Ghost Stories

Jennie Wade house, Gettysburg Pennsylvania. (long)

I'm usually not frightened by the things that I sometimes encounter however, this time that was not the case.

My cousin and I had taken a weekend trip to Gettysburg to have a little was the first weekend in October and they were having their ghost events in the town for up coming halloween.

Most of the tours/walks were moderately priced and sounded like alot of fun so we figured why not...both of us are believers in the paranormal, and have had encounters of our own but for as many times as I had been to Gettysburg...(I only live an hour away) and for as haunted of a reputation as it has..I have never had an encounter of any kind there, and figured that this time would be no different.

We had arrived on Friday night, checked into our hotel, and woke early Saturday morning to schedual our weekend we set up our evening with ghost walks, haunted battelfeild tours and then lastly, they had a psychic in the Jennie Wade house, with a telling of the history of the house as well as the ghost stories that accopanied it. At midnight they took you down in the cellar shut the doors told you a story and on the stroke of twelve the electricity was shut off and you sat in the dark for 10 mins...we thought this would be exciting paid for our tickets and then spent the day doing usual gettysburg things like shopping, and touring places.

As evening arrived, we had our dinner and then started our ghost walks all of which were pretty unevenful...when we arrived at the Jennie Wade house (I had been there before) We were ushered into the parlor and greeted by the psychic and tour I was sitting on the chair..I noticed a big drop in temperature and got the feeling almost like static electricity around the area I was sitting in...I brushed this off as being on all of those ghost walks and creeping myself out over anticipation of the rest of this tour..

We were then walked through the rest of the house as the tour guide gave us the history and other happenings that others had experienced, It was then that we were standing in the bedroom upstairs that I had glanced down and noticed that the bed skirt around the bottom of the bed was lifting up by itself...thinking that there was some kind of vent system under the bed I mentioned it kind of jokingly to the tour guide who then informed me that there were no heating/air conditioning vents anywhere in the house it was all origional....and that it is believed that a relative of Jennie Wade (a child no less) is thought to play peekabo with the bed clothes. I then decided to tell myself "Remember these people make money off of these tours".

Ok so I DO have a bit of skeptic in me...

We were then taken into the basement where we were told the complete end to the story of Jennie Wade's untimely death...for those of you who don't know it I will recount a short version...

I'm sure most of you know that during the civil war Gettysburg was the hot spot for fighting & death, Jennie Wade lived in a brick house in town she was a civilian engaged to a soldier who was off fighting in the war...she was in the front room bakeing bread when a sharp shooter that was up in the attic of the farnsworth house (across the street) accidently fired into the Jennie Wade house killing Jennie instantly, she was the only civilian killed in Gettysburg. They then carried her body into the cellar for mourning, where the family held vigil with the body and waited for the fighting outside to end.
Jennies father however, was not included in this morning and didn't even know that his daugheter was dead, he was in the town asylum...and when he did finally find out he shut himself in the basement with the body and mourned the loss of his daugher...he was very angry for not having been there when she was killed.

At the end of this story the electricity then went off and the people that were in the cellar with us began to try to snap pictures of the place where Jennies body laid...hoping to catch a glimps of Jennie or her father...I on the other hand sat on the bench next to my cousin (who was taking pictures) and squinted in the flashes also hoping to maybe see something...No I didn't see anything but I DID feel something..
Like a person sitting in my lap...honest to god I felt a person sit down in my which point landed me in my cousins lap screaming my head off...and out of the 30 people that were in that basement you better believe I was the first one out that door...Others went back down afterwards to look around...I refused....and I will NEVER go back into the cellar of the Jennie Wade house again.