Ghost Stories

I'm new, and something is up with me...

Hi, my name's Debbie, I'm 18, I'm from Pittsburgh. I've been experiencing supernatural events my entire life, and have experienced them in four different states... the first time I noticed there was something different about me was shortly after my mother's death in 1998, I could feel her around me even though she was gone. I would see a dark cloud creep in my room as I was trying to sleep, and it often scared me so bad I had to sleep in the living room on the couch.

I moved to Pittsburgh from Kansas City, when I was fifteen, and I went to a cemetary near by, with my friend Allen. It was early fall, and the light was starting to fade earlier than earlier. I felt an immense sadness while inside the cemetary, and so did Allen, a confused jumble of voices. I went home, and got ready for bed, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but then my heater went on by itself, and a huge amount of air, just warm air came from it. I walked over to it, it was unplugged. My cat was freaking out, attacking me, and snarling... and I was terrified, and screamed, "Get out!!!"

It ended.

It never bothered be again... that I know of...

I moved to Canton, OH last september, and I lived and worked there for a while. The day before Halloween, my friends John (very sensitive to spirits) and Robert (very objective) came along with me to a cemetary. We parked and walked around for a while, John kept on saying he heard childrens' voices, I felt an immense sadness and was overwhelmed by fear, as a dominating voice took control of my mind. It called my name, "Deborah" and told me to "fall down."

I walked towards a tree, almost like a magnet was pulling me, and the voice becomes louder that it feels like my head is splitting, and I fall down to my knees, and he yells at me, "Fall down..."

"Why!?" I scream into the darkness.

"And die..."

I start wailing, and holding the sides of my head, freaking completely out. My friends grab me and pick me up, and I'm still screaming, as they carry me to the car. I then stop all the sudden, I stare at [I]him.[/I]
A gray figure, stands by a flag pole, masculine in nature, and his eyes were a glowing color, like that of an animal. I stare in silence, and push away from John, who was holding me, and walked towards him, and John grabs my arm and pulls me towards the car. Robert running after us. We start driving me, and John hears "Beware of Michael, he'll take you." I'm crying so hard, and I look in the rearview mirror, (i'm in the passenger seat) and I see him following the car, walking, and as we neared the exit, he starts jogging, then stops, and disappears.

And now... I live in Pittsburgh again, and I have experiences in a local cemetery, but in my home, I'm starting to get worried... at first, I shook it off, always trying to examine everything by a skeptic's point of view.
I hear foot steps at night, I have a roommate, but he works till 2am five nights a week, and I work during the day. I hear foot steps walk back and forth in front of my bedroom door. I usually leave the living room light on, and it shines underneath my door, and I see a shadow in front of it, and some of the light is inhibitited. I have a dog as well, but she sleeps in my room with me, and I leave the door closed. She will wake up sometimes, growling. I sometimes hear whisperings, incoherrent words. I get the goosebumps feeling as well as intense cold. Sometimes, things are moved, water is turned on, or off, lights are turned off then back on, methodically. Also, the feeling of being watched.
I want to pursue this further, but I want to get some advice.

I've lived here since March, and these have been going on since then.

What should I do?