Ghost Stories

Jesuit Priests, ghost ladies and all in one hotel

My Husbands started a new job a few months back at the Mill hotel, in Croston. They're short of staff so I help out when I'm not working.

The first thing I noticed about the hotel where a number of crosses in the side of the buildings in darker brick than the rest of the building and crosses on the gable end of this section of the building. I thought it was a bit strange because this part of the building was originally a 17th century barn.

After a few weeks I did my usual subtle enquires as to whether staff had seen any ghosts in the hotel. A few said no, except the duty managers who where around late at night. In the section of the building that has the crosses around everyone of them had seen lights or orbs late at night in the bar area. Every duty manager spoke of a feeling of being watched when you are there on your own.

The general manager also lives in the building and he said when he went up the stairs to certain rooms people felt as though someone was walking behind them. I had the pleasure of staying in one of those rooms with my husband after a night out in the bar.

Since I was little I have one of two feelings when there may be a ghost present. The first is just the usual goose pumps, but there's no breeze or a feeling as if someone just walked over my grave. The second one only happens once in a while and to me feels like a stronger presence is around. If you leave your telly on in a room with no sound or on a channel that's not tuned in (not when it's snowy, when it's a black screen) there's a high pitched almost in audible sound that comes from it. You can hear it from other rooms as you approach the room with the telly in. This is the sound I hear, it's like the pressure in the room is affected and this resonates in my ears. This also gives me the feeling that I almost need to pop my ears with the pressure.

Anyway I heard this sound as we entered the room. I just protected myself and went to sleep and slept like a baby. My husband on the other hand had a different experience. He woke up in the middle of the night and the room was icy cold, now this is in July the middle of summer. There where no windows open and when he checked the radiator it was on. He tried to go back to sleep, but every time he drifted of he was jolted back to be awake. He didn't no how nor did he feel anything touch him. He carried on like this for a few hours. He had tried to wake me, but I was sleeping so heavily he couldn't. This is unusual as I am normally a light sleeper.

By six in the morning he was exhausted, all he did was move in the bed and I woke up. He relayed what had happened that night. I noticed that the high pitched sound had gone as well.

I decided to check the history of the place to see if there was an explanation for the crosses and the hauntings. It turns out that the building was a barn, but it also doubled as a place of worship for Jesuit priests during the reformation. They would work by day on the farm and worship a night in the room above the barn. Some where discovered and executed over the years.

On top of this there's the Sarscoe lady. In front of the barn there was originally a well. The hotel extension now covers it, but apparently the whole still exists. Next to the barn there used to be a house where the gentry lived. The family priest was captured for practising Catholicism and murdered. She had been in love with him, but had caught a fever, in her delirious state she threw herself down the well. Her ghost has been seen more frequently than any. She has been seen in over a mile radius of the well. In fields hedges and by the road. The worst appearance ever of this lady was in the 1985 when the cross of her lovers grave, that used to stand in the orchard at the back of the hotel and had done for many years, was moved to the entrance of the caravan park. She apparently wandered into the road and was hit by a bus. Everyone felt the impact, but no body could be found and there was no damage to the bus. The driver described seeing a young girl all dirty and in a torn dress just walk out.

The hotel was once the royal umpire museum and a quick search on the net reviled stories of a haunted room, investigators having stones thrown a them when checking out activity. Customers experiencing similar things and hair pulling.

I'm trying to get a group together who will stay the night and do some investigating with me. If I manage it I will post the results.