Ghost Stories

Jared Keeton

Hi, my name is Jared Keeton, I'm Marvins son. If you liked my dads stories, you'll like mine. The weirdest things happened at this house that i'm at now. I can sense someone when there not their. My dad and I whent to the cementary using ECP or something like that. I was walking and he followed. I felt a cold shiver and sensed someone. I asked questions and my dad recorded. We went back to the car and we heard three words. I'm not to sure what it said though. I'm 15, and i have seen four ghost. The first ghost is when we moved here. All these ghost i have seen, everytime i sensed it didn't want to scare me. We were playing videogames( my brother and i) and he turned his head and told me that there was a ghost(he was 6 then now 8.) I looked the ghost was standing on the last stair looking in the mirror in front. He took a step and walked into the mirror. I closed the bedroom door scared but eventuall played videogames again. I have seen to ghost standing in my laundry room stairing at me as i walked by. The last ghost helped me out. It was my stepsisters birthday and my dad gave me her present to hold. I set it down and when we had to go i couldn't find it. I looked everywhere for it. When i came down the stairs dougting i would find her present i looked in my parents room. I saw a person pointing at something on the floor. I got scared but then wondered what he was pointing at. I walked in there and their was her present. I said Thankyou outload, looking like an idiot. I have heard three voices of something. The first one was cool. i set my alarm to wake up in the morning but set it at P.M. When the time came for me to get up, someone pushed me on my shoulder saying get up. I thought it was my mom so i said i'll get up later. They shook me again saying wake up. So i turned over to fing no one their. It was 1 min. before i had to get up. the alarm didn't go off the i realized that he was cool. I have also heard my name called through my headphones. I thoght it was my parents but no one was home. Then the last scariest thing happent, this is the last one. I went to bed one night already scared and felt something bad. As i was going to sleep i heard something. I started to pray and as i prayed something started to whisper in my ear. It was some other language that i didn't know. I started getting bad images and when i opened my eyes the oija board fell out of my closet. It was under alot of stuff but none of that fell.

I used to play with the oija board alot but two things happened bad with that. one was that we were playing in my sisters room. It locks from tha outside. We were playing it talking to someone when she stopped talking. Moments later we heard a loud, heavy run going down the stairs and it stopped at the door. We saw a shadow from under the door. As the oldest i went into defensive mode and ran to he door. I twisted the knob but it was locked. I looked at my window because that was the only escape. As the lastone to get out. The shadow was back at the door. I jumped out and got some friends to go in with me. When i went down stairs the door was wide opened. The next one was in the living room. Playing the board game we talked to a group thats hat it said. We asked if they liked us they said no. I asked how many where still their. she said only her. When i asked where the others went she said kitchen. Right when she said that we heard the counters and cabnets slam. Now the most recent thing lately has been noises in my brothers room. Right above from me. I wake up at 3:00 A.M. for about 3 days now. About 3:20 I hear a heavy person walking around above me. I went up there the first time but no one was in there. The last thing is some times when i wake up i see a figure standing in my closet. Its to dark to see its face but its staring at me. I get the darkess feeling when i sense it. Sometime i see faces on the window. now know thats not ghost but still spooky. This started around five also. I believe it is a family thing. Could you give me tips or how i can talk or ignore these. Thankyou