Ghost Stories

Junior high experience

Back when i was in the 8th grade , a long time ago , we experienced what i think was a possesion at our school. This experience is of my recollectio of events and the recollection of others that still work for the school district. Early one morning i believe it was either 2nd or 3rd periods , our history class was disturbed by loud screams coming from the room across the hall from ours. We all thought it was a fight so we tried to make our way to the door our teacher stood at the door and asked us to sit down , she went to see about the noise. She came back in a pale color white on her face locked the door and yelled at all of us to sit down.

I had completely forgotten the events of that day , until severl years ago , i graduated college and came back to teach in our high school. i came back and found that all my old coaches were still working there , one of them was my junior high basketball and football coach and we become really good friends. One day we were all talking during lunch break and the topic of ghost came up and he brought up the story of that day , he was only in his first year of teaching when it happened. This is the account he gave.

Third period he had a confrence period , he was in the teachers lounge when he too heard the noise coming from the classroom. He saw it was coming from another coaches room so he tought it was a fight so he went to help stop the fight. coach remembers seeing students running out of the classroom screaming and crying. This is what he saw when he walked in the room. Two male teachers were struggling to keep a one hundred pound thirteen year old girl secure lying on the ground. one female teacher was knealing next to the young girl and praying at the top of her lungs. The teacher of the class who was also a coach was standing in one corner of the room in total silence. The young student was talking in a very low mans voice and cursing at everybody in the room , this thing possesing the young lady went as far as to say it was going to kill the new born baby of one of the teachers holding her down. OK number one the young lady was a recent immigrant from mexico and didnt speak any english number two that other teachers young son wasnt born until a week after the incident and the teacher had kept it really hidden from everybody at the school.

The administration at school had done a good job in convincing the student body that the young lady had suffered an epileptic attack. The coach whose class it happened in left for another job at half semester. Well last year i ran in to that coach in a baseball tournament and i asked him abou that day , his first reaction was of silence then said he'd rather not talk about it , so i said that was fine and i would talk to him later. Well later that day he told me what had happened. He said every body was doing there work when he noticed that the young lady had her head down down a while , he went over to see if everything was alright . As she lifted her head he noticed she was pale and sweating , he asked her if she needed to go to the nurse the response was a very loud no in a mns voice. The young lady began to speak in what he can only think must be latin. The coach says he tried to position himself between the gurl and the students and oredred them to get out quickly, two teachers passing by came in and tried to subdue the gurl and grabbed her trying to pin her to the ground. The next door teacher walks in and begins to pray over her body. After about five minutes of this the girl begins to calm down she was escorted out of the class to the nurses office and all was forgotten. Coach said that he dreaded coming to work after that and when he found this other job even though it paid less he took it just to leave.

These two coaches are credible people and i dont think they would lie about the events of that day. That school is now abandoned and is about to be reopened as a new junior high , that school has a history of paranormal activity since i can remember it was opened in the 1920's and has gone through several renovations. Those were the events of that day.