Ghost Stories


This began over a year ago; I have never known much of sucubi/incubi until I experienced what I believed to be an encounter. I am a 20 year old female, and I am a junior in college, so I no longer live at home but in my own apartment which I have lived in for 2 years now. My ordeal started when I was asleep, in my dream there was a man, I am not sure what he looked like because it was so long ago but we were having sex. It was I guess a typical dream that everyone has at one point in their lives. I had a boyfriend at the time mind you, and we sexually active. I awoken out of this particular dream to what felt like I was still having sex as in I could still feel its hands all over me. I was unable to move or cry out. The feeling of its hands were warm instead cold and it felt as if someone was really there. I remember feeling startled at first but it only lasted a few minutes and then it was completely over. I had come to the conclusion that I was simply dreaming and I only believed it to be happening. My reasoning for it being that at that time one of my dogs had been n bed with me and from what I have read and heard animals, mostly dogs and cats are able to see ghosts/demons and had there actually been one my dog would have acted. (being that she in real life is very protective over me and would never hesitate to attack anything that came near me. She goes so far as to attack people that just tried to shake my hand or even so much as laid one finger on me.) After that day I did not have any encounters for over a year until recently.

About a month ago I had awoken out my sleep to the feeling of something pressing against me. It felt as if someone (a human possibly a man) was pressing down on the covers above me, perhaps like an embrace. At first I kept pushing what felt like its arms away. At that point I was thinking that it was a dream, so I was not worried at all. After several moments ( im not sure how long exactly) I realized I had been awake and my eyes were actually open but I was unable to move anymore. I was suddenly alert and began to try to move and yell and no sound came out. It was odd because eventually I was able to move somewhat but my body still felt heavy. When I did move the entity would go away but as soon as I became still I would feel it over me and I would temporarily be paralyzed again. I would get a tingly feeling over my body and get an odd ringing type sound in my ear, which would let me know that the entity was coming back and I would be unable to move. It was never forceful; it felt as if it were simply just messing with me. When it was on me it felt like an embrace, not strangulation. I was not terrified more like annoyed at it because I simply wanted to sleep. Eventually it went away and I went back to sleep. The only thing I remember seeing was a grey/white cat out the corner of my eye. I never saw a person when it was embracing me. What was the cat? What does it mean? Why did I see a cat? I have never had a cat, my mother had a cat but I am more of a dog person if that helps any.

My last and most recent encounter was last night. I was dreaming/semi awake when I felt something touching my legs. I sleep on my back sometimes and last night that is how I went to sleep. I felt it open them and began to touch my inner thighs. I would feel it touching me in other Places as well and at one point I felt as if I was having sex. The odd part was I was talking to it, egging it on if you will. I even raised my shirt and allowed it access to my breasts. I have no idea why I would allow it. It was as if it was influencing my behavior and making me desire it. It was a warm feeling and I think I may have enjoyed it. This part of my encounter I believed to be a dream but at some points I distinctly remember opening my eyes and even hearing the TV. (Which I leave on when I am asleep). I then became fully awake (perhaps I had been all along) but I was unable to move or speak. I was able to keep my eyes open and I can even recite what program I saw on the television. I then felt it begin to touch me again and explore my body as it had done earlier. I tried to move but it was fruitless. I looked down and noticed my kitten (I just recently got her about 4 weeks ago) and she was sound asleep. I tried screaming her name I could even feel my voice in my throat screaming but no sound came out. I could feel my lips moving but there was no sound. What unnerved me was that my previous movement and the entity's movement did not awaken the sleeping kitten. I was finally able to sit up and it went away. However as soon as I lay back I would feel it again, and that ringing noise and warming tingly feeling came back and I would be paralyzed yet again. It became a pattern, I would fight the paralysis and sit up but then lose control once I lay back down and the entity came upon me. I had become a bit scared at that moment and contemplated sleeping on the floor in my best friend's room (I am in college and live in an apartment with my best friend). I even felt myself get up and walk to her room and lie down on the floor and felt the entity's presence and paralyzing aura. That was when I realized that I had never even left my room and it was just a dream/hallucination. How is that possible? Did it make me have that hallucination so I would feel safe enough to become vulnerable to its effect again? I do not know. I then finally got up and went to sleep on the couch with my kitten and my roommate's adult cat. (Whom we gotten after my first encounter and for the record she is a black/tan tortishell cat). I felt safer in the living room with the two cats which began to play and I felt better knowing that they both we awake. I eventually fell asleep and I only felt it once more when I eventually went back to sleep in my own room. One last piece that bothers me a bit: I remember opening my eyes during the sexual part and seeing a stream of light coming from my mouth as if it were sucking energy from me. Mind you there was no other thing there just a stream of energy/light going into an invisible person. I had read that they need energy to sustain and that it may have been using my energy but I never once felt drained, I actually felt well rested and stronger when I awoken. Was this "energy" coming from me or going into me? Was it giving something to me or taking it?

Now here is a bit more info: I have argued with myself that I just have sleep paralysis after much research and having many similar symptoms. But I am still unsure because my "episodes" last after I wake up and I have even been able to stand up and only after I laid down would I feel it again. I did get shortness of breath during these ordeals and sometimes there is a bit of weight on my chest but much different from what is associated with sleep paralysis. So what I ask of you is what could this be? Is it a demon, incubus or simply my imagination? Should I fear it even though I have never felt threatened? Please help me with your answers and if you rather speak in private feel free to leave your email and I will email you! Thanks so much.