Ghost Stories

It seems to happen months at a time....

I haven't had anything "paranormal" happen in my house for quite some time now. Probably since Cole's monster, the naked lady in the shower and bright light stories back in the spring time. So almost a year ago I guess.

Sunday night I was having some trouble getting to sleep, so I took one of hubby's pain pills to knock me out. I have taken this kind before so I know I didn't have a weird reaction to it. It usually makes me naucious but that's it. So I climbed into bed watching a little TV ( Roseanne) before nodding off. Only to be awakened by someone or something pulling my hair on the left side. I opened my eyes and even jerked my head back as if we were playing some kind of tug of war or something with my hair. I couldn't make out a face or even a figure standing by my bed. So I thought maybe I was dreaming.

I closed my eyes and tried going back to sleep only to open them again because i had that feeling like someone was standing over me. I looked to the left nothing was there and then to the right and all I saw was hubby sleeping contently. I laid my head back down on the pillow ( lying on my back) and saw it.

There was a siloutted figure from the moonlight on celing in a crouching position. Half man and half animal it looked like to me. I lay there frozen wiht fear. I tried calling out to my husband and even tried to muster a scream but nothing would come out. I just laid there and watched this thing move back and forth in a cat like manner across my ceiling. Then it swooped down upon my chest and I felt hands griping my throat, I honestly coudl not breathe as my head was shaking. I was trying to grab whatever this thing was, but there was nothing there to grab. I could feel it but I couldn't see it.

Finally when I thought I couldn't get any air and I was going to die, this thing released my throat and was gone. Was this thing just toying witj me? My neck was throbbing and I gasped to get air back into my lungs even my left ear was pounding. I managed to wake hubby and asked him to hold me and told him someone had pulled my hair and try to choke me. He kind of laid there and then asked "did you take a pill?" I said yes but didn't want to tell him that I did because I knew what he was thinking. I seemed to be fine after that.

About a half an hour later we were awakened by my son's scream that quickly turned into crying as he wailed for his daddy. My husband jumped up and ran to meet our son midway through the hall. Hubby said he was crying and pointing to the window in his room ( he has a new room now) and said someone was watching him through the window. He quickly scooped him up and rubbed his little back and put him our bed to sleep the rest of night. He and I slept soundly after that all night long.

The weird thing is I woke up yesterday morning wiht my left ear throbbing and my throat feelings swollen as it was hard for me to swallow. I know people can dream about ailments they are getting ready to have. But i am fine today wiht my throat and ear.

I don't know what this thing was in my room nor do I know if it was dream for me and my son or if we really saw something. I think I was awake but I cannot be sure. I know I was scared out of my wits. The only time I ever experienced vivid dreams or violent dreams of this nature was when my hormones were all of whack after my surgery. The doc put me on meds to straighten me to and that worked. But i had so many other symptoms as well.