. I had a 7 year old boy over the other day to come see if he could take my dog for a walk. as he stood waiting he said "Hey!What is tapping on my foot?".
I wen't out and said "Something is tapping on your foot?". He replied , " yes!" then told me how it was now going from foot to foot instead of just one foot, then it tapped on his ankle, he also felt it under his feet. He summed it to it being the zipper on his old pant's. I left it at that. the funny thing is, he's worn these pant's several time's and it's never happened before he said but then he replied maybe their just getting old.

I have a new and much better Paranormal team coming to my trailer on the 27th of this month, better than the one's I found for my best friends house that was haunted, now wonder her home is quiet they came here with me and that stupid oujia board. Right now since things have been like this for some time now I will let them be so the paranormal team can pick them up, I need to see for myself that spirit's are really here on their monitor, and maybe they can help me rid them, it will also be very good for my daughter to see this being done and maybe then she will sleep in her room again.

When the toilet can flush on its own, and the middle desk draw open right before my eye's, the sounds of door's being unlocked and opened and closed and the banging on my daughters bed which she stated the sound was not as strong as the feeling, is this normal? or could it be a bad spirit or worse?.[:I]
Yes it has gotten much more active and my daughter still refuses to sleep in her room since the banging on her bed. I'm sure that would have scared me pretty good as well but so far what I have heard and seen has not yet scared me, I think they try but they know I'm not scared of them or it. To me its all facinating.

Yes the dragons blood has been very hard to get [Sigh...] so I have tried other methods and still no luck. I have even tried to get them to show me their presesnce to me and let me know they are there by touching my hair, face, hand, or tapping on a box, I have not felt anything at all I did hear some tapping but I don't think it was from them but a cat as I was in my building due to I believe many of them reside in there. I have even offered them to use some of my energy but nothing the most that happened was the black thing about 3-4ft long flying by my shoulder and dissaperaing behind my oil tank which leads me to believe I have 1 or more under my trailer.

Thank you so much dragonsmist for you help,it is so much appreciated [^]
Thank you Lori, seem's as you know quite a bit about this stuff, I love the idea of the ball which I think I'll try and locate one today. I wish I had been able to find the dragonsblood as dragonsmist mentioned I know that would have made my daughter believe it worked. When I blessed the Trailer I also blessed everyone in here including all my animals and each room saying a prayer in every room and while blessing my daughter and myself and my B/F, I even did out side all around the trailer and in my storage building. I know we believed but despite my daughter allowing me to bless her, and we all drank some Holywater, it did not work for her to go back to her room. I am in hopes that this paranormal crew can make her believe that it's ok to go back as they will burn sage and what ever elce they have.

it's funny how you said your son got phone call from a spirit girl, I got a phone call a few weeks ago which woke my daughter up as she heard them or it leaving the message on the answering machine at exactly 12:35AM, it really scared the you know out of her and she woke me up. That was creepy, it took us awhile to figure out what it said but finally figured out it said my full name and to turn my T.V on, it was an errie sounding voice, sort of like a whisper but not fully, it's hard to describe. The T.V was on in the livingroom where my daughter was but in my bedroom the T.V was off.

I tried to do a call trace as the number came up blocked. when you do a call trace you have to call the police to make a report. I did not want to call from my home phone and my cell phone was off charging in my bedroom. I paid no attention to what time I was going into my bedroom to get the phone but it was after 1:00AM. Before I go my phone I went to the bathroom to have a cigarette, ( it's the only room we smoke in so the fan can suck up the smoke and so my daughter don't have to breath it). After my cigarette I went back to the livingroom with my daughter and cell phone. I turned it on and then it started beeping letting me know I had messages. I listened to them and it was the same person, the first call was 1:12AM and I had no idea what was said, it made no sence to me at all. The second one said something like Sheryl, I'm watching you and I can see you now. Stupid me half asleep, shocked by the calls and a new cell phone ment to save the message's but accidently deleted them. I will never know if it was some one playing a prank which I basically left it at that but it has not stopped bugging me since because the things that were said were things no one knew. I have received one more since then, again it was lot's of sound like banging and smashing things around which I have saved on my cell phone.I put a call block on my phone, if it were a spirit it could pass through any call block right?, so I guess I answered my own question's, it had to have been someone screwing around with me.[:I]
Thank you Black_Moon_Wolf , you have some great ideas there. Has this helped you to feel more comfortable in your room?. I do have a silver cross hanging above her bedroom door, Also above the front door and our bedroom door.

I have asked her to give this a try, what you mentioned, she said she will do it every night after what ever is in her room has The banging scared her so bad. She has asked for new bed, That cast Iron one she would like to get rid of and I don't blame her. Honestly I understand how scared she is, I'd freak out if the banging sound on the bed was not as hard as the feeling of it.

