Ghost Stories

It can happen in the Amish area too

Ok I am new at this but I do have a few real ghost stories.

I grew up in a littl amish town in Ohio. I was english and lived like an amish. The house that I lived in for near 10 years was one of the creepiest places that I have ever been in. THe home had been abandoned for several years befor we moved in. My mother and her boyfriend ( later became my step-father) When we moved in it was horrable, the ceilings were falling down and a lot of dirt that needed to be cleaned out. It was a larg house with three bedrooms upstairs and a living room, kitchen, dining room and pantry down stairs. My mother and my grandparents were having a disagreement and we moved into the house befor it was ready to live in. My step father worked 2nd shift about 15 miles in the next town. It wasnt anything for our mother to get us settled and then leave to pick him up. We all started out sleeping in the living room untill the remaing parts of the house were cleaned up to live in. One nite befor my mother left I herd people in the basement, but where we were at it was a crawl space, there was no way people could be under neither there much less having a party. Mom went to the basement to look and NOTHING. She got me back to sleep and went off to get her husband. THat night every time she started to fall asleep it would happen to her. laughing and carring one. But every time she would check nothing. Later on after a few months we got the house put back to livable. My mom put us in the big middle room ( my sisters and I there were three of us at the time 7,6 and 3). We were playing one raining day and decided to move our beds around to make more room. THere under the carpet that pulled up was a huge red stain. Our mother told us it was nothing and not to worry about it. Well we didnt befor we found it but after that was another story. My midle sister stuffered for her bed shaking every night. Not just once and a while but every single night. When she would sleep with me it would not happen. I thought that it was just her being afraid. So with her hogging the bed I decided to sleep in heres. What a rude awaking that was. As soon as I drifted off to sleep that be shook so hard that I fell out of it and cracked my head on my little sisters bed. We had dogs that would not stay in the house, we had to put them down in a lower field just to shut them up. All the time the tv would turn on, light would turn off and we were always in trouble for walking around after we were sent to bed. It went on like that for 5 yrs. Then it started to pick up and that is when stuff got bad. When I was 12 my little sister went of to church camp and asked me make sure that eddy teddy would not get cold and make sure that he slept with me. ( she didnt want to look like a baby taking her teddy with her). So I did FOR THE FIRST NIGHT.... THat teddy was broke when mom washed it and didnt get it dried enugh and the music box would not crank and would not play music. That night I got in bed and tucked the blankets tight underneith me becuase they were always being pulled off. JUST settled in and started to doze off that stupid teddy started playing. I threw it across the room out into the hallway when I herd the awful laugh. I covered up head to toe and went back to sleep. The next morning that teddy was not only in bed with me but under the covers at the bottom next to my feet. After that it was quiet except for the walking ( we still got into trouble over that ) When I was 15 my mohter started to have bad dreams about the room that me and my sister shared. There was never a door there but in her dreams she would hear us yelling and screaming she would get to the door and get my two younger sisters out but was never able to get me out. These dreams went on every night for a few months. She decided that it was time for her to move me out into my own room. I got the room that once use to be hers. She and my step father moved down to the living room. Every night I would hear the tacking of flooring as is some one was walking on it. My windows would be open in the moring when I awoke. I know that I never opened them because it was like 2 degrees out durring that time. THis went on untill we moved out when I was 17. That house haunted my dreams my entire adult hood ( I was told that when I started having my periods it woke the house up) I dont know if I beleive that but that is what I was told. But that house haunted my dreams up untill about a year ago. I could not understand why after all this time and all thoes dreams why it ended. This past summer we went home (my lil sister and I, we both live in WV now) for a visit. On the way back down home my daughter wanted to stop and see the old place. I now know why I stopped having thoes dreams about that house. It was torn down, it is gone and any evidence of it ever being there are only the pictures and the memories that came along with it.

Well that is one of my stories. You can beleive it or not I dont care but I did want to let it be known that I had issues growing up.

Take care