Ghost Stories

Hypnosis and Ghosts

Hello all,

after reading this forum for some time I decided to share some stories on ghosts that have happened to me and from time to time seem to happen. Don't know why. Excuse me for my rusty english as it's not my native languaje.

Some day I just decided to contact a renowed hypnotism family on my city, they are a well respected family (not a strange guru a la Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost :) ) and I don't know how they do what they do, never asked really, maybe because their father is gifted and transmitted it on to his sons. Anyway, I wanted to dig on some things that happened to me when I was a child, nothing of relevance, but just wanted to know.
Before the hypnotism (correct word?) session, strangely he (it was finally one of his sons) talked about exorcism and possesions, and how they also dealt with that kind of things. When asking him what relation was there over ghosts and hypnotism, he answered that when people get relaxed and into a hypnoctic state (right word again?) they sometimes get to "see and hear things" that they didn't before; reminds me of this movie with Kevin Bacon, when he is hypnotized and starts seeing a dead girl that was buried in his house. I've liked the ghosts and UFO subjects for some time and didn't ocurred to me that it could be possible to see these things (ghosts that is) through hypnotism. After saying all this and telling my girlfriend and I some stories on possesions and not being scared, if for some reason I saw something out of normal, because ghosts can't harm the living, he said. Finally he asked me if I still wanted to get hypnotized. I can tell you that I was anxious or scared but just don't want to say it, he he, but I said yes, here we aer why waste time. This was a problem since one has to be mind-quiet to deepen the hypnosis.
Well everything started and went like you know, "you are relaxed, fly away, see the white light...." and eventhough I was doing this I was concious and at the same time seeing what I had to see. I started to recall some events from my childhood, very blurry things but I was seeing or remembering these things, things that I didn't even remember. I was on a park (there was this painting event) and I was participating with many other kids and somehow my mother took my unfinished painting because time was up and the judges (there were prices/prizes on this) needed all the paintings, well, I started crying (there on my "dream" and in real life!). Point here is that only if you have been hypnotized know what I'm talking about, you KNOW you are there lying on a bed and somehow you are driven by things that happened way before! and don't know or care or I don't know why, started crying! Anyway here comes the "best" part : I was told what usually one is told, in these cases, don't worry it's in the past, you mother took the picture because of this, etc.

Here comes the strange or not so strange things, because they were far more real than this event in the park.

Somehow I started to feel a little uneasy (?) and disturbed....somehow I began interpreting what was happening and "looked" (my eyes are closed, but anyway I turned my head) to the right side of the bed. The hypnotizer noticed this and asked me if there was anything worrying me. I said that there was a feeling if not a presence, that caused this. Somehow a black figure started to materialize out of nowhere! there! lights on, the 3 of us, and my exgirlfriend and Steve (the guys name) didn't seem to see anything.

I was very scared, strangely not because of what this meant (a real walking ghost!! 3 feet away from me!!!) but the sensation that came with it. Steve began telling me to tell the ghost or the lady, because by now, it completely materialized, it was a very old black woman, I could see the wrinkles on her face, with a big/long/clothy (?) dress and something on her head like for sunprotection, she reminded me later, of those black women working on cotton plantations in the US 100 years ago. Anyway Steve was telling me to tell the ghost not to think this (mine) was her body and to try to visualize a white circle of light and invite her to go on her way and into the light. Somehow the scaryness on her face dissapeared and turned into (not only her face told me this, as I said at this plane everything is feelings, it comes into your head just like that..zap! you just know) sorrow and sadness and an I-need-help emotion. Moved by this and by what Steve was telling me (not being scared anymore, don't know!) I somehow through thoughts, guided her into the light. And strangely enough she started to ascend...just like that...and dissapeared into the circle.

Once this happened (long story....!) a white little circle that semt that was there watching the whole thing, like a light bulb, not yellow but white, like 30 centimeters (like 12 inches for you) in diameter appeared on the right upper corner of the room. But this little ghost (or good spirit) irradiated, something different I can't describe, just like ...don't know...plain pure love, happyness and's very hard to describe, Steve noticed this as I moved my head upwards to see this. I told him what I was experiencing and I think he really believed me because I was smiling (with my eyes closed!?!?!). He told me to tell the little circle, the same as the black lady, this is not your body go on by your way, "dile adios" (tell it good bye) I remember Steve saying. When I did this (I think I looked very stupid saying good bye with my hands to thin air) the circle just dissapeared. After this and some after-hypnoctic advices from Steve I woke up. I started to feel a little dizzy, with a big time headache and very very thirsty! don't know why..I think because of plain exhaustion and stress, recalling everything that happened. I had some trouble going to sleep like for some 3 days and then it ceased. I think it was just remembering the lady's face not a real presence.

That's one of my ghost stories and the one I can tell, I saw a real ghost.

Alex A.