Ghost Stories

I saw what I believe a demon, help.

This is my first post on here, though I've read a few of the stories on here, so let me give you a little history of myself. I was born a Christain, but was taught to learn and respect other religions because no man knows the true religion. So I have a VERY open mind to religions and question the bible usually daily, though I still consider myself a Christian. My mom grew up Christian, but turned into a Wiccan around her 20's and started to dip into the spirit world.
That is all you need to know, to realise my religious preferences. I have just recently gotten serious about studying spirits. I have been studying now for only a week, I'm a pro I know, but I did get big headed. I decided to play with the infamous Ouija board I've heard so much about. I was such a skeptic at the time, about a week ago haha, that I went into it a non believer. The messages were as followed

"Is anyone there?"-"Yes"
"Who am I speaking to?"-"Us"
"Who is 'us'?"-"We are one"

I stopped after that.

Me and my friend both assumed it was each others doing. I forgot about it that night and went on with my life, that was Saturday.
I went to school Monday, 16 for the record, and told all my friends about it. Every friend I told, I said that I didn't know if my friend moved it but I absolutely did not. Every friend I told that to told me he said the same thing. I slowly became a believer and dipped more into the spirit world, which I regret.

Just last night two things happened to me, I was visited by what I believe a demon, and I had a vision. The vision was of me and a skeptical friend of mine thats said Ouija boards are scientifically proven fake. We were playing with a homade Ouija on Halloween, which was the plan, and he just started having a seizure and speaking in a foriegn tounge with a deep undertone.
Ok now, that vision scared the living crap out of me. It REALLY felt like I was there, I could feel the fear, I even teared up after this "vision", I had goosebums, I was breathing heavily, I was just in bad shape. I was just absolutely terrified.

After around an hour or so, I got on the phone with my girlfriend, who told me in the first place to never mess with a Ouija. I told her about this vision and was still very scared about it, she even commented I sounded terrified. About 10-15 minutes after I told her, I just fell into a terrified state. I started breathing heavily for no reason, sweating even though I became cold all of a sudden, and getting goosebumps with the constant fear my life was in danger. I was in my bed at around 11 p.m. my time when this happened just kind of staring at darkness. My girlfriend was extremely scared for me because she heard me breathing heavily. It was pitch black in my room and from nowhere a smokey figure stood by my bed. The figure was covered in white smoke, but I could definately make out a humanoid shape to him. The smoke was a whitish silverish colour, and I was so scared that I couldn't make a noise besides just saying spirit. My girlfriend just kept telling me to tell it to go away and pray. I did, and it worked, but I was still scared for my life. I talked for another 5 minutes about it, confessing to her my one Ouija experiance, and it came back, this time more detailed. I could clearly now see a human shaped figure. I could not make out whether it was male or female I just know it wanted to harm me. I went to tell my mom about it, I stuttered the whole time unable to make a complete sentance. She performed something that she said should keep it away, don't ask me what. I went back to bed and had a great conversation with my girlfriend and hung up the phone. When I started to doze off, another white figure came. This one looked different and just stared at me like the other two, or one. The strange thing is with this one, I felt no fear. I was startled and kinda shocked but I fell asleep with it still watching me.
Unfortunately today I've been a wreck, I've felt like someone is watching me all day, and near the beginning of the day I felt scared to move because it felt like my life was in his/hers/its hands. Closer to the end of the day, now, I've kinda come to terms with it, I still feel like I'm being watched to an extent but I just keep telling him to go away in a calm but firm voice. Today, could be coincidence, but my door handle fell off and my lights have been flickering on and off. I just keep telling it to go away.

Here's a problem though, my skeptic friend is still very adamant about doing a Ouija on Halloween. With that vision though there's no way I will perticipate, I don't know what to do about either honestly. Please help this is my first spiritual encounter of this calibur. I didn't make up any of this by the way. Thanks in advance :)!