Ghost Stories

I'm new, and my stories!

Hi all, I guess you could say my family is either all into or just drawn to the paranormal. My grandparents house (or property) is haunted, and well, when my parents were pregnant with me they played with the Ouija board in the house. Even before then, as my dad was a child growing up, him and his brothers and sisters have stories of things that has happened growing up. Not to mention one room in which I did not know of stories that happened in it until after in high school had always scared me and NEVER did I like going into it at all. I even remember sleepless nights, like someone or someting watching me and just couoldn't sleep. As a baby when my parents had their own homw they got a crib from a family member, who didn't tell them a baby had origionally died in which no cause could considerably be found (but maybe sids) as a baby, my parents said even putting me in it while asleep I couldn't stay asleep while alone in it (Tho I could in any other room in any other bed) my dad decided to get a cross, and from what I heard for about a week, I could sleep, but soon after what ever it was started again. shortly after we had thieves break it and the crib was stolen, And i was able to sleep after.

I also remember about 4 or 5 years old, moving into a house that my great grandmother and great grandfather used to live in. Now i do not remember my grandfather at all but at the time my great grandmother was still alive. I used to get up early for school to get ready (still dark out) and was brushing my teeth and had this feelig of somethign behind me. i looked and just for a split second, i saw this man with glasses. I couldn't compare it at the time because the only men I knew in my life was my dad and brother, so I tried to describe the man I saw with their faces (hard when your a kid lol) years later I thought about it again, and remember my mother showing me a picture of him holoding me as a baby and she said he called me Pepples from flinstones. Then I madethe connection because the man i saw was HIM. the room i stayed in was supposedly the last place he was alive in (other then the ambulance vehickle he truly died in) my father was abusive to me and my mom and as kids when he pasted my room he would always hit something, either his arm, foot, knee, hand, something in the doorway. After my parents divorce my dad confinded in me saying he truly belived it was my great grandfather trying to punish him for what he did to us.

another one was when my parents (again pregnant with me) kliving in my dad's parents house (the one in previous story I told you about) They were on the couch one night, in the dark-and my mom saw this man in white coming down the hallway. The way the couch was was at the end my dad was at was in dorect path of the hallway, so if you layed where my mom was at your could see directly down it but not behind you if you were where my dad was at. Okat... lol my mom figured it was my grandfather because he had lwhite pajamas. she snickered trying not to laugh thinking he was going to scare my dad. the man shot down behind the couch trying to not be seen. my dad raised up questioning my mother but she shook her head no. Finally she gave in and whispered "your dad is about to scare you he's behind the couch." my dad spoke "dad, she gave you up, come on!" my dad said he was actually scared knowing he was going to scare him so he got up quickly but he saw nothing. My mom got scared actually saying "please don't scare me" he stood and jumped trying to show her not only was he not there but NOTHING was there. so he went around in tthe kitchen and back around turning on ALL the lights. but again there was nothing. about that time they heard the bathroom toilet flush and my grand father came out going back to his room. my dad said he heard him go in about 10 minutes BEFORE he heard my mom snicker. my mom began to go in more detail saying the man who she thought was him, had such a mean face. gritting teeth and had his hands in a claw like motion but when she snickered, it shooped down. When I hear or even tell this tstory (even now) chills and tears come.

my dad even admiting to me grpwing up that he couldn't get a deacant sleep either. after the divorce with my mom he stayed in the house again, and one night he said he walked around in the dark saying "go ahead, come take me. I want you to. I'm not afraid anymore and i have nothing more. COME GET ME!" he said when he laid down after and ever since then, he has been able to sleep like a baby! Yet one night he did think he saw a boy near him that ran into the kitchen...

there are several stories in my grandparents home alone but now that I have a son, I'm so much more precautious. If i had no children, I'd probably continue to go to haunted places and such but i'm too afraid of having something to harm him.