Ghost Stories

Kid and black?

Hey everyone,

I haven't been here in a long time so some might know me as Alexandra1589. I'm not sure if anyone would remember, I wasn't all that important! lol Anyways, I moved from Jacksonville, to Ft. Lauderdale[3 times in Ft. Lauderdale], to Jacksonville, and then to where I am right now, St. Augustine, from Ft. Lauderdale[3 times] to where I am now, all took place since last November. I've been here in St. Augustine since Valentines day and from the first night it was total chaos.

There are times where you know you're not alone, to times where you actually glimpse or see things. For me, it's everything. Maybe it's my mind but I do infact live in the oldest city in the U.S.A so maybe that carves any possibilty of it just being me out of the question. I'm not sure, you decide. Either way, the first night me and my sister came to live with my dad and his gf, my father told me and my sister about him hearing footsteps the previous night walking up and down the hallway. He thought it was his gf but then he remembered that she was at work. He got up and checked the hallway but the living room door was closed and you're able to hear if anyone leaves or comes in.

There are times when I get such a heavy feeling of someone close that it's almost to the point of suffocation. I was cooking and day dreaming[not a good combo but what can you do?] when I seen in my mind someone coming up behind me and watching me cook. I could actually feel the presense close to me but I dismissed the feeling. A few moments later I seen in my mind once more and the strong feeling that a male came up behind me, put his arms around my waist, and rested his chin upon my shoulder. I was shooken but I wasn't afraid. I was confused to say the least. It was more of a warmth if anything and then it faded.

There are feelings of... like I just missed the spirit by mere seconds. Like they left a trail behind, I can't explain it? It's faint but enough for anyone to pick up if they wanted to. It's like they knew I was coming and dissapeared in a hurry and was sloppy in making sure they wouldn't be detected. I guess that is the only way to explain it?

My most recent was last night. I was talking to my best friend Garrett on the computer at 3am in the morning [I'm a teen! :) What can I say? :D] We were talking on the cam and then I start to hear a ball being dribbled, like... being bounced repeatedly, or else someone threw it just slightly and it was still bouncing along. It stopped but continued 3 more times. I was freaking just a bit trying to figure out where it was coming from and I finally decided that it was coming from the living room. My two dogs were asleep in my room, Rosie was even snoring... well... that's not really an indicator she was asleep since she snores even awake... but that's not the point :) The lights were flickering a lot last night where as they don't flicker next to zero times usually. The ball sounds continued on so I went to go check and all the balls were laying about. Then today, I hear the balls dribble once more and then half an hour later I hear a child start to cry clearly from the living room. I'm the only teen here -- my sister went back with my mothers about 2 weeks ago and my father was outside. I flipped a bit but it only lasted for about 3 seconds. While on the phone with my friend Cody who is majorly psychic... To the point where he hates it. He's able to tell what is going to happen but only has a vague idea of when. He gets about 6-7 months or like in January or February. It's pretty close and he's able to tell when I'm upset even when he's thousands of miles away. He's able to tell something is wrong with a family member or friend, and he usually collaspes, such like Gigs did when he had a heart attack. Cody ended up blacking out at Dairy Queens much like in the sense Gigs did. As you can read, Cody is highly... intuned? He's shifted some things my way unintentionally but while on the phone, I seen a... black sphere float near my closet door. I'm not sure what to call it but it was black, round, and it moved quite quickly before dissapearing. I s'pose it was like a solid black orb but seen with the naked eye. Any ideas on what it could be?

Ciao, and thank you for reading :)