Ghost Stories

Incubus.. The Sexeh Thing!

32 A. Mabini Street
Siniloan, Laguna

After the possession stopped years ago, my life went back to normal. I graduated in high school and entered College.

I met new friends, but little did they know about what happened to me. I never told them. Since I won the school beauty pageant and became the Miss STI 1999, I was scared to let them know; maybe they'll think that I'm a freak. So, I just completely disregarded my past and kept it behind me.

There is also just one little secret that nobody knows, well, not until I was married because I told my husband about it and shared it with some friends after I found out that there is really this kind of thing.

I've had this for the first two years of my College life. I stayed with my folks since it's only an hour drive away. We were living on this house for more that 7 years. Some of friends said that even if our place is small, it was creepy and as if someone is following them. It is always dark inside even in the morning because there's only one window in front but the sunlight still couldn't get in because of the garage and the car parking in it. We have two bedrooms, both in the middle of the house, both without windows, a walkway, from the living room to the dinning and kitchen, with small holes like designs on the wall wherein you can see the other side (which is the neighbor's place) and a small backyard.

My room is really dark if you didn't turn on the light. It gives chills to my guests, and nobody would like to stay there for the whole night with me. My cousins and friends not even once accepted my invitation to sleep over. I know that they couldn't stand to be in my room, but I don't mind them, I am ok with my room.

Then one night something happened. I was like half asleep half awake. I turned side by side just to get a good position. Then I saw something, someone. A man was standing beside my bed. I quickly closed my eyes, thinking that I was only dreaming, hoping that it will go away. A minute passed by when I opened my eyes. My heart started beating so fast after I saw this shadow on top of me. He was on top of me, and I couldn't move, I remained composed and waited for his moves. I couldn't see his face, only his head on my neck as if he was kissing and caressing me. I felt it, as if it was really happening. It's like I am making love with a silhouette man. I wanted him stop but I couldn't. I know I'm liking whatever it was that his doing. Then I just let it happened. I never stopped him, I enjoyed every minute of it.

I woke up the next day with a thought of it. Was I only dreaming? It felt really good. I still could feel the thrill following through my veins. Who was it? I've had it before it happened, so I knew how it feels. Honestly, last night was a blast.

The next night, I've waited. I wanted to know if that was only a dream. He didn't show up and nothing happened. The night after, I also waited, but he didn't came. Weeks after, there's none.

Until one night, I didn't know what came into me; I wished that he would come again and visit me. I thought of him every single night and wondering if he was just a dream. Then in the middle of my deep sleep, I saw him again, smiling at me, I saw a big grin but I couldn't remember his face. It was just a silhouette smiled at me. The shadow man made love to me again.

And again…

And again…

He's there each night that I wished and asked for his touch.

I became addicted to him.

A maniac, I would say.

But he was unreal. All along I thought of him as a good reason to sleep. I couldn't wait every night to lay my back on my bed and close my eyes, for he will be there, and we'll do it again.

More than a year passed by.

I moved to the city, wherein I entered in a University. I thought he would follow me, but he didn't.

I've waited and waited every night for him to come. Wished and begged for him to show up, but he didn't. Not even once.

Well, maybe he also waited for me to come back. Ever since I moved out of the house, I never came back. My folks also transferred to another town and somebody else occupied the house.

After sometime, I decided to do a research about it. And truthfully, I smiled when I found out that there's really something like that. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't just a fantasy. It was real.

An Incubus - creepy but it was a nice experience. A very interesting one.

But of course in the real world it was freaking scary to hear someone enjoying making love with a spirit!

I smiled for what happened but I am not wishing for him to show up again.
"Knowing that he's real" is way different from "Thinking that maybe he is real".