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I saw it, but I don't believe.

Hey! Well this is my first post here, so may as well get the quick intro out of the way. I am moving here from 'trueghosttales{dot}com'. I found responses here were coherent and gentle, apposed to inconsistent toddler babble.

I saw it, But I don't believe.

I live in the surrounding suburbs of Sydney, Australia. One day a few years ago I was at a friends house for dinner. Before I go into detail though I would like to mention, I'm a devout Atheist and although this memory is vivid, sober etc, I still don't believe it myself. (But it freaks me out).

I have been close with his family since I was 5 years old and know them all quite well, which will explain some things later. This night no-body was home accept myself and, let's call him Bob. Bob was in the kitchen fixing up dinner whilst I was in his bedroom playing his guitar. From that position I could see clearly out of the door to the hallway, which lead to the left into the dinning/kitchen (joined) which is roughly a meter of wall between my sight out of the door to seeing Bob in the kitchen.

As I played away at the guitar I saw a figure walk past the doorway (and by now the time is roughly 10 PM). Seeing as how I presumed no-one was home I quickly put down the guitar thinking it was too loud and began apologizing. The figure stopped with their back to the doorway and I could see them from behind clearly. It was female, so I presumed it was his mother, also with short light brown hair, a red and white flannel' dressing robe and slippers. After apologizing it quickly walked off, this was strange to me, we were normally pretty close so straight away I got and took a few leaping steps into the dinning room where Bob was standing there looking at me puzzled.

Before I could say anything Bob asked who I was speaking to so I replied, let's call her Mary. He remained quiet for a time then responded that we were alone and that his family were away for the weekend. So me being me, I called his bluff and went searching for his mother presuming it was all a joke. Now I know that house pretty well, and I can safely say, there was no-one else there. Cars were gone, bedrooms were not touched etc. After an hour of searching I sat to eat dinner when Bob tells me exactly what she looked like. I was relieved to think it was a joke but he told me he didn't see it, in fact the last few people to come around to his house, have experienced the same thing. Still to this day Bob dislikes when I talk about it, and it was the eventual reason he moved away from home.

To me, I think it may have been hallucination or something similar, but my state of mind was calm, relaxed and nothing different from normal. No horror films or drugs or alcohol and as far as I'm aware, no gas leaks. So as a firm believer of science or bust, it's difficult to even consider the experience as fact and continue to think I had a mental accident'. In the end, all my sensors that could determine it as real, did, so I suppose that is why I'm sharing it here.

Also to add to this lovely fuzzy logic, for a few years after this incident we didn't speak of it again. One day the topic came up and he spoke of her again. I think at this point he had forgotten it was me who had experienced this but he repeated it almost word for word. What he added though was a little eerie for my liking. Now I'm not one to question anyone's belief or experience, he added that some time later he had his first experience with her, but what he experienced wasn't residual?'. He spoke with it and from what I gather, she was shocked to be seen by a male. (I don't get it either). And that only one male had seen her before but that's what she wanted. (I presume this would be me). Although this isn't an exact transcription of the conversation, it's an idea of how it went. I do think there is more to it then this but we haven't spoken in a few years now.

I'll be totally honest and say I do not believe in ghosts or the paranormal, yet it is fascinating striving towards an answer. Don't think I'm here to troll, on the contrary I am here to learn and share my knowledge.

- Sparky

"Most paranormal stories we hear are caused in some way by humans. The brain is a beutiful and yet, dangerous tool which plays on our own deception more then humans can."