Ghost Stories

In Loving Memory of Ole Uncle Harold:

Hello Everyone, I'm back to tell another story. This story is about my brother-in-law Harold who passed away Jan,2001.

Well to start off with, I guess I should tell you a little bit about ole uncle Harold so you can kind of get an idea about what kind of person he was. Harold was a laid back kind of guy and he served fourteen years in the Army. He had planned to make a career out out of it, but he became a diabetic and thus ended his career goal. He was a tall man around 6ft 3in with sandy blonde hair and he always kept a big bushy red beard. He loved to go garbage picking for old lawn mowers, tv's, radios and the like. He would find and fix these things and sell them. It was a neat hobby and gave him something to do, plus he made a little money as well.

Harold would often go to a bar called O'Flynns. It was his favorite hang out. He didn't drive or anything, but he was always ready to go when someone would invite him along. It didn't matter much to him where you were going, he would just love to go along for the ride. He was a kind and generous man, and everyone thought alot of him, my children above all. When my daughter Julie was born you would have thought Harold had hit the lottery. From day one he love my little girl more than anything in the world.

I forgot to tell you he was never married and he didn't have any children of his own. But that didn't matter to him because he sure had lots of nieces and nephews that loved him to pieces. My daughter Julie especially, so they were bonded to each other right from the moment of Julie's birth.

About five years ago Harold fell and broke his hip and had to be operated on imatediately. All went well up until about a year before his death when the same hip slipped out of socket again. So he had to go back for another surgery. Well that hip just wouldn't stay in place which was what caused his death.

He died on the operating table due to complactions. Julie decided to move him into her home and take care of him while he was going through all of this. When ole uncle Harold was able to get around and do things, he would always get up before Juls and have her coffee ready when she got up.

You can only imagine what a terrible shock it was to recieve the phone call telling us that he had past. Julie knew before the call came in that he was gone because he came to her and told her not to worrying because her ole uncle Harold would always be around to look after her and her boys. She was so tore up over losing him that she couldn't go to his layout but she did manage to make it to the grave site.

Oh, it like to have killed us all to lose such a wonderful man. But we only lost him in the flesh, he is still with us all and he kept his promise to Julie. Not long after his passing, she woke up one morning to the smell of fresh brewed coffee; She got up and went to the kitchen and sure enough, there was a pot of coffee on.

This went on for probably a month oe so. It was just her and the boys and they were too little to make coffee. Juls didn't say anything about this to anyone because she thought people would say she was making it up. Instead, she first invited Amy her friend to stay the night, and they woke up to fresh coffee. Amy was dumbfounded. After that, Julie told everyone about it and of course no one believed her.

Well for whatever reason, the coffee making ended. But ole uncle Harold still looks after her and the boys. Baby Dave who is now eight months old will look as tho he's listening and looking at someone and smiles and sometimes laughs out loud just like someone is talking to him. Julie believes it's Harold. Her other two boys often tells us that uncle Harold comes and talks them at night before bed or that they seen him. Julie says he comes to her in her dreams when she's troubled and helps her to make decisions on complacited matters. And she always follows his advice.

Theres not a single day that goes by without one of us talking about him. Julie's father Carmel, who is Harold's brother can feel his presence and has even felt his touch. And it's the same with me. It's funny but I never thought of Harold as a brother-in-law; He was my brother. We got along great and had much in common. I was nothing more than a kid when i married Carmel. Only sixteen, and Harold always look at me as a kid sister.

It will soon be three years since his passing and yet his face is so fresh in my mind. I often think of the funny things he would do or say. One that I always got a kick out of was when someone would ask him a question, he would turn and say "ya don't know do ya". Well thats about it and I hope you like my story. Thanks again... In Loving Memory of Ole Uncle Harold... Sincerely Sue...

marilyn s. cross