It seem's to be quite quiet here lately, at least over the last week, what ever is here seem's to like playing more when only one person is home. or late after we have all gone to sleep. We have had a week of rain, my B/F has been home more due to he is a carpenter and only has out side work until tomorrow. Amanda spent a few day's home from school due to mild concusion, and for once it was not from cheering practice :D. As for myself I have been working myself to the bones wallpapering my bedroom with my music it has not turned of my stereo unless it like's playing around with my antenna to the stereo lol. Let's just say if anything was happening, which a few strange things have but I can not rule it as a parnormal. I keep misplacing things but that is more due to my thick head forgeting where I sat it.

All I know is my sleep pattern is very strange since I started papering my bedroom but can easily blame that on being worn out and the pain in my back fro the buldging disk. I've had strange dreams such as I am in another room in my home, I am posotive I am fully awake, when I wake from the dream, I really dont remember why I was up in my dream or in a different room. Lot's of strange dreams but I dont seem to remember them fully when I wake up.

You mentioned the sulfa smell. You are the first one to ever point out what it ment , so I looked it up and your right. That smell is still in her bathroom and it dont happen every time her shower is used, or the sink turned on out of 7 day's it may happen 3 day's out of the week if even that. But your 100% right so I have to PM a good friend about it and see what she thinks, she is psychic and so far has been 100% right on every thing she has told me.

I wonder one thing, when all this stuff started at my friends and I brought that Oujia board home for it's owner to pick it up, every thing quited down at Alicia's home a week before the Paranormal crew showed up, the week the crew was coming, thing's got much more active, and the night before they arrived, was wild and got much worse once the crew arrived, it even ripped the EVP recorder out of the owners hand and smashed it up against the wall into pieces, They knew they were facing something then, the owner Bill said " Here we go again!". That Paranormal crew was a big let down as to keeping intouch with us for the next date they were coming back to finish the room, they alway's had an excuse, who know's maybe her apartment scared them away [^]. I was able to find a whole new Paranoraml crew in Maine and they all reside much closer. They will be here on the 27th of this month, Next week end, hum lets see if it picks up next week?.

I will keep you updated. Thanks very much again.[^]
How amazing that is!. So if it was a prank call it was inside my head set?. creepy!!![}:)] Did you ever listen to the phone call on the link I sent you, this one was clear enough to understand but it took a bit to figure out what was being said. The ones on my cell phone had more static, i'll have to go back and listen , hum Daren said there was no static so probably it was a prank call. I did recently receive another one on my cell phone but no one spoke at all and i did save this call. There was no talking but lot's of banging, sounds as if things were being smashed, really strange but so hard listening to it to understand any. The strange thig is about how you said the phone usually starts acting up before, in my case it sarted after. I'd answer thre phone and it sounded like my fax machine was on, so I unplugged the fax machine and it continued to happen but not one ever phone receiver, usually it was on the one I answered.It has not happened this week, I am really wondering if they are gaining their energy to give it to the parqnormal crew when they show up???.

As to any feelings of feeling threatened I do not get that, I really get no feelings at all, maybe once in awhile feeling watched but I alway's ignore it. What ever is here and how many are here, I'm not scared of them, they have tried to scare me, I get surprised but not really scared sometime's a bit startled like when that black looking thing flew fast by me a week or so ago out side, I think it was a shadow person. I still walked up to where it dissapeared and tried to get picture's but nothing. Heck I sat in my computer room a couple weeks ago and the middle desk draw opened on it's own, I just closed it like it was nothing.

I do get strange feelings though as if I am being watched and more so while I am in the Also I feel it much stronger when in my daughter's room and it pitch black and taking pictures, I do get a bit of the threatning feeling but I resist it and continue to take picture's.

I'll check out that web site you sent me tomorrow, I'm pretty beat and not sure I could understand half of it at this moment..[^]
Hello felicialuv, How are you doing?. Well no I don't use the Oujia board, it's all a very long story but it started at my best friends haunted apartment and a friend of ours brought one over one night. Night #1 when it was used everything was ok the teen's were talking to loved one's who had passed on, at least they thought they were talking to loved one's. they used it untill about 4:00 AM when it said it was tired and for them to come back at 9:00PM the following night. The following night my self and our friend Meridith wen't back taking picture's and video's. They were back on the oujia board and still talking to decessed loved one's. Meridith and I started asking it question's but allowed the teen's to use it. It was talking to us as if it were some of our loved one's who had passed away. At 9:00PM the board turned evil, bad enough so it was saying it wanted us to go into a certian room in the apartment, and how it wanted our bodie's. The teen's had tried to close the board for quite awhile and it would not close. The my best friend turned on the light and the plancette went straight to good bye and then off the board.

