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How I met Alucard (member here)

I noticed that I mentioned this incident quite precisely three years ago, but couldn't find description of the events, even though I'm fairly sure I posted it. Which is why I'm typing it now.

I'm mostly using an email (finnish) as a back up for my memories, since this happened a long ago (to me, that is). I sent that email the same day I wrote the post about it...

At first a quote from that post...
To be frank, I DO care, what is happening. But I'm still trying to cope with the fact that I am what I am. It took a while to even accept the fact that I had been attacked by a vampire. Unless he was some kind of wacko... That thought I had for some while. I was at shock then, but not anymore. I know that what I have told sounds unbelievable. My first thought when I remembered in the morning about last night was: must be a dream. But the bitemarks were there. So I thought that a wacko attacked. I'm wiser now.


So... This is what happened in August 2003:

I was in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, and was spending the evening with a few of my friends at their apartment (two lived in the same apartment of the 6-storey building). It was already late evening (10 pm, or something like that), when I had to return to the apartment my grand mother calls 'home'. She spends her summers taking care of her small garden/lot in one of the allotments (allotment gardens) of Helsinki, so she allows us to use her home then if we visit Helsinki.

My friends told that they could walk me there, but I noticed they were tired already, and didn't want to hold them off any longer from getting some sleep, so I said I would be fine.

Most of the walk was peaceful, but when I was on the right street, only one block away from my destination, I noticed that someone was following me, maybe 10 meters from me. There was no one else near, so I hurried up, hoping to reach the door and get inside the building before he could reach me.

I had just reached the door, keys in hand, I turned to glance at the direction I had come from. There was no one there. I turned back to the door, but before I could fit the key to the lock, someone grabbed my upper arm, turned me around, and pushed me against the wall.

All happened fairly quickly, and when I finally realised that I should screem or something, his hand was already covering my mouth. I couldn't exactly tell what he looked like, but he seemed to be the same man who had been following me (about same height, same build, similar long coat, similar hair (lenght and style)).

He held me against the wall even though I do remember fighting back, I don't think I was able to make him even think about letting me go. Then, I realised I couldn't move. At least everything below neck seemed to be frozen.

I recall that my vision was getting darker (I was fainting, apparently; happened only two other times in my life, one before this, and one couple of years ago). The last thing I remember was pain on neck (something sharp cutting through skin, like needle).

Next memory was from my grand mom's home, I was lying on her sofa (at least that's where I found myself later). There was someone there, too. I saw a dark figure by me.

Not sure what happened then, but I do remember waking up on the sofa. When I remembered the figure from earlier, and found that there were no signs of anyone ever being in there, so I thought it was just a dream. And when I remembered the man who had been following me, I also thought that he was a dream.

Then I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and saw two 'somethings' on my neck (side of it). Two what seemed to be puncture wounds, that were scarring already. I couldn't remember seeing them earlier, and the scars are still there. Small, but they're there.

As said above (is this repeating myself?) I thought he was a lunatic using some object (like needle(s), to cut people because he thought he was a vampire and that he 'needed' blood.

Before these events I had already noticed the 'when tired, people around get tired when I get more energy' -thing I've mentioned here earlier. I already _was _ an energy vampire then, identified as one already, but I had never experienced the 'Craving' the way I experienced it after that. Also, before I took energy uncosciously, even after knowing what I was, but afterwards I've been able to control it.

I also still have (at times) nightmares about it. I had them lot more earlier (some induced, but not by me or any substance I had eaten or drunk).

I only later found out who the mysterious 'figure' was, and what he was doing there, or who the man who had attacked me was.

Attacker has now been identified, and he's no longer posing a threat. The 'figure' (who told his part in this all later) had been sent by the person in charge of the 'claimed' vampires of Helsinki, since he suspected that that person was one of those who was more than willing to break the agreement made between certain organisations/societies and vampires themselves.

The 'rescuer' had found us (refused to tell more than that the guy had had time to make the wounds), stopped the stray one, and had decided to get me to safety (even today, I don't know why, he refuses to talk about it). He had found my keys, and tried them to the closest door, opening it. He had carried me in, and tried every door until he found the right one (seeing that the apartment is on the second floor, he most likely only had to try three or four doors).

Then he had put me to the sofa, and cleaned the wounds (I couldn't find bloody towels or napkins or anything in the apartment later, so maybe he had taken them with him (dumped to a trash can later) or flushed them (not possible towel, of course) or something...

Then he had stayed there until I woke up for the first time (he said later it was around 3 am), and noticing that I was going to be alright, and wasn't in urgent need of medical attention, he left.

Some time passed and the wounds were only scars, when I met him again. How exactly, well I'm not telling. Just that it had something to do with Organization.

Let's just say that I saw this guy looking at me, and he came to me, introducing himself. Then he told me what had happened. At first I didn't believe, but he was able to tell a lot of details about the apartment I had been in, and of the clothing I had worn then (creepy, ne? I thought he was a stalker, for a while).

This guy? The one you know here as Alucard. After I finally decided that he hadn't been stalking me, we became friends, and slowly more.

Gaah, I still remember typing at least part of it, even recall some nasty comments... Maybe I looked at the wrong place? Or I posted it on another forum (Finnish, this is the only english paranormal forum I've ever been part of).

I'm still not 100% sure that the attacker was a vampire, even though he was someone other 'claimed' vampires know (knew) as one of them.

Did he bite me? I don't know. I suspect he used sharp object or something.

Why I felt I was frozen? I don't know... I know that some can 'paralyze' from fear. Maybe it was that.

I didn't go to the police or doctor, since wounds healed fairly nicely (scars are small), and even though I had attacked by another person (vampire or not), I didn't go to the police, because I doubt they could've solved it, since no one else was around (deja vu again; Alucard got there at a point, but I didn't know this until months later), and I doubted they could've found evidence (I had showered before brushing teeth, and my clothes (no blood stains, by the way) were already with the other laundry). Not to mention, that I wouldn't have been able to describe him too well, nor were there any surveillance cameras in that street that year (they came later).

Here, now I've told it. I didn't imagine these events. But whether you believe the attacker (or the rescuer) were/are vampires, is up to you.