Ghost Stories

Investigation of my house

After all this time of trying to find someone to investigate my house it finally happened! I talked to "Ashley" before they got here and really hoped that something good would happen. The team got here and set everything up. They did the base line readings and talked to me.

The baseline reading for my house on the EMF was 3. At one point in the night there was a spike to 40. Mind you that we cut all the power of at the breaker box except for the one for the kitchen. We used the kitchen as the base.

One investigator had never been touched and never really "seen" anything. She told me that she had smelled and felted before. She was in my daughters room asking to speak to Ashley. She was touched on the arm. She told the enity that she thought that was cool and asked if she did it and could she do it again. At that point "someone" gently rubbed her face like someone tracing from her cheek to her chin. (you know how you touch a baby's face). That happened twice. She came into the kitchen to tell me. At that point and time someone was rubbing her arm again.

One investigators cellphone was played with and at one point he saw something dark reach out from my room as the first investigator tried to enter my bedroom. When he told the woman to stop I clearly saw the outline of a little girl behind the first investigator. For some reason I felt the urge to tell her that "Ashley" didnt want her to enter my room. It was a really odd feeling. We actually saw her shirt being tugged as if some child was trying to get her attention.

The team's skeptic was outside before dark taking pictures of my property when he came and got me to show me something in my storm cellar. The right in middle of the floor was a dead rabbit. right in front of the rabbit a chair was moved and placed. On the chair was a white candle. I know that someone or something placed the rabbit there because the vents are closed with screen and nothing can get in it without opening the door. Also I never use candles in the cellar.

There wasnt anything to interesting other than the fact that all the batteries in everything died really fast. Earlier in the day before they got there I had to replace 10 light bulbs throughout the house because they blew. Also my central air decided not to work that night. Which is really odd seeing that my fiance who owns a heating and air business checked it all the week before to make sure everything was in good working order. I was thankful that the night they were here it wasnt too hot. The base temp reading when they got here was 79. In my daughters room where most of the activity is there wasnt a window open and it should have at least been as warm as the rest of the house if not warmer the temp dropped at one point by 8 degrees.

As they were packing to leave my house the skeptic was getting ready to walk out with some stuff and I saw him stop before he opened the door. He said that he heard 2 men talking outside. Which would be odd if there was real breathing people because both houses on either side of me are empty right now. I live in a town with a popluation of 200 people so not like a booming place. No cars were passing so it wasnt a radio. He looked out but nothing was there. Also he went to open the door and couldnt. I was the last one in the house and I know that I didnt lock it when I came back in but it was LOCKED!

When I told my kids the next day about "Ashley" being here playing with the woman my youngest daughter said that it couldnt have been with Ashley because she was with her the whole time.

I cant wait until I get the results. If I get anything good I will post it for you guys.