Ghost Stories

Is my house haunted? SERIOUSLY?

Ok seriously. I recentlty moved into my aunts rent house. The property is pretty big She has a 3 bedroom house in the front and a 1 bedroom house in the back. Alot of family members have lived in the house and everyone has had similar, unusual episodes. Usually the activity stays in the back house occassionaly coming to the front house. I've heard the stories, but still chose to move in because I figured , seriously can houses really be haunted? I figured that maybe my other family memebers let their imaginations get the better of them and then they started to created dragons. I decided to go in with an open mind and not to read too much into anything that happend in the house. I told myself I have a positive energy and I really didnt expect any problems in the house. As I was moving in I had no bad vibes and it felt nice and homy.


Rewind about 8 months. My brother and his girlfriend lived in the backhouse and small things started happening. Keys would be moved, microwave would suddenly come on, mood swings, extreme sadness, extreme tiredness, extreme depression... My brother would hear people talking in the same room as him and he was alone, he would hear loud stomping, it progressed and he eventually moved to the front house with my sister who lived there at the time. My sister said she never reallly had any strange or out of the ordinary things happen at first but as months went by things started happening. The tv would come off and on, the restroom water would come on by itself, if she was reaching to the restroom light off it would turn off by itself. The first night she moved in the alarm went off by itself and she said she even though alot of abnormal things didnt happen she always had an eary feeling while she stayed there. No one ever stayed long at the house.

Well the oppurtunity presented itself and I was asked if I would like to move into the house. I thought about it alot and I figured that I would just ignore it, I told myself that I would be very aware of things I did so that I would know I wasnt imagining things or making things up because I had heard all the stories about the house. My dad is a christian minister and I had him pray in the house and at night I would leave the radio on the christian station. All of this just for my peace of mind and so that I wouldnt allow my mind to go to certain places. Anyway, the first week went fine,no problems,there was a good vibe, I was over aware of everything, a little uncomfortable, but I shrugged it off as me just having to adjust to being somewhere new. This past Sunday I was doing normal daily activities and decided to run to the store. The kids had a movie on, so I told them to go ahead and leave the movie on we would be right back. We were gone at the most 45 minutes. When we came back the tv was all staticy, black and fuzzy. My oldest daughter said "mommy look at the tv, we left it on remember?" I said yea I remember, I tried not to think too much about that, however my daughter was really intrugued by it. I went about my business and not too long after that I got a real eary feeling. I stayed up for a while longer and then decided it was time for bed. I had the ac on OFF. It wasnt on ac, it wasnt on heat, it was just off. I know this because I remember I turned it off and I didnt want to use the heat so I could save electricity. WELL at 3 in the morning I was asleep an d the heater came on! It woke me from my sleep because I know I turned it off. After that I was really freaked, I layed in bed and stared at the ceiling until all of the sudden the tv starts turning off and on. Needless to say I was spooked and couldnt sleep. On Monday whenI got home from work I needed something from the laundry room so I went to unlock the door and it was slightly open, unlocked and the latch on the top was open. I freaked again because I know I locked it before I left because I always do a run through of the house before I leave to make sure everything is the way it should be.

What could this be? Why wont whatever it is leave anyone alone? Is there anything I can do to get rid of whatever it is since its been there for years and it doesnt like anyone to stay. Could I be making a big deal out of nothing? Input please!