Meridith is the one who brought the oujia board and she refused to take it home that night and said she'd get it the following day. Since she refused to take it my best friend's mother threw it away in a dumpster that night. The next day Meridith called me upset that it had been thrown away because it belonged to her sister in-law. To make a long story short I retrived the oujia board, put it in my storage building for Meridith to pick up the next day. Needless to say she never came to get it. I had no idea what to do with it but leave it until someone told me to remove the Plancette from the board and seperate the board and plancette. Then to paint the plastic circle in the Plancette black or place a silver coin over it. I was stupid and took out the plastic circle and painted it black, left it out to dry and then put in back in the Plancette, the placed the Plancette in a plastic bag away from the board. By removing that plastic circle it opened up many more portals and things got going at my home.

For now I'm just sitting back waiting for the Paranormal crew to come to my home ,But a different one then was at my friend's house.The one's Alicia's also got rid of the board for me , cleasned it and took it with them.

Now I am wondering why it has been so quiet at my home the past week, it quieted down at Alicia's a week before the paranormal crew came to her home, They the spirit's were calming down at her home for the week to give the paranormal crew and us a good show which they sure did. The Paranormal crew coming to my home is not coming until the 27th so it has quieted to much sooner then it did at Alicia's home. Guess I have to just wait and see now.[:I]
Yes I do believe they come to us for a reason but some I think came due to my stupidity by bringing that Oujia board home which I don't believe was closed properly because everything started getting more active once I brought it home to store in my building for it's righful owner to get it. That is now gone it was cleansed and taken away thank god![^].

I did sleep in my daughter's bedroom last night and I must say I slept very well. LOL nothing happened at all I even left her T.V on all night as she said I needed to. The T.V was on when I wen't back to my room about 5:00AM. It has been very quiet, a few strange things that I really can't blame on paranormal like light bulbs blowing.

Now I am just wondering why it has settled down so much. The Paranormal crew is due here this Saturday night, I'll feel so stupid if nothing happens, unless these spirit's do to me what they did to Alicia, they stayed very quiet until the night the crew arrived then they were much stronger and much more active.

I also know spirit's feed of fear also, I'm not scared of them, they surprise me and sometime's freak me out but I am not scared so they have no fear to gain from me. Amanda my daughter only has fear when in her room going to bed so they could feed off her fears and scare her more but right now I don't think they will bother her, they are staying quiet for some reason. I have been trying to get her to go back to her room to try it again since i blessed it with holy water, she still refuses, she'll say " fine if anything happens to me it's your fault!". So needless to say I have decided to wait for her to see the crew do their thing and then I'm sure she will go back.

I can say she is quite smart, my little bratm she is playing off me now by saying if you buy me a new bed I'll go back to my room, if you wallpaper my bedroom I'll go back and I'll keep it clean. Now she is asking if I will change her bedroom around and clean it for her and she will try it I'll change it around for her, Ill even wall paper it for her and hopefully before this weekend. The bed will have to wait a bit as I just had to come up with $235.00 for her cheering came and she want's more money to take with her [rolls].
LOL smart she is and I wouldn't put it past her to say the ghost messed up her room. I have decided to change around her bedroom for her to give it a different feel, she agreed if I did that she would try it. At this point i have no other choice, the Paranormal crew that was coming tomorrow night can't make it now for up to 7 weeks!. Check out this letter she sent me...

hi unfortunately along with my cold ive ruptured my ear drum which takes 6-8 weeks to heal..i cannot hear out of my right ear so i am temporarily on vacation until my ear specialist says i am healed...if your situation needs immediate attention contact me and i will forward all info to my mentors at the atlantic paranormal society (TAPS) and see if they can send assistance.. again i am sorry but its not safe for me to do anything while sick or with loss of hearing..

So for now I'm waiting it out to see if things start acting up again, until then I'll clean her room and change it around, it's worth it. I told her I can not afford wall paper right now, I spent way to much redoing my bedroom, once she saw it she got that notion to have her's done as well as knocking out wall's to make her room I do have an idea I'll swing by her, I bought some paper for her bathroom but it can be used in her room also, maybe if she agrees i'll paper what wall's I have enough of and paint the walls that I don't have enough wall paper for.[rolls]
UPDATE----- Last night she slept in her room for the first time in over two months!!!!. It has been so quiet here since my sighting of the black thing that passed by my shoulder while I was out side taking picture's.
( actually it didn't pass by my shoulder if flew by it). I don't know what happened or what made them decided to leave. My daughter has heard me several time's telling people how quiet it has been and I think they have left. Amanda told me that if I changed her room around so it would give her a different feel from that night of the bed banging she'd try it.
Well it took me a few day's to get to it but I was determined to yesterday.

It was getting late and she was tired and ready for bed. Her room was complete once I made her bed bed in all washed smelling fresh bedding. She loved her room the way I did it.

I told her again that there is no longer anything here but if she woke and got scared from something I'd leave my cell phone by me and too call me. I never got a call so I am assuming since I missed her this morning by 5 minute's to see how it went, Im sure it was well since she stayed all night!!!:D

Now I am wondering where they decided to go and what made them leave? I am happy for her sake and my sanity [8